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10 Creative Water Heater Cover Ideas That Will Last Long

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So you are looking for some amazing and stylish water heater cover ideas.

Ideas that you can use in your bathroom, basement, or any other room or even outside your house if you have a water heater installed outside.

I will give you ten creative and cost-effective ideas to hide gas and electric water heaters beautifully and securely in a room.

Why Do You Need A Cover?

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There are many benefits to buying a water heater cover.

Yes, they look bad outside, and no one wants them to see.

But there are some technical benefits also if you cover it properly. Here is the list.

  • A good cover will protect it from corrosion.
  • The cover will make the water heater more efficient.
  • It will give you complete safety.
  • The area will look cleaner.
  • The cover will protect it from accidental damage.

The benefits are huge in cover. You do not want to miss it.

Follow the below ideas, and pick up the water heater cover ideas that suit you.

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Water Heater Cover Ideas (Bathroom and Laundry Room)

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So here are those amazing water heater cover ideas that you can use to hide the water heater securely and beautifully.

Plus, it will also help you maintain the aesthetic appeal of the room you are using it.

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1. Get a Wooden Room Divider

room divider
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A wooden room divider is an ideal way to hide a water heater.

It gives you all this protection and improves the aesthetic appeal of the room you are installing. 

Wooden Room Divider to hide water heater

The divider is flexible, and you can install it anywhere you want.

Just buy it according to your water heater length and place it in front of the machine.

2. Get a Repurposed Screen

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Screens are one of the cost-effective ways to hide your water heater.

Get a repurposed screen, paint it with good color, and install it. 

Use Repurposed Screens to hide water heater

But make sure that there is enough ventilation for the heater.

So that it can function properly without any issues.

That will increase the life expectancy of the heater.

3. Hide it with a Decorative Curtain

curtains in bathroom
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Curtains are the most budget-friendly water heater cover ideas as they may cost a few bucks.

On the other hand, other cover ideas will cost over 100 dollars. 

Use Decorative Curtains to hide water heater

Buy a good waterproof curtain and hang it to hide the water heater.

But do it creatively so that it look good.

4. Get a Built-in Cabinet

Get a Built-in Cabinet to hide water heater

If you do not mind spending a bit more, get a built-in cabinet for the water heater.

Get it for the highest security and longer life of the heater. 

You can choose to install shelves and other decorations.

So they can also be used as furniture. Ask a carpenter if he can make it.

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5. Get a Magnetic Heater Cover

Get a Magnetic Cover to Hide the Water Heater

The magnetic cover is also popular in hiding water heaters.

They are ready-made and come in different designs and shapes.

Just stick the magnet to your water heater surface and leave it there. 

You can change it whenever you want in the future, like the curtain and the wooden room divider.

But the cabinet will remain there for life. So it gives you more flexibility. 

6. Use Artificial Plants to Hide It

Use Plants to Hide the Water Heater

This idea is natural and only suitable for plant lovers.

If you have a few plants in your room or can arrange artificial plants, use them to hide the water heater. 

You can also use some hanging plants to hide the heater.

Do as you like and hide as the area recommends. 

7. Use Folding Screens to Hide It

Use Folding Screens to hide water heater

The last idea is to use a folding screen. Screens are stylish and functional.

Wooden Room Divider for water heater

Choose a screen that matches the room’s interior design and color and install it as required. 

What Idea is the Best?

wooden privacy screen
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I recommend you get a room divider or a blanket to hide the water heater.

It can protect the water heater and your family.

There are many types of covers available in the market.

Get one of these and hide your water heater creatively.

Water Heater Covers FAQs

Water Heater Covers DIY FAQs

How long does a water heater last?

Normally, it lasts about 10 years, but if you use a good cover for it, then it may last longer.

How do I protect the water heater in the winter?

Get an insulation cover to protect it from freezing and also insulate the surrounding pipes.

Last Words

So these are the most creative water heater cover ideas you can buy or build with a carpenter.

Choose the one cover that suits you and your budget.

Give safety the highest priority, and then buy the cover. Good luck.

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