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10 Best Laundry Room or Utility Room Storage Ideas

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Here are my favorite utility room storage ideas to reduce your workload and save you more time to do other things.

I have carefully selected these ideas that never make you feel like a lot of work in the room, as I have sometimes expected it. 

So by arranging a few items here and there, you can make it look like an easy task and also improve the overall look and feel of the room. 

And as you know, a clean workspace always makes you feel good and helps you push the boundaries. So here we go. 

Utility room storage and organizations ideas

1. Set Up an Overhead Storage

Set Up an Overhead Storage
Dave R Chasteen on Flickr

I know how important a utility room is for your home to store cleaning supplies, laundry essentials, and other household items that need some good protective storage.

So set up overhead storage in the room using wood or plastic. It does not matter what the materials are but I prefer wood as it looks classy and make sure they are easily accessible. 

Then you can place the washing machine and other utility items on the ground side by side. But a few closets are required there, keep that in mind. 

2. Get A Few Wall-Mounted Organizers

Get A Few Wall Mounted Organizers
Christian Brothers on Flickr

The best thing you can do with your utility room is to set up a few wall-mounted organizers. So that everything you need will remain within your reach, saving you a lot of extra effort and time.

But for this purpose, your utility room needs to be bigger, or the idea may not work

Just add your washing machine, empty cabinets, and spaces in your organizes and see how they help you manage the whole house efficiently.

3. Set Up Pull-Out Baskets for an Easy Access

Set Up Pull Out Baskets for an Easy Access

If you have a small space, then this idea may suit you the best. 

Set up some pull-out basket cabinets all over the room so that when needed, they can be easily taken out, without going through the piles in the room, that an unorganided room offers. 

It makes the room more efficient and beautiful but costs a bit more as those wood do not come cheap, and you have to paint them to make them last longer.

laundry room and mud room combo

4. Build a Few Shelves All Over the Room

Build a Few Shelves

This one does not need wall mounting or anything fancy. Just choose a portion of the room and set up some shelves or closets to store your essentials and then in the side area place the washing machine, cookware, or anything you like.

You can build a storage overhead, on the side area, or anywhere you feel like it if you have a big house. It will take each and every inch of the design without leaving any gaps.

All the things will perfectly fit in this storage idea. Just do not go over your budget. That is all.

laundry room hacks
Beth Bryan Designs on Flickr

5. Design The Storage Room With Plants

Design The Storage Room With Plants

The idea may not come you as handy as it seems, but it can be an eyesore if you place a few green plant pots near the window and a few more on the washing machine.

These plants and flowers will enhance the look and feel and may help you get more things done in a short time. As you know, change is always better.

6. Use Labeling Methods to Organize Your Storage Room

Use Labeling Methods to Organize Your Storage Room
Kendyl Young on Flickr

Labeling means to label each container in the room for special storage. Each of your containers, shelves, and drawers will have a clear level and you will not mess that up.

That way your storage room will become more efficient and professional. Try it today.

7. Remove All the Fancy Designs

Remove All the Fancy Designs
Christy BrightCC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you like me who does not like anything fancy but something that gives you peace in the room, then this idea is for you. 

Just set up a small room for storage purposes and then fill it with everything you need, like a washing machine, water heater, closet, cleaning storage, and others. 

It will do the job perfectly and also help you maintain the place better.

storage room organization basement

8. Get Some Movable Racks

Get Some Movable Racks
DrmnhCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

These racks or tiny storage are built with plastic and sometimes wood, and they are very good companion in handling the total household work yourself. 

You can have an ironing stand, a closet, or any small storage that you may need in the room. So get some of those and expand your storage spaces.

9. Remodel Your Kitchen as a Utility Room

remodel Your Kitchen as a Utility Room
magnoid on Flickr

Yes, it is possible and many people have done so. 

All you need to do is to remodel a bit and then fit your washing machine, heater, a few wooden closets, and other kitchen items with it and then see how they go along with each other.

laundry and utility room makeover ideas

10. Get an All-in-One Solution

Get an All in One Solution
Christian Brothers on Flickr

The all-in solution is a bit expensive and will take good time and space to build, but it looks stunning.

There will be a special closet for your water heater, washing machine, sink, and other storage items. Go for it if you have the budget. Do not worry, I will recommend you some.

Utility Room Makeover ideas

My Recommendations

Get one of these storages and redesign your utility room.

Last Words

So these are my favorite and most efficient utility room storage ideas that I think everyone should have to reduce their workload and save time on household chores. 

Finally, I leave that to you as I do not know how big or small your storage room is. Good luck.

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