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Wasp Nest Removal DIY Ideas

Are you tired of dealing with wasp nests around your house and outside? Worry not, here, I will give you seven DIY methods that will help you eliminate wasp nests safely and efficiently from your house and outdoors.  

Wasp nest removal can be a difficult task. And of course, there is a fear of getting stung. But with the right homemade ideas, you can efficiently get rid of these nests without any professional help. 

Wasp Nest Removal DIY Ideas

Wasp Nest Removal DIY Ideas
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Before we dive into the homemade wasp nest removal ideas, it’s important to protect yourself first. Here are some safety measures you should follow before removing the wasp nest.

  • Get protective clothing. Wear thick gloves, long sleeves, pants, socks, and closed-toe shoes to minimize the risk of getting stung by those wasps. 
  • Choose the right time to break their nest. Do it either in the early morning or late evening when wasps are less active. 
  • Prepare your escape routes. Find all possible escape routes for a quick and safe exit if things do not work out as you had expected.

Okay, now follow these ideas and repel all those wasps from your house and yard.


1. Use Smoke to Break the Nest

Use Smoke to Break the Nest

First, use smoke to drive them away in the evening or the early morning when those wasps are less active. Smoke is mainly used to repel bees, but it also works on wasps.

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To do that, start a small fire with a wet cloth or fresh leave with some oil from a safe distance. Then let the smoke drift towards the nest and wave. 

The smoke will irritate the wasps, forcing them to leave the nest and relocate elsewhere. Then after a few minutes, break the wasp nest using a stick.

2. Hang Citronella Candles Nearby

Hang Citronella Candles Nearby

Citronella candles are known as a mosquito repellent. But they can also repel wasps. Hang citronella candles around your outdoor spaces near the nest and repel wasps from the area in one night. 

So go buy a few candles and try it out. Yes, it is similar to the smoke idea but more effective.

3. Vacuum the Wasp Nest 

Vacuum the Wasp Nest

If the wasp nest is small and reachable, you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the wasps and their nest. But be careful.

Then seal the vacuum bag tightly and throw it immediately far away from your house to prevent the wasps from coming back to your house.

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4. Spray Soap and Water Mixture on the Nest

Spray Soap and Water Mixture on the Nest

It is one of the simplest and most effective homemade wasp nest removal solutions. Mix soap with warm water and spray on them. 

Spray the mixture directly on the nest in the evening when wasps are less aggressive. The soap will suffocate the wasps, and the water will break the nest if you apply it with a little force. 

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5. Trap them with Vinegar

Trap them with Vinegar

To trap wasps, you can create a vinegar trap. Fill a jar with vinegar cover it with plastic wrap, and punch a few small holes in it.

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The wasps will be attracted to the vinegar’s smell, crawl through the holes, get trapped inside the jar, and hence die. It is easy and effective. Try it.

6. Eliminate Food Sources 

Eliminate Food Sources

Wasps are often attracted to food sources, like food spills or uncovered trash cans. That is why it’s important to remove any food source from your outdoor areas. 

By eliminating their food sources, you can discourage wasps from nesting near your house. 

7. Hang Fake Wasp Nests 

Hang Fake Wasp Nests

My last wasp nest removal idea is to set up a fake nest. Yes, wasps are territorial creatures and they will protect their land or leave the area to find a new place to settle.

By hanging a fake wasp nest near an existing nest (not too far), you can trick them into thinking that the area is already occupied. 

It discourages those wasps from building a new nest or expanding the existing one in the area. So their number will decline gradually day by day.

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Last Words

So there are my homemade wasp nest removal ideas that work marvelously. But prioritize safety and choose the method that best suits your situation. 

Whether it’s using soap water, hanging fake nests, or creating natural repellents, these DIY ideas will help you eliminate wasp nests and prevent them from ever building a nest there. Good luck.

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