Homemade Flea Treatment for Home

11 DIY Flea Treatment Ideas (Cats and Dogs)

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Here are my homemade flea treatment ideas that will get you and your pets relief from the torment and bites of those fleas.

Your cat or dog will not rub their body all day long from this moment if you use the DIY spray on them.

Not only on the pets, these fleas can also infestate the house, like on the carpets, on the clothes, and on the bed. 

And when they need to eat those worms that live on the furry pets, they just climb and get the job done.

Plus they also can bite humans, and many people have experienced it, and that is painful. Sometimes that can also trigger an allergic reaction to the skin (which is rare).

So just removing them from your pets may not work. You have to completely repel them from your house or kill them all. Here is how to do it.

1. Sprinkle Salt in the House

salt rubbing

Salt is a powerful flea killer. Sprinkle ground salt in your carpets and pet bedding, and if possible, bathe your pets with salt water to kill all those fleas and the worms that live on their body.

Let the salt remain there for a few days on those carpets and pet bedding, and you will see that your pets are not itching that much.

And if those fleas ever bit you, then you will see no biting at all. Salt is powerful so use it.

2. Make Lemon Spray

lemon spray

I would say the peel of the lemon is more powerful than the lemon itself in repelling fleas.

Just make a pest of those peels in a mixture, and then mix with water and contain it in a spray bottle and spray.

You can also use salt with the lemon mixture for quick removal. Then spray the mixture around the house and on your pets daily for a few days. Then you will see the result.

There are many homemade ideas, but these two work the best and cost no money at all. Try them now.

3. Make a DIY Flea Collar

flea collar

You may have heard about those flea collars that pets wear on the neck to repel fleas.

But the problem is they contain some chemicals and that is not good for your beloved pets. I would say you build your own DIY flea collar.

Take a fabric and make a collar and then add a few drops of essential oil like lavender, eucalyptus, or lemongrass on it and do it twice a week.

The oil has a strong scent that pests hate and will leave your cat or dog alone.

Plus with these oils, your pets will also smell good. So make your own DIY flea collar at home. 

4. Build Your Own DIY Flea Trap

cat fighting with flea

You know those fleas normally travel at night so that you do not notice them often, and they are attracted to lights. So take advantage of it and build your trap.

Mix soap with water, create bubbles, and fill a shallow dish with it. Then place it under a light and leave it for the night. In the morning, you will see a few of those fleas are stuck and died there.

Continue this for a few days to kill them all.

5. Spray Rosemary in the House

flea repelling plant
DcrjsrCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons (Purple sage Salvia)

Rosemary is a good essential oil, but here we will not use any oils. But those dried herbs that you can get from the plant if you have it in the house.

Smash those dried plants, mix them with water, and spray all over your house.

The scent is not so suitable for fleas and other small insects living in your house and they will leave the area as soon as possible.

If you do not have the rosemary plant, then it is not for you. Okay!

6. Spray Vinegar to Kill those Fleas

flea on pet
S. J. Pyrotechnic on Flickr

How can I forget about the vinegar, the old-age pest killer? You and I eat vinegar with a dish in the kitchen. Now, it is time to use that to kill those fleas.

Just create a mixture with water and spray. If you want, you can spray the raw vinegar without any water mixture for a faster response.

But for that, you need to buy a few more vinegar bottles. I leave that to you.  

7. Sprinkle Baking Soda

baking soda for fleas

Just like the salt, sprinkle the baking soda all over your carpets, in the corner of the house, and everywhere you think those fleas are hiding. Leave it for a whole night and vacuum the area in the morning.

Those fleas will be dead as the soda will kill them internally. Just vacuum those dead fleas out of your house. Continue this for a few days to remove them all.

8. Spray Neem Oil

neem oil

I have a neem tree near my house. It is easy for me to make this DIY spray. Just make a pest with those neem leaves or the fruit, mix it with water, and spray.

If you do not have raw neem leaves, then buy the oil online and spray it all over your house and on your pets. It will not harm them.

9. Vacuum Regularly

vaccume regularly
Tnarik Innael from LondonCC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Yes, a regular vacuum can help you reduce their population in a large quantity. If you see a lot of those fleas then vacuum every day with a HEPA filter on.

The filter will suck up the tiniest insects and help you fight with those fleas as they are tiny creatures.

10. Diatomaceous Earth Powder

powder for pest
شہابCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

My last idea is to use the diatomaceous earth powder. Yes, it is considered chemical, but made from natural remedies.

Just spread it near those infested areas and they will die as this powder will disrupt their digestive system. But be a bit careful as it may also harm your pets. So use it with a bit of caution.

This is the most effective one in killing fleas. Know that!

11. Plan Any Flea Repelling Plants

flea repelling plants in garden
NasserHalawehCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

My Recommendations

flea on cat
Erica Firment on Flickr

Get one of these remedies to cure your beloved Cat and Dog.

For Cats

For Dogs

Last Words

So here are my homemade flea treatment ideas for the home and for the beloved pet. First, use the natural salt or lemon spray, and then follow along if you have a bigger infestation. Save your pets and yourself from their bites, act now. Good luck. 

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