how to get rid of crickets

How to Get Rid of Crickets from Your Home and Garden

Here is how to get rid of crickets in your house and outside. I will give you the homemade DIY ideas that worked for me and may work for you too.

But first, you need to know why those crickets are coming to your house and garden.

  • They are looking for food and shelter, especially in the rainy season. They eat aphids, small bugs, seeds, flowers, leaves, fruit, and grasses.

If your house or garden is proving all that, they will not leave unless you make them.

My Personal Story

My Personal cricket repellent Story

We had a lot of crickets always jumping all over the house, and especially when we ate, either in the afternoon or the night, they always jumped around and made us freak out that they would come to our plate.

If you try to catch those crickets by hand, they will jump away, and to eat them, lizards also come to my house.

So we had to find a permanent solution so that no one freaked us out when we were doing our important work. Here is how we did it.

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How to Get Rid of Crickets in the House and Outside

cricket in floor
Jean and Fred Hort on Flickr

We have seen that in the rainy season, they come in large numbers.

So we can assume that they are looking to save themselves from outside rain by living in your house and also avoiding predators like lizards and frogs. So here is how to get rid of crickets.

1. Vacuum those Crickets Out

Vacuum those Crickets Out

The best idea to remove them if you can not catch them by hand is to use your vacuum cleaner. Just vacuum them out of your house wherever you find them.

This idea works only when you have a few crickets in the house. But if you have a lot of them, it is a waste of time as you can not throw them all out using this vacuum.

For that, follow the next idea.

2. Use Some Glue Traps

Use Some Glue Traps to kill crickets

Go to your nearest hardware store and buy a few glue traps that trap rats and cockroaches. Then lay them all over your house, especially where they roam around.

Put some fruits or green leaves in front of the trap, and they will get attracted to it and get stuck in the glue. Then you can throw that away.

3. Seal Up All the Cracks in the Wall

Seal Up All the Cracks in the Wall

But all that may not be enough if they continue coming to your house. How many glue traps will you buy?

Exactly, you can not have unlimited not of glue traps in the house daily.

That is why you must find their entrance and seal it off. Seal every wall crack in the house, and remove any mostly in the wall.

Clean your garden so that they do not make a huge habitat in your area.

Plus, make sure doors, windows, and other open spaces are closed tightly, and there is no room for them to enter your house.

4. Attract Lizards and Frogs 

Attract Lizards and Frogs to eat crickets

Warning, before you use this idea, know that you also have to repel those lizards and frogs after they have eaten all the crickets in the house.

So if you have lizards in the house, do not repel them. The same thing goes for the frogs in the garden. 

Set up a small pond in the yard. So that a few frogs can come and live there as they are getting food and a nest to lay eggs.

Turn on all the lights in your house in the evening and attract lizards to your house.

You can also kill a few crickets and place them on the ceiling so that lizards know that they can get food if they come.

It works, but as I have said, you have also repel them later.

5. Cut the Grasses to Reduce Moisture

cricket on plant

I think this is one of the neglected ideas on how to get rid of crickets in the garden.

Clean your garden daily, remove weeds, and any standing water, and help sunlight reach every part of the garden.

Those cricket also eats plants, small bugs, and rotten fruits as children throw them in the garden. So take care of it, and they will leave your house.

Cut the Grasses to Reduce Moisture

6. Turn off Your Outdoor Lighting 

Turn off Your Outdoor Lighting

If you turn on your outdoor lights, many insects will come for it, and by following them, lizards and frogs will also come to eat them so will the crickets.

That is why it is best you do not turn it on for a few days.

This idea to attract frogs and lizards does not work for crickets as their number will increase exceptionally, and you will not be able to control them no matter what you use.

7. Use Diatomaceous Earth Powder to Kill Them

Use Diatomaceous Earth Powder to Kill crickets

If no other idea is working and the number of crickets is increasing day by day. Then it is best you use diatomaceous earth powder to kill them all. 

Just lay the power in the house where they hang around, especially in the corner of the walls, and you will those crickets are dead in the morning. 

But be careful with it as it hurts your pets if they eat it. Use it with caution.

8. Just Hit them Hard

crickets eating
Sean WallaceCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This idea may seem silly. But if you have a few crickets that are making too much noice then hit them hard with a stick and kill them instantly.

If you have a lot of them, then this idea may not work.

9. Block Their Air

ceramic bowl
Yonkeltron at English WikipediaCC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Get a bowl and trap them for the whole night. So they die out of the air. It is the simplest idea you can use to kill crickets.

10. Clean Your House Completely

cleaning house

Crickets love to hide in places that are dark and have some moisture. Clean those areas right now they will jump away, and you will be saved from their loud noise.

Last Words

So this is how to get rid of crickets in the house and outside using some of the common and homemade ideas.

Only use the powder if they have become uncontrollable. Vacuum is the best solution, and then the lizard. I wish you the best of luck.

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how to repel crickets
How to get rid of crickets in the house
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How to Get Rid of Crickets in the House and Outside
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