how to get rid of moths in the garden

How to Get Rid of Moths in the Garden

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Here is how to get rid of moths in the garden in a few simple steps. Yes, they are beautiful sometimes, but not always, especially when they havoc around your garden and lay eggs on your precious plants, and then their kids start to eat the leaves. Yes, those small caterpillars.

But now you will have the plan to fight them and make sure your plants survive and you get the fruit of the hard work that you had put into growing those plants. So here we go.

1. Use Lights to Repel them

What! Light attracts those moths and if we use lights, then they will come in large numbers. What are you talking about?

Yes, you are right. I am saying that you place those focusing lights away from your garden and in a place where you do not have any previous plants.

That way those moths will get tricked and move to the place where the lights are.

Just relocate your outdoor lights there, and you will be successfully able to repel them and save your plants.

2. Spray Essential Oils on the Plants

Moths do not like the scents that come from essential oils. Get a bottle of lavender, peppermint, or citronella, mix it with water, and then spray it all over your garden.

It will not harm the plants and will release an odor that those moths will fear that there is a predator and they can not lay eggs there.

3. Plant Marigold in the Garden

Marigold is a beautiful flower that is used to increase the look and feel of a garden. And it is a moth repellent and other pest repellent that professional gardeners use.

Just plant a few marigolds around the garden in a way that covers the whole area and you will see that moths will not come in the first place. But it is a slow process, know that.

4. Get a Pheromone Traps

First, let me tell you it is an unethical way to reduce the population of those moths but it works.

Pheromone Traps are a special type of trap that destroys the breeding cycle of those male moths. 

The trap emits synthetic versions of female moth pheromones that those male moths love. But they can not mate as it is a fake. So hence the result.

5. Use Nets to Prevent them from Landing on the Plants

This one is not that popular, but some people use it to repel moths. Just buy a few mesh netting and install them around your plants. 

It will create a physical barrier for moths and other pests also that may eat your plants. But your net must be dense in gaps or they will sneak in. Okay!

6. Use Companion Planting Formula

Companion planting means you will plant some moth-repelling plants around the garden with other regular plants.

Plant rosemary, sage, and marigold in between those regular plants so that those moths do not land on your precious plants as those herbs will repel them by the scent they produce.

7. Keep Your Garden Clean

Oh! It is obvious, isn’t it? Yes, but you need to know something extra here. Those moths love decaying organic matter. So if your garden has it then they will come.

Regularly remove those fallen leaves, trim dead branches, and clean all the debris in the area so that there is no decaying matter left.

It will improve your garden health and discourage them from laying eggs there.

8. Build a Moth Spray with Vinegar

First of all, be careful when using vinegar as it may harm delicate plants and newborn plants as it has an acetic feature.

Only use it on those plants that are a bit old and those moths are laying eggs in there. The vinegar spray will kill them all. Mix vinegar with water and spray there. They will die.

9. Invite Natural Predators

Predators like birds, bats, and even some insects hunt those moths down and feed on their larvae so that nature remains in control.

Get a few bird boxes or bat houses to attract them and they will clean them off in a few days.

10. Be a Professional Gardener

Yes, controlling moth infestation is not a one-week task but a continuous process year long. So monitor your plants, clean the area, and protect your precious plants like a farmer and then you can have the fruit of your hard work. Okay!

My Recommendations

Get one of these moth repellents and save your plants.

Last Words

So there are some simple DIY ideas on how to get rid of moths in the garden and save those precious plants from their hands. Know that prevention is always better than battling with them. So take prior precautions. Good luck.

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How to Get Rid of Moths
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