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10 Creative Small Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

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Here are the most efficient small kitchen ideas that can transform your life if you are a person who gets frustrated in managing the whole household. 

These ideas will help you out, and make your life easier with a little investment.

No, I am not going to say that they will not cost much. It depends on the accessory you want. 

If you want a cleaner, good-looking, and wooden design then it will cost you good money. 

But if you have those things in the kitchen, and you want to remodel, then you do not have to worry about that. 

Whatever your situation, these ideas will surely help, either remodel the kitchen or add something new to enhance the look and feel and reduce your workload.

kitchen redesign
A&A Design Build on Flickr

1. Use Flower as Decoration

Use Flower as Decoration
A&A Design on Flickr /

I know this idea may not seem that promising but if you add some natural flowers you like, these can have a huge impact on your mood. They may help you get things done faster.

  • A simple rose plant in the pot near the window, or a green leaf plant may be enough for your kitchen. 

You can also use some pest control plants along with it. So that all the pests that normally trouble us, like rats, flies, mosquitoes, and others, will leave the kitchen soon.

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So this idea has many uses. Just make sure to use the flower you like. So that you feel good every time you enter the kitchen. Okay!

2. Go All White in Your Kitchen

Go All White in the Kitchen
Joab Woodger-Smith on Flickr

As I have said earlier my friend, to enhance the look and feel, you need something new, and exciting, and a clean white color may do the job.

Just think about it when you use something white in the house, whether it is a bowl, a car, or an outfit, you care about it more than anything else.

It is human psychology and how we feel, and that can be a game-changer for you. 

So paint your kitchen room and add those closets in white paint and see the result yourself as you will spend more time there cooking. You will never feel bored there. 

small kitchen space
Charles & Hudson on Flickr

3. Go with a Simple White Kitchen

A Small Wood and White Color Kitchen
mick-au on Flickr

The above kitchen ideas were a bit large and needed good scape. But this is the one you were looking for especially if you do not have that space. It is a bit messy but we will take this idea.

Just add those things in your kitchen like the closet for the garbage disposal, many shelves, and more racks. So that when you need something quicker you can have it without moving further.

One request, just clean it daily. Do not make the mistakes of:

  • “I am going to clean it tomorrow”. 

If you do not do that, you will lose interest, and the kitchen will become a hell for you. I am talking from my personal experience, my friend. Keep it clean.

4. Cover Your Kitchen With Wooden Structures

Cover Your Kitchen With Wood Completely / Darkshark0159, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The wood you will use in the kitchen can be in different designs and finishes, but the idea here is to make the kitchen look more natural and a bit classy. 

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You can buy those wooden cabinets and then set them up in the kitchen, or you can paint your old closet with wooden paint. Both work fine. 

Just make sure the other items like the refrigerator, washing machine, or the sink with the disposal fit properly in there, in the gap.

5. Paint the Kitchen Red

Cover Your Kitchen with Red
KormanCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

I know it is a no-brainer to redesign the kitchen. But if you add some red paint to each and every closet, then it will be amazing, unless you do not like the color. 

Also, add a touch of white as most of your utilities are going to be white in color. So to match with them either go with white tiles or white kitchen surface. 

6. Build Some Open Racks

Build Some Open Racks
SmtzzzCC BY-SA 4.0, / StilfehlerCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

I love open racks as they make my work easier. But I also use some small closed racks that come pretty handy when I need to store something special.

You can ask your carpenter to build these for you or you can buy them online and install them yourself. I may come you some racks for this purpose. 

But now know that these can be a life changer in the kitchen to reduce your workload.

7. Add More Shelves in the Open Areas

Add More Shelves in the Open Areas
LAUZ 20 HUHABOR MAICC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you want to store more stuff, then get some plastic-made shelves that will fit the open spaces you have in the kitchen. 

That way you can organize your kitchen more efficiently and nothing will ever look messy. You can get them online.

8. Build a Mirror Closet in Your Small Kitchen

Build a Mirror Wooden Closet in Your Small Kitchen
AlvinategyekaCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This idea is pretty popular in a small kitchen area where people do not have too much space to work with. 

Some apartments I have seen are so small that they can not even rotate freely in the kitchen area. For them, these ideas will be beneficial.

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Just add some wooden mirror shelves in the right position, preferably above the head to manage your kitchen stuff, and you will see that you will not feel any lack of space there ever again.

9. Build a Simple Looking Kitchen

Build a Simple Kitchen
KwameghanaCC BY-SA 4.0, / SmtzzzCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

People think to reduce their workload, they need more and more shelves and bigger kitchen space which is not true. You can become more efficient than everyone else in your neighborhood if you know how.

  • It’s all about your mindset and how you manage your kitchen stuff when you cook do the other stuff. 

Just add some simple closets, and shelves, and then continue to do that over the years as you go. No need to add them right now. 

That is how we have built our kitchen, and it works perfectly.

10. Add a Front Window in Your Kitchen

Add a Front Window in Your Kitchen
Urbane Apartments on Flickr

We can not neglect that a small window will add life to a kitchen. If you feel the light and the sun while you work, you will feel uplifted, and it may result in better efficiency.

So add a window, big or small does not matter, just add it. Then you can remodel the kitchen room with some green or grey paint, adding some closets, and shelves. The ideas are endless.

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Last Words

So these are the most practical small kitchen ideas that you can implement to reduce your workload and improve the look and feel of your kitchen. 

Add some shelves and some necessary closets, and you will see the difference. Good luck.

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