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10 Creative Septic Tank Cover Ideas that Will Last Long

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So you are looking for some amazing and decorative septic tank cover ideas. Ideas that can go along with your landscape design and give you security and protection from odor.

Then you have come to the right place. I will help you to choose the best cover for your tank with a buying guide.

Here I will give you ten creative and cost-effective ideas to cover that septic tank in your yard. And without disturbing your curb appeal. So here we go.

Why Do You Need a Cover?

But first, know why it is so necessary to cover your septic tank properly.

Because it looks nasty, releases odor, and the local law demands it.

Here is the list of why you need a cover and why you must buy a good lid for your septic tank.

  • It will give you complete safety from accidental falls.
  • The cover will prevent contamination.
  • You will have no odor in the area.
  • It will help improve your aesthetic appeal.
  • And the cover is the best for maintaining the septic tank in the future.

The benefits are huge for a septic tank cover. You do not want to miss it. Follow the below ideas, and pick up the cover idea that suits you and your budget. 

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Creative Septic Tank Cover Ideas

septic tank cover ideas

Before I give you those ideas, know that it is recommended that you hire a professional to install that cover.

So that it last long and fits well and you never have to worry about replacing them.

Yes, you can do it yourself, but hiring a professional is always a better idea.

Use Fake Rocks for Decoration around your septic tank

There are different types of decorative fake rocks available online. They are specially designed to cover septic tanks.

  • Those are lightweight and made from durable materials that will not break easily.  

If you see it from a distance, you will not notice much that this is a fake rock. 

These covers are like real-life rock.

You can buy and install the cover easily in your yard. And when needed, remove it and clean your tank. In short, these fake rocks are very convenient to use.

2. Plant Grass Around the Septic Lid

Plant Grass Around the Septic Tank

I think this is one of the cost-effective septic tank cover ideas. Plant different types of grass, herbs, or flowers around the septic tank to hide it naturally.

You can sow grass seed or use pre-grown turf and herbs in the area.

But be sure to water it regularly.

So that the grass remains alive and keeps the septic tank hidden.

3. Use Concrete to Build the Lid Cover

go for Concrete septic lid

My third and one of the most durable septic tank cover ideas is to build a concrete cover at home.

  • Buy some cement, sand, and a bit of iron rod.
  • Then build a circle using the size of your tank lid and prepare the concrete.
  • Then wait a few days. Your durable cover will be ready.
  • Apply it on the tank lid, and you are done.

4. Get a Durable Metal Cover

Why do you need a Septic Cover

Metal covers are durable and come in different designs. If you want a bit more security and durability for your septic tank lid.

Then get a metal cover from your nearest hardware machining the color of your yard plant.

If you ask me why I use in my house? I will answer with a metal septic lid as it is the hardest and lasts very long.

They will last on average 20 or more years in normal condition. So get a metal septic cover.

5. Hide the Lid with Rocks

Hide the septic tank with Rocks and Stones

I have told you to hide the tank using fake rocks. But this time I am telling you to hide it with real rocks.

This cover idea hides the tank beautifully and gives it a natural appearance. 

It comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors. So match it with your landscape design and install it.

6. Build a Landscape Design Around It

Build a Small Landscape Design Around the Septic Lid

Now the landscape design around your septic tank. You can choose any design idea you like.

I recommend you spread black mulch around the cover and plant some flowers.

So that the little odor that may come from it if someone goes close to it will disappear. It will look good in your yard. But it’s up to you what you choose.

7. Prepare a Wooden Deck to Hide It

Build a Wooden Deck Cover for the septic tank

People also chose a wooden deck as a septic tank cover, and it looks good in the yard. I recommend you build your own wooden deck if you like this idea.

There are some pre-built wooden deck covers available online that you can check out. But building your own cover is the best solution.

8. Get a Cement Cover

septic tank design 1
Source: SuSanA Secretariat, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can build these covers at home. Just install the lid and then add cement with sand and give it a shape.

You can go with a round or rectangular shape if you want. They are strong and will last a life if you do not break them, obviously.

9. A Circular One

septic tank lid
Image: Rosser1954, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

We have this circular one in your backyard and it has been doing fine for almost 20 years now. Hire a bricklayer and he will prepare it for you.

Yes, you can not buy it from the store. You have to build it at home.

10. A Strong Ready Made Cover

septic tank cover

I have already told you to buy a metal cover. But this one is very common and you have seen it. It is not exactly made from metal but it looks like it.

You can buy it from your nearest hardware store.

So What is the Best?

I recommend the following:

septic tank lid FAQs
  • Buy a pre-built green color septic tank metal cover that will go with your landscape design.
  • Buy a metal septic cover as I have already suggested.
  • Build the septic lid with concrete by measuring the septic lid area.

It will solve the problem instantly. And then plant some flowers around it to make it more appealing.

The final decision is yours.

My Personal Recommendations

Get one of these septic tank covers and hide it in your yard beautifully.

But make sure they are well made and come from a reputable company. Otherwise, you have to buy the lid again in a few years, and they do cost good money.

Give safety and durability a big priority and then buy the cover.

Last Words

Use Concrete to Build the Septic Lid Cover at Home

So these are the most creative septic tank cover ideas you can buy or build at home. Choose the cover that suits you, your budget, and your landscape.

Give safety and durability the highest priority, and then buy the cover. Good luck.

Septic Tank Lid FAQs

How long does a septic tank cover last?

A steel septic tank cover may last up to 20 years and a concrete cover can last up to 40 years.

How frequently do I have to clean the septic system?

Clean your septic tank every 20 years to keep the whole system healthy.

Why is my septic tank full frequently?

The most common problem is that your drain system is malfunctioning. But it can also mean that the tank is full. Just clean it.

How to have a stink-free septic tank?

Add a few cups of baking soda in the toilet every week, and you will have almost zero odor in your septic tank area.

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