how to remove drywall anchors

How to Remove Drywall Anchors Safely

This is how to remove drywall anchors from a wall safely whether it is plastic or metal in the easiest way without breaking or damaging the wall. First, we will use a few tools to remove these anchors, and then I will give a step-by-step process to remove them safely.

But before that, you need to know what type of drywall anchors you have in your wall, as removing each type may require a different approach. 

How to Remove Drywall Anchors (Metal and Plastic)

Have you ever thought about what makes these anchors so stubborn after installing them? It is because the collar on the outside grips the drywall and presses against the drywall from the inside. So that it never breaks down when you hang something heavy to it. 

The following are the most common drywall anchors people use in their homes.

  • Plastic anchors
  • Self-drilling anchors
  • Steel anchors
  • Metal anchors

Plastic anchors are the easiest to remove, but the metal and steel will get you moving a bit. Do not worry about it that much follow the below points and learn how to remove drywall anchors.

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What are Drywall Anchors

1. Use a Screwdriver

Use a Screwdriver to remove the anchors

The easiest way to remove the anchor is to use a screwdriver to unscrew the anchor from the wall. If it is too tight and not rotating, you can use a hammer to lose it up. Once it is loose, you can pull the anchor out of the wall.

2. Try It with a Knife

Try with a Knife

If the screwdriver is not working, you can use a knife to cut the edges of the drywall anchors until it is loose. Then use a wrench to twist it, and it should come out easily. But be a little careful with these tools as they may damage the paint on the wall.

This knife idea is only applicable to a plastic anchor. For metal anchors, use a handsaw to cut it down. Now move to other ideas that will work for sure if these two ideas are not working for you.

3. Use a Handsaw to Cut it Down

Use a Handsaw

Using a handsaw is not an easy task especially the in the angel you have to use to cut down the anchor. First, cut off the top part of the anchor. Then, cut through the shaft all the way through. Then you will able to pull the anchor out by hand.

4. Use a Hammer and Chisel

Use a Hammer and Chisel

Use a hammer with a chisel to remove the anchor. Hit the chisel with the hammer slowly on the anchor until it becomes loose enough. So that you can remove it with your hand or by using a clip.

But be careful, as the hammer and the chisel may damage the wall heavily. That is why use a pointy chisel. So that it only breaks the drywall anchor, not the wall itself.

5. Get an Electric Drill

Get an Electric Drill

The electric drill is the destroyer of the drywall anchors if you have it in your home. Use the smallest drill bit smaller than the anchor to create a hole in the center. 

Then rotate your drill and twist until the anchor comes out. Again, be careful with it as it may also break the wall in a big way.

How to Remove Wall Anchors Safely

How to Remove Wall Anchors Safely

Now follow the steps to remove the drywall anchor safely without any damage.

  • First, remove the screw from the anchor with a screwdriver and then rotate it to lose it up.
  • Use a knife or a handsaw to cut it and then remove it.
  • If that does not work, use an electric drill.
  • Select a small drill bit and use it in the center of the anchor to break the collar attached to the wall.
  • Then use your hand to pull it out slowly. 

Be careful with your drill and the wall. If you are using it near an electrical wire, cover it with something and then use the drill. Use an electric-resistant hand glove for safety purposes, and call a professional if you need neat and clean work.

Last Words

So this is how to remove drywall anchors at home without breaking or damaging the wall. The electric drill and hammer idea are the most destructive ones. You should use them carefully. Start with the screwdriver, then move along the list if that does not work. I wish you the best of luck. 

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Wall Anchors Removal FAQs

Drywall Anchors Removal FAQs

What is the quickest way to remove drywall anchors?

The quickest way is to use a screwdriver or a knife to remove the wall anchors. Insert the screwdriver in the anchor, rotate it to loose, and slowly take it out.

How can I remove drywall anchors without damaging the Wall?

Just do not force anything on your wall. Whether you use a drill, a knife, a screwdriver, or any tool. Do it slowly, and the wall will never break.

How do you remove metal wall anchors?

To remove a metal wall anchor, you need to use an electric drill and break it down, and then with a screwdriver, take it out of your wall.

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