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15 Budget Pool Landscaping Ideas

If you are looking for some amazing pool landscaping ideas above the ground that are easy to implement and do not cost that much, then you have come to the right place. I will give you ten unique ideas that you can implement at home. 

I know pool landscaping is not like designing a yard. It takes some creativity and effort to make it stand out and have clean water in the pool. These ideas will help you make the pool surroundings clean and free from debris.

Budget Pool Landscaping Ideas

Now analyze these ideas and choose the one that fits your pool landscape. Never choose a pool landscaping idea because you liked it.

Think of the overall appearance of your pool and then select one. Not every design will fit the area around your pool. So plan before you start the landscaping work.  

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1. Plant Big and Tall Trees Around It

pool area

2. Build a Stone Walkway to the Pool

The best and most attractive landscaping idea is to build a stone walkway towards your pool and install some flowers or other plants around the walkway. 

Build a Stone Walkway to the Pool

You do not need to reconstruct the pool design. Just use a few stones with similar colors or different colors and place them each other at a distance. You can also use small river stones to do the same thing. 

It also will help you reduce the debris in the pool by eliminating the wet soil under it. Thus no dirty plants will grow there. It is clean and eye-catching if you design it properly. 

3. Build Something for Entertainment 

Build Something for Entertainment

My second above-ground pool landscaping idea is to build a place for entertainment for kids and adults.

You can build a water slider, a volleyball net, or any sport you like. Set it up, and it will feel like a beach, thus expanding the awesomeness of your pool. 

4. Develop a Rock Garden Around the Pool

Develop a Rock Garden Around the Pool

You can also build a clean rock garden around your pool and plant some plants like Aloe Vera, Live oaks, Palm trees, and others that only grow on rock areas. 

You can build an old-age cottage with rocks and straw to make it like a beach house. The idea here is to build a rocky surrounding around your pool to make it more like a pond or lake on a mountain.

5. Build a Stone Edging Border Around it

pool landscaping
SleblancCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

6. Build a Boundary with Decorative Plants or a Wall

Build a Boundary with Decorative Plants or Wall

If you have a big pool, you can build a boundary with plants and a small wall around the pool. Although, it will cost you good money. But it does look beautiful. 

If you are on that budget, you can use different plants and flowers, place them at a distance, and combine the stones to fill the gap.

The idea here is to create a border around the pool. How you would do it is all up to your imagination. 

7. Use Rope Lighting to Make Your Pool Glow

Use Rope Lighting to Make Your Pool Glow

Use those rope lights that most people use on their tree decoration, use them on the edge of your pool, and make it glow. When the light reflects the water, it will look just amazing. 

Those lights are small LEDs and do not consume much electricity if you run them all night daily. You can buy them near your electric store or online.  

8. Build a Pure Nature Vibe Around the Pool

Build a Pure Nature Vibe Around the Pool

Build an oasis in the middle, plant some clean trees around it, and then use some river stones to take the pool landscape a bit further.

The idea is to make the pool surroundings as natural as possible without artificial products.

Yes, you have to maintain it, as there will be a lot of debris. Cleaning the pool and all the garbage is a difficult task.

But if you can do it, that is one of the best pool landscaping ideas I can give you. 

9. Set up a Rock Water Fountain in the Middle of your Pool

Setup a Rock Water Fountain

Set up a small water fountain inside the pool or separately above the ground. You can get a plug and plant fountain and install it to feel the water sound it generates.

There is no need to set up a big water fountain, a small one will do the job. Nest one is one of my favorite pool landscaping ideas.

10. Set Up a Pool Table Near the Pool

Set Up a Pool Table Nearby

I told you to create some entertainment place near your pool. But when you have finished in the water and want some friendly time, a pool table will help get things done. 

If you do not like pool games, you can set up carrom, chess, or any other indoor spots you like. It is not necessary, but it may help your pool landscape as a whole. 

11. Build a Resort Look Pool Area

Build a Resort Look

Listen to me, build a desert house and some plants around it and paint the wall like a dry desert. It will feel like you have found the water in the middle of a desert. You can not wait to jump on the water.

Yes, it is one of the most expensive pool landscaping ideas, but this landscaping idea is worth a try if you have the budget and space in your pool area.

12. Setup a Swim Spa Beside the Pool

Setup a Swim Spa Beside the Pool

Similarly, like the pool game, you can set up a swim spa for women. It gives you the ability to swim and then a place for exercise.

Most professionals pool has these kinds of spas. You build yours too obviously, if you have the budget. 

13. Let the Plants Grow Autometically

pond swimming pool
Jori Samonen on pxhere.com

14. Combine Stones and Grass

Swimming Pool
Vinoth KannanCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

15. Build a Water Fall Around it

pool area decoration
Caviness Landscape on Flickr

Last Words

So these are my top ten above-ground pool landscaping ideas that are cost-effective and can be built at home with a little effort.

But you can hire a professional to help you design it for a smooth design. Choose the ideas that are first your pool, not the one you like the most.

Pool Landscaping FAQs

pool landscaping FAQs

What is the cheapest pool landscape idea?

I think a few small plants around the pool area with river stones are the cheapest option to design the poolside landscape.

What is the best thing to put around my pool?

Build a boundary with plants, grass, and a small wall around the pool to make the pool look like a small ocean.

How can I make my pool look better?

Plant small and big trees around the pool, set up a stone walkway, set up some for fun, or develop a small rock garden or flower bed. That way your pool will look amazing.

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