DIY Lamp shade makeover ideas

10 Creative DIY Lamp Shade Makeover Ideas

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Here are my favorite DIY lamp shade makeover ideas that you can build easily at home using the everyday stuff you have in the house. 

Although some ideas may need you to buy some extra items. But most of them do not require that.

If you do not have the time to build it yourself, you can always order them from your nearest home decor store. Do not worry, I will recommend you some at the end.

One more thing, these ideas will add a personal touch to your room as they are made of plastic, wool, copper film, old images, natural wooden sticks, and others. So choose the material you like and then build it. So here we go.

boho lampshade
Garry Knight on Flickr

1. Cover the Lampshade with Copper Flim or Image Negatives

Cover the Lampshade with Copper Flim or Images Negatives
Aleksi Pihkanen / Stacie on Flickr

Coveting the lamp with the copper film is easy. Just cut it, circle the lampshade, and attach it. Add some glue or anything that can hold them together, and you will see the beauty.

But the image negatives are not that easy to get as you may not have them. 

If you have an old camera and those negatives, then it will be amazing as the light will go through the negative image and shine the room. It will look better.

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You can use any colorful plastic paper or any other material to cover the lampshade. Just make sure they do get melted with the heat, as the light will release some heat if you use it for a long time. So keep that in mind.

Safety should be your first priority. That is why always turn off the switch and then start this DIY work.

2. Get Those Natural Sticks Made Lampshade

Get Those Sticks Made Lampshade

Building it at home will take some professionalism which I think is not required. Just go to the nearest festival market, or somewhere they sell these things and get the design you like.

The thing is that it will shine in the evening, and if you set up a few of them in the room, I can guarantee the feeling will be amazing. 

Just do not use direct fire like candles, as it may burn it. Use your electric lamp.

This idea is quite popular in Southeast Asia. If you can get them in the US, you are in luck. Just search it online and see what pops up.

3. Build Your Own Plastic Lampshade and Paint It

Build Your Own Plastic Lampshade
Stacie on Flickr

You may think is this a DIY lamp shade makeover? No, it is not, but will be if you follow the steps. Here is how.

First, get a plastic, give heat to the required position to bend it, and then hold the circle with a screw. Then when it has cooled down, paint it with the color you want or cover it with a thin plastic colorful paper.

The round shape is not a requirement, you can go with a square shape, oval share, or any shape you like. But painting or plastic paper is required to block the light a bit.

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You can also use fabrics to cover it up, the choice is yours.

4. Make a Sweater for Your Lampshade

Make a Sweater for Your Lampshade /

It may look funny to you, as I am saying to make a sweater for it. But people use them to cover the lampshade. 

You may have seen your grandma used to make those sweaters for you when you were a kid. Yes, some people still make them. Just ask them to build a lampshade for you.

And if you know how to do it then all you need is a few wool balls and stick to make them. You can use different colors for it to make it elegant.

When the light travels through the open space of the wool, it will look amazing at night. This is the real natural beauty of a DIY lampshade that I highly recommend.

5. Build an Instant Simple Lampshade

Build an Instant Simple Lampshade
Mifactori on Flickr

This is the simplest and most effective lampshade you can buy at home. Although I have another one on my list. But this one takes almost no effort at all.

Just use paper or plastic and with a pencil or a stick join them to make the shade. It is like a temporary solution, not a permanent one, so keep that in mind. Use it, but get a strong shade for the future.

6. Use Your Home Items to Build a Lamp Shade

use Your Home Items to Build a Lamp Shade
Ocdp, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons /

I am sure you have a lot of unnecessary items in your basement or in the garage. Take them out and think about what can be a good DIY lampshade makeover.

You can use your old clothes that have some tree-like feature, any color paper board, or the pack you receive from Amazon or FedEx. Use them to build this shade.

Yes, it will take the most creativity, but you will enjoy the work, obviously if you have time.

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7. Cover Your Lampshade with Artificial Grass

Cover Your Lampshade with Artificial Grass

Yes, you can cover your lampshade with artificial grass, and the light will emit beautifully all around the room. 

Just cut them in the shape you want and stick them with a sting or something metallic wire. That is it.

8. Cover Your Lamp Shade with Paper and Metal Wire

Cover Your Lamp Shade with Paper and Metal Wire
Julie Kertesz from Paris neighbourhood, FranceCC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Buy those metal wires that people use in construction to tie up the iron rod. Then cover the whole lampshade with thick paper and use the metal wire in a way that creates a design.

You can circle it or make a face in there so that it looks like the light is coming from her eyes and mouth. It will be funny. So take your creativity to the next level and try this shade design.

9. Buy a Natural Lamp Shade

Buy a Natural Lamp Shade

You can buy these kinds of natural lamp shades in your nearest handmade market or someone online especially on Etsy. 

They are strong and made from natural sticks that may last a decade. Get one of these and enjoy the lighting in the evening.

10. Buy a Metal Love Shape Lamp Shade

Buy a Metal Love Shape Lamp Shade

These are not that common in today’s market but in the old times, they were very popular in the European world. 

The heart shade will add a romantic feeling to your evening, of course, if you have a partner. 

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Last Words

So these are the best DIY lamp shade ideas that you can build or buy from the online market under a budget. Just make sure the light emits at a moderate rate. Okay. I wish you the best of luck.

Featured image source: Stacie on Flickr

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