no hot water in house but have cold water

No Hot Water In House But Have Cold Water? (10 Fixes)

In this article, I will explain why you have no hot water in house and how to fix it by following these ten possible solutions. I know living without hot water is very inconvenient and uncomfortable. You want to get it fixed as soon as you can. Here is how.

No Hot Water In House but have Cold Water

There are several reasons why there is no hot water in house. The most common reason is the hot water has stopped flowing through your pipes. Check for any plumbing issues. If everything looks great, your problem might be one from the below list. Start with turning off your water heater.

1. Your Electric Heater is Broken

Broken Electric Heater

First, check if the water heater is behaving oddly. If the water pressure is low, the temperature is inconsistent, or any smell from it, then know that your heater is damaged from the inside.

Take out your warranty card and apply for a replacement or fix. If your warranty period is over, then call your plumber to fix it. He will try to fix it if it is fixable. If not, he will suggest you buy a new one, which will cost about $100 to $200 and can last another decade.

It is a pretty basic solution that does not need any expertise. But before calling a plumber or buying a new water heater, check all the below points. Who knows, the issue is fixable. You do not need to spend that $100 bucks.

2. The Water Heater is Clogged

The second problem can be that your water heater is clogged. If you turn on the heater and see nothing happens, then know it is a signal that the tank is jammed. 

In that case, you need to flush out the tank to unclog it. Just replace the hose inside the drain valve, and the water pressure will do its job (the hose is a silver color pipe connected to your tank and water supply).

3. There is an issue with the Thermostat

Issue with Thermostat

If you see your heater thermostat at too high, above 60 degrees Celsius or 140 Fahrenheit, then over time, it may cause an issue. Experts recommend you place your thermostat temperature at around 48 Celsius or 120 degrees Fahrenheit for better performance.

If still, you are experiencing issues, replace them as soon as possible. Do a regular checkup and make sure that the thermostat works as expected.

4. Blown Fuse problem

A blown fuse might be the reason for no hot water in house. It’s common. You do not need to worry much. Plus, it is one of the first things you should check if you have any problems with your electric water heater.

Check it thoroughly by turning the fuse on and off or resetting it in the circuit box. If still, it does not give you access to hot water then it is not the problem. Your fuse is okay.

5. A Possible Tank Leak

water Tank leak

Water tank leaks do not occur easily. Companies build their water tank tough. It can withstand for many years to come. But if there is a leak in the tank, it is a serious problem for you.

Here you may hear drizzling or rushing sound if the tank is facing any leak. Catch the issue as fast as you can. So you do not have to spend too much money on it. 

If the leak is big and you can not repair it yourself, call a licensed plumber to fix it for you. 

6. Freezing Temperatures can Also Cause Problems

Weather Effect on the water pipeline

Freezing temperatures in the colder months can cause frozen pipes and other plumbing issues resulting in many disturbances in the water heater. If your water is not warming up quickly as usual, then know that the source water is frozen, and to warm that up, the heater is working hard to do its job.

It should not be a problem for you as you can fix it easily by adjusting your Thermostat. Use heating tape to cover exposed areas to not to let them freeze. It is an easy homemade fix.

7. There is a Gas Leak

Gas Leak for gas water heater

If you use a gas-powered heater, which is rare, then you may experience a gas leak. Do not ignore it, as it is a serious problem and may cause harm to your family.

There are some physical symptoms of natural gas leaks that you may notice in your body. For example:

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Breathing problems
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue

Call your manufacturing company as soon as you can and fix it. It can blow if the problem is not solved soon.

8. Check for a Gas Valve Problem

Check the tank’s supply line, and it that is okay, check the gas valve. If it’s not loose and in the right place, double-check if it is reaching your tank. If everything seems fine, re-light the pilot light a few times to get the hot water going again.

9. Wear and Tear Problem

Wear and Tear Problem on the pipe

The last problem is that your heater is getting old and you have not replaced it for a decade. You need a replacement as you will see that in a few weeks, something is getting broken. It is your sign to change it.

I know it is a difficult choice as those water heaters will cost you good money, about $100. But it is worth it as you can continue to have your worm bath. Check for any wear and tear, and then if you can, replace it.

10. Call a Plumber

Call a Plumber

Now, if nothing works from this list and you continue to have no hot water in house, then it is time to call your licensed plumber. Do not worry about the service charge. Just get it fixed if you need it badly.

Last Words

So now you know how to fix no hot water in house but have a cold water problem using these ten simple fixes at home. I know it is a hugely frustrating and time-consuming task. But hey you will save some bucks.

Do not fear. Take a deep breath, check the water heater for any possible problems, and then fix it. I wish you the best of luck.

No Hot Water in the House FAQs

no hot water in the house FAQs

How to fix no hot water in my house?

First, check the water heater if it is broken. Then check if there is a clog in the machine. Check the thermostat, electrical fuse, and leaks. If something is broken fix it, and you will again have hot water.

Why is there warm water instead of cold in my house?

The reason can be a lot of things, but the common reason can be an issue with your thermostat or maybe some parts of the heater are clogged or damaged, causing the machine to function improperly.

What to do when you have no hot water?

Check the thermostat temperature, inspect for any leaks in the pipe, and look for any damage s in the heater. Call a plumber if you can not identify the issue.

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