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10 Best Gnat Trap Hacks That Works

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Here are some of my homemade Gnat trap ideas that will surely repel them and give you peace in your daily life. 

As you know they disturb us a lot almost every time by roaming around the house and sometimes landing on our food, which is disgusting.

If you do nothing about it, they will grow and grow in large numbers and make your life a living hell. And killing them is not that easy. 

Mosquitoes are easy to kill but they are fast and you can not kill them in normal circumstances. You need something special.

You may have fruit flies, drain flies, or fungus gnats in your house, all of them will go away or die in your hand using these ideas and traps. So here we go.

Homemade Gnat Trap Ideas

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You do not need anything fancy to kill or repel those gnats from your house. The thing you have in the house, they will get the job done. Here are some DIY ideas to kill them. 

  1. Mix apple cider vinegar with soap and keep it near your trash can. Those gnats will get attracted to the sweet smell of the vinegar and get trapped in the soap. Do it for a few days to kill them all. You can also use normal vinegar for it.
  2. You have seen that people use plastic bottles to trap gnats in large numbers. Make a trap like that one. 
  3. Get a plastic bottle, cut off the top one-third part of it, and place it in an area where you have seen gnats in large numbers. Then pour water, sugar, and yeast or soap in it. These gnats will get lured to it and get trapped in the soap and die.
  4. Buy some sticky traps or glue traps and lay them in the kitchen, garden, or yard with bait like sugar or honey. They will come and get trapped there.
  5. Use an electric gnat killer to burn them down.

These are the most effective yet simple ideas to kill gnats and destroy their population altogether in the house, garden, and everywhere. 

If you have a large infestation, simply use more bait stations and they die sooner. That’s it!

A Few Special Tips to Kill Gants

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I want to share a few special tips with you when you build these gnat traps. So that you kill them all and not a single fungus lives and reproduces and makes your life a living hell again. Here is the list.

  1. Set up your baits in a special place where those fungus live and roam around. The fungus loves moist areas, the fruit flies love sliced fruits, and the drain flies love drains and water sources. So place them near these places to have the best effect.
  2. Experiment with different bait mixtures and bait bottle designs and see what works best for you. You can add a few more sugar to the mixture to release more scents or make a bugger plastic bottle bait. The mind your yours.
  3. Add some colors to it if possible. When creating a bait, add a yellow color to the mixture for more attractiveness and some yellow sticky paper or tape on the outside of the bait to increase the effect of attraction.
  4. Remember prevention is the key. That is why you must keep your house, kitchen, bathroom, and garden clean always so they do not make a nest. As I have said they love moist areas and you should not give them that.
  5. Monitor the traps and the effect of the mixture. Add new mixtures or replace the mixtures every day to have the best effect.

So by following these tips, you can make sure that the trap you are building causes the most damage to the gnats population. 

My Recommendations

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Last Words

Again place the baits at the right pace or else they will not work. So here are your homemade Gant trap ideas that you can buy at home and kill all those fugues, fruit flies, and drain gnats in a few days. Good luck.

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Gnat Trap Ideas that Works
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