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10 Creative Sewing Machine Cover Ideas

Here are my favorite sewing machine cover ideas that you will love. I am certain of that. I will share everything from vintage-looking covers to classic covers and any other designs you can think of. 

You can design them with easy even as a beginner. So choose the one that suits your machine and your interior. Okay. So here we go!

1. Get a Classical and Vintage Covers

Sewing machine hide
Kelly Loughlin on flickr

I love classical things as they relax my soul. And if you are like me, then you should go for this one. You can buy it online or build it at home with your sewing machine.

Choose a fabric that has resto patterns or floral patterns. Then add lace or vintage buttons for an extra touch of elegance. 

This cover not only helps you fight dust but also will help you do more DIY projects, as it’s very relaxing to see. Try it. I am sure you will love this design.

2. Get a Cover with a Variety of Colors and Textures

Sewing machine on table
tamadhanaval on flickr

If you are a bit colorful person, then you should choose this option. The variety of colors will make the cover stand out in your room. Choose a fabric that has those features. 

Search it online and see what comes up, and then choose the one or buy it at home if you have not found a suitable cover for your machine. The door is always open.

3. Buy a Minimalistic Design

Sewing machine
Miia Sample on flickr

Now, this idea is for those who don’t love fancy things and want a simple and minimalistic design. If you are one of those people, then you are welcome.

Get a solid neural-colored fabric like white, grey, or pure black to build the cover. Yes, you can mix white with black and vice versa to create a new look. But I would say go creative and think about what you can build.

Do not stress yourself as it is not a too heavy task and it is not your priority. So take it that way. Okey!

4. Get a Nature-Inspired Machine Cover

I will tell you what my mother used to do to cover up her sewing machine back in the day. She personally designed some flowers on a white fabric and then bordered it with a red string. And that looked marvelously.

If you are a nature lover like my mother, then you should also design plants and flowers on your cover and use them.

5. Choose Whimsical to Let Your Imagination Go Wild

Sewing machine fabric cover
Françoise.B on flickr

Whimsical is all about creativity. Buy fabrics with whimsical prints like polka dots, stripes, or even unicorns to build this design. 

Plus, add some more to it, like ribbons, to make the cover a bit more beautiful. It is like the previous design but in a new way. Try it. 

6. Choose Denim for Durability

You may know denim, thanks to jeans. But you can use denim to build your sewing machine cover. It is durable and looks amazing. You can repurpose your old jeans into a cover, and it is easy.

But if you like new things, then you should buy a new denim fabric to buy your machine cover. No doubt it is one of the best choices you can make.

7. Go with Patched Covers to Tell a Story

Sewing machine enclosure
Trilliumdesign on flickr

If you love storytelling or have a bunch of stories from your past life and you want to start with your life then the path that moment in the cover.

Attach some photos of people, places, and others that may help you remember something from your life. I know it’s a bit emotional. But people use it to build the cover. You can try it. 

8. Choose a Cover with Solid Colors

Sewing machine blue cover
BeckyF on flickr

This one is also a minimalistic design. But a bit different. Choose a solid cover with no sting attached to it. Just pure color. 

But cut the fabric in a way that creates new designs without using any other colors or designs. It can be fascinating and also a bit difficult. If you have to gut, then dare you to go for it. 

9. Add Pockets and Pouches

If you want to make the cover a bit more useful, then add pockets and pouches to it on the side or in front of the cover. 

This will help in a big way when working on your machine. It will give you a clutter-free working experience.

10. Build Your Own DIY Sewing Machine Cover

Lastly, forget everything I have said and buy your own DIY sewing machine cover using any fabric, nay denim, or anything you can think of. Just build it.

Do not overthink it and start the work, and it will come naturally, and you will have plenty of ideas. I also have experience that is why I am saying it to you.

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Last Words

Remember, a sewing machine cover is not just a cover. It is a way to make your machine a bit more beautiful and have a lovely feeling every time you start the work. 

That is why you must choose the cover design that inspires you and help you do all the daily task effortlessly. Happy sewing!

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