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10 Best Homemade Wasp Sting Remedy Ideas

Are you tired of the discomfort and itching caused by a wasp sting in your house? Do not worry buddy, I have got you.

Here, we will explore some natural home remedies that can help relieve the pain of those wasp stings. 

These DIY wasp sting remedies are easy to find and can provide quick relief if you apply them properly on your skin. So let’s learn the best wasp sting remedies you can use at home.

Wasps Sting Remedy Ideas that Works
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Homemade Wasp Sting Remedy Ideas

From childhood till now, I have been stung many times by those wasps and they were painful, especially if you do not treat them soon. The skin will go red and bubbly and it will hurt like hell.

But thanks to my grandma’s recipes, I got rid of them. So here are those wasp sting remedies that I have personally tested.

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wasp sting remedy

1. Use Ice Packs

Use Ice Packs for wasp sting

The first step in treating a wasp sting is to reduce the pain and swelling on the skin. 

So just apply an ice pack or normal ice from the refrigerator to the affected sting area to have instant relief. 

The cold temperature of the ice will help numb the sting area and you will feel less pain. It is a quick remedy. But later on, use some skin treatments to have complete relief.

2. Apply Honey on the Skin

Apply Honey on the Skin for wasp sting

Honey is very powerful in treating wasp bites for its antibacterial properties. Apply a thin layer of honey directly to the skin, and get rid of the pain like instantly. 

Do not worry if you do not have honey in your house then the next remedy may help you.

3. Apply Onion Slice for Pain Relief

Apply Onion Slice for Pain Relief

Onion is a well-known remedy for its coolness as it can provide natural pain relief for all kinds of insect stings. 

Place a fresh onion slice on the stung skin to reduce pain and also cool down the place. Do not worry it will not hurt your skin. Try it.

4. Use Aloe Vera Gel for Cooling

Use Aloe Vera Gel for Cooling

You can also use aloe vera for cooling if you have any. It is a popular remedy for various skin conditions, including wasps and bee stings. 

It can help relieve the pain and reduce swelling on the skin. Apply a good amount of fresh aloe vera gel or any product that has aloe vera in it to the affected area for instant relief.

5. Use Vinegar in the Sting Area

Use Vinegar in the Sting Area

Vinegar has a wide range of health benefits, including skin treatment properties, and treating wasp stings is one of the best ones. 

Mix vinegar with water and apply it to the sting area to reduce itching and inflammation. It is quick and will last long giving you complete relief for the whole day.

6. Make a Salt Bath

Make a Salt Bath for wasp sting

If you have been stung by multiple wasps in multiple areas a salt bath can provide relief for the entire body. 

Add a cup of salt to warm bathwater, soak for a few minutes, and then slowly rub the water on your skin to have relief.

7. Get a Quick Relief Cream

Get a Quick Relief Cream

Send someone to the market to get a cream. It is one of the best permanent wasp spring remedies that you can use. 

These creams can reduce inflammation and soothe the skin in a few minutes.

8. Apply Cucumber Slice

The cucumber slice is a cooler for human skin and you can use it to cool down the bitten area. Just place a few slices on the skin and you will feel relief.

9. Submerge in the Water

If you get bitten on your hand then dip it in the water as fast as possible. The water will help you cool down the skin and prevent any further infections.

Then you can apply ice and other things. But first, use water if you do no have those other options.

10. Keep Calm

Do not rush. Be calm and follow the steps. If you run for it the wasp will bite you more and the skin will burn like hell. So be calm and move slowly when bitten.

Last Words

Now you know the wasp sting remedy, but prevention is always better than a cure. So avoid wearing bright-colored clothing as it attracts wasps. 

If you encounter a wasp, remain calm and still to avoid provoking them and help them bite you.

By taking these preventative measures, you can reduce the risk of getting stung in the first place. Stay safe and enjoy the outdoor area. Good luck.

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