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10 Best Cockroach Killer Spray Ideas

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Here are my personal homemade cockroach killer spray ideas that I used recently to kill about 15 cockroaches in one night. 

The steps were simple. I mixed the roach killer that I bought from the market and made a mixture with water, just water, nothing else. Then before I go to sleep, I spread them in the spot where those cockroaches are roaming around. 

Earlier, I saw that they were constantly freaking me out when I got out of the bathroom, as the area remained wet all the time.

There is a small garden behind my bathroom, and for that reason, the bathroom drain never gets sunlight and remains wet and moist all the time. 

Those roaches took advantage of it and stormed the house.

First, I did not care as they are a few and did not bother me at all, especially during the day. But at night, after about 8 pm, they really started to disturb me.

How I Got Rid of Cockroaches

dead cockroach
Nelson Pavlosky on Flickr

The most freaking part was that whenever I open the door of the washroom at night they come to my feet and make me go mad. You know the feeling when you are in a sleepy mood, and they do this to you.

Still, I did not though about killing them. But then they started to climb to my sink through the pipeline that was connected to the same drain line. 

Yes, I have a cover for the sink, but still, some small cockroaches were somehow making their way into my kitchen.

Enough is Enough

Then I bought the cockroach killer and took care of it. The powder was white in color and came in a shape like white chalk that teachers used to draw on the blackboard. You know that!

So before I went to sleep, I spread the mixture in the area and made sure they were not wiped by water.

On the next morning, I saw about 15 or more coaches were dead, and some were still alive but not looking good. They also died after a few hours. I continue the process until are all dead.

So that was my story and how I killed all those cockroaches.

But I have a few more DIY spray ideas that can also be effective if you do not want to use any sort of chemicals from the beginning. Here are those.

1. The Vinegar

venegar for pest from USACC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Vinegar is widely known as a pest control liquid and can repel all the pests from your house. Yes, it will not kill them, but will make them go away.

Just, mix the vinegar with water and spray. Do it daily for a few days and you will see the result. The vinegar is acidic and has a strong smell that cockroaches can not tolerate, hence the result.

2. The Citrus Burst

lemon bust

Let me clarify the word ‘Citrus Burst’. It is the fruits that taste sour. Peel off their outer potion that you throw away and make a pest. Then mix them with water and spray. Just like the vinegar but with a different remedy.

Yes, some people use the raw fruits that we eat, but I recommend you use the peel that we throw away for this DIY remedy.

3. The Baking Soda

baking soda

The baking soda can also be used in repelling cockroaches or kill them. You just have to create a bait and they will all die.

Mix the baking soda with sugar or honey and lay it near the area where you have seen them often. They will eat the sugar and with it also eat the soda. 

That soda will disrupt their digestive system like the cockroach killer chalk that I used and kill them in a few hours. You should have baking soda in the house, so try it.

4. Bay Leaves

bay leaf

Bay leaves come from the Laurel Tree which has some health benefits along with a strong cockroach repellent.

Just lay a few leaves near the roach nest and they will leave as the odor is super strong and they can hot handle that.

You can also make a paste and mix it with water for faster roach removal. Buy the leaves online and see how powerful it is.

5. The Essential Oil 

essential oil for pests

You may have known that essential oil is a good pest repellent. Oils like peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus are very effective in repelling cockroaches and other pests.

Mix one of these oils with water spray for a few days and they will leave your house. Yes, they will not die but leave.

6. The Cayenne Pepper

red pepper
Ashoka JegrooCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

I know how firey the cayenne pepper tastes or even the normal red chili. But I love them in my meal. But those roaches do not love them as that is a fire for them.

Buy a few of the cayenne peppers and mix it with water. Then spray it on their nest. Do it for a few days and they will leave. 

Everyone has paper in their kitchen. Yes, those normal preppers will also work if you don’t have the cayenne pepper. Okay!

7. The Garlic Paste

garlic pest
E4024CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

I can not forget about garlic as this is one of the best and most widely used home remedies in pest control. Make a paste of garlic, mix it with water, and spray.

I guarantee that no cockroaches, insects, or bugs will stay in your house. This is the power of garlic. Try it now.

8. The Soap and Water

soap and water

Now an old age formula, the soap and water. You have the bath soap in the house. Mix it with water and create bubbles. But do not make it too light or the bubbles will not work.

Then spray it on the roaches and the soap bubbles will suffocate the roaches and kill them. You can also mix it with sugar and place it near them in a pot and they will eat the sugar and get suffocated. 

This one is good for a small infestation, not a large one Okay!

9. The Borax Powder

borax powder
trenttsd on Flickr

People use borax in their homes as a cleaner. Mix this borax with sugar and water and spray on the area where they are seen. They will eat the sugar and the borax will damage their stomach and kill them.

10. The Diatomaceous Earth Powder

powder white

This one is natural but people use it as a chemical. Buy the powder and spray it on the roach area like my roach killer chalk ideas and they will die as this also attacks their inner body and makes them dehydrated and then kills them.

My Recommendations

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Last Words

So what are you waiting for? Pick up one of these DIY Cockroach killer spray ideas and kill them all using the things you have in the house. Or buy a killer powder and kill them like me. Go on!

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Homemade Cockroach Killer Spray ideas
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Cockroach Killer Spray Ideas
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