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How to Keep Flies Away from My Home

So how to keep flies away from your house and outside permanently? If you are looking for that, you are in the right place, my friend.

Here I will give you seven natural and homemade ideas to get rid of all those flies.

I know how irritating it is when those flies travel around your house and make a mess or eat your fruits and vegetables.

But if you use a few slices of fresh cucumber with the fruits, then those flies will leave that area.

Yes, cucumber is very effective in fly repellent only if you create a few slices of them and make the white flesh out.

Try it. It will work. Now let’s move on. 

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How to Keep Flies Away

Now let’s pick up any of these ideas and repel all those creepy flies, bugs, mosquitos, wasps, and flying ants from your house. Let’s start with the plants.

1. Plant Insect Repellent Plants

Plant Insect Repellent Plants

You may have heard that some plants are very capable of repelling flies and bugs.

So plant them in your house or garden, and you will see, in a few days, their number will reduce significantly, and after a few weeks, they will be gone.

Here are those common plants that keep flies away.

  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Basil
  • Marigold
  • Mint
  • Catnip
  • Lemongrass

I have just listed the common ones. Yes, there are many more. You can choose whatever you want.

2. Mix Vinegar and Detergent

Mix Vinegar and Detergent to keep flies away

The vinegar attracts flies, and the detergent or dish soap will kill them. Mix vinegar with detergent in a bowl and leave it near their hiding place or window. 

They will come for the vinegar, eat the detergent, and die or get stuck in the soap liquid. Then reset the trap until you see no flies in your house.

3. Use Ginger Spray

Use Ginger Spray to keep flies away

Flies hate the scent of Gingers. Make a pest of Gingers and put it in a spray bottle with water. Then spread it all over the house, especially where they hang out.

You can also use garlic instead of Ginger.

If you can not create the pest, hang them near your door and windows with a little hammering so that, the scent can spread quickly.

4. Burn Cinnamon Candles

Burn Cinnamon Candles to repel flies away

You can buy Cinnamon candles online or any pest control stone near you. Just burn them at night near the place they hang out, and they will die slowly or leave instantly. 

You can use any ready-made mosquito repellent that releases the same odor.

These products come either, in a ring shape that you can burn or with an electric plug that you just plug in any outlet, and the odor will start its work.

But I would say, do not use it heavily as it causes some health issues. Use them, but not too much.

5. Spray Essential Oils on Them

Spray Essential Oils on the flies

Okay, if you do not have vinegar in your house, buy any of these essential oils that are better than vinegar in keeping flies away from your house.

  • Peppermint oil
  • Cinnamon oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Clove oil
  • Lemongrass oil

Buy these oils and spray them near their base, and they will leave, like instantly.

6. Use Lemon with Whole Cloves

Use Lemon with Whole Cloves to repel flies away

Cut the lemon in half or make a few pieces with a few whole cloves in them and place them near their hanging areas. It will release a heavy odor that these flies can not tolerate.

But the problem is you have to change them after a few days for about a month until you see fewer flies in your house.

I would say, it is one of the best homemade ideas on my list of how to keep flies away for life.

7. Build a Fly Trap with Honey

Build a Fly Trap with Honey

Honey and Boric power is the best fly trap you can use. Mix the Boric powder with honey and leave it in your window. They will come for the honey and eat that with the Boric powder. 

That powder will destroy their stomach, and they will die. You can also use sugar instead of honey and diatomaceous earth power instead of Boric powder. The choice is yours. 

8. Build a DIY Fly Trap

Get some yeast and cut a plastic bottle, only the top. Then pour the yeast and water mixture and let it hang near the fly nest or in your kitchen.

They will come for the yeast and die drowning.

9. Cover Up Your Fruits and Vegetables

It is the most common thing that we neglect and wonder why we have fly problems. The smell of those fruits attracts flies.

So cover it up always and never throw any rotten fruit in the yard. Dispose those leftovers properly.

10. Clean Your Kitchen

I know, no one cleans their entire kitchen on a daily basis. But if you are fighting with flies then you should do it daily or at least twice a week.

Get some cleaning detergent or liquid that is made from essential oil and clean it off.

What Idea is the Best?

The best idea for fly removal is to keep your house, yard, and garden clean all the time. Then plant a few flies repent plant in your house and garden. 

Then pick up any of these ideas to repel them. That is the complete process of how to keep flies away for life. 

Last Words

So this is how to keep flies away from your house and outside. Again clean your house regularly so that your effect does not go to waste. 

If they find food again, they will come, and you will be able to stop them permanently. Follow the steps as told and enjoy a free fly-free house.

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