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How to Get Rid of Birds from Your Garden

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Here is how to get rid of birds in the garden and save your fruits and vegetables from those picky bites.

Yes, I know how problematic it is when they feast on my papaya that I have put in good efforts to grow.

When those papayas get a bit yellow, a few birds feast on them. They do not eat the whole fruit but leave a spot and a hole, leaving no other option for me to throw that fruit away.

Not only the papaya, but they also destroy a few other garden vegetables, like peas, carrots, squash, and many other plant-based foods. Plus they also eat plants like Broccoli. 

So it is a necessity rather than a choice that you save your garden from them so that you can have those vegetables that you have shown much effort to grow, not them.

So here we go.

1. Make a DIY Noice Maker to Sacre them

DIY noice maker
© Nevit DilmenCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You have seen that birds are very cautious creatures. When they hear a small sound or anything unusual they will fly away. 

I still remember those days when we used a simple DIY steel bowl to make a loud sound to scare those birds away who feast on the raw wheat that we had laid on the roof for sun heating.

So that we can eat it after crushing it in the machine. With that, we have saved almost all of the wheat.

One time we did not do that and about half of the wheat (2.5 kg) was eaten by those birds (Pigeons). So you can do the same and create some loud noise to scare them away.

2. Use Reflective Birds Repellents

Aluminium foil
Lewis RonaldCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can also use any reflecting thing like your old DVDs, aluminum foil, strips, or reflective tape and place them in a way that reflects the sunlight on the vegetables.

Those birds will get scared and think that there is a predator. It is easy to make and works for months. Try it.

3. Trick them with a Fake Predator


Predators like owls, snakes, cats, and hawks can kill them and they know it. So buy a fake owl and place it near the fruits and vegetables that are getting yellow. These birds will not come to eat it. 

Yes, it will not repel all of them, but it will repel most of them, I can say that.

4. Use Nets to Cover them

garden net

Netting is one of the best ways to protect your vegetables and fruits from those birds. Get a few fine nets that do not harm the vegetables and stop the birds from eating them.

You can also cover the fruits completely with fabric from their sight so that they will not notice it in the first place. But covering them all with fabric will take time and effort. 

So which will you choose, the net or the fabric cover? I leave that to you.

5. Set up a few Wind Chimes in the Garden

wind chime
Photo by and (c)2007 Jina LeeCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As I have said earlier, any unusual sound can scare those birds away. A few wind chimes in the garden can do the work for you.

 When the wind blows they will make a sound and that will scare those birds away.

The material can be anything from glass, metal, or shell. Just buy and set them up strategically in the garden.

6. Set Up Some Bird Feeders

bird feeder
Tim Felce (Airwolfhound)CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

What! A bird feeder will attract more birds. Yes, but it will divert them from your garden. Choose this one only if you love birds and don’t want to keep them hungry.

I give seeds daily to about 50 pigeons and I love the feeling. But I do not let them eat my wheat or papaya. So divert their attention and maybe they will not feast on your vegetables.

7. Set Up a Scarecrow

Emmanuel Huybrechts from Laval, CanadaCC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can set up scarecrows in the garden that signal to them that there is a human waiting to kill them. You may have seen it in the field that farmers use.

8. Get an Ultrasonic Device

motion detector device

Ultrasisn designs are built to scare things away. They emit high-frequency sounds that humans can not listen to, but those birds will get scared thinking it is a predator.

So place the device in your garden and let the machine do its job automatically and save your vegetables. 

9. Place Spiky Metal on the Fence

spiky metal on the fence

You may have seen those spiky things that people use on their fences to repel raccoons and other big animals and even thieves. They are made of glass, iron, and sometimes steel.

Get a few of those and place them near the area where you have seen that birds land and hang around. Yes, it will not repel them completely as there are many branches and areas they can land on.

But I am sure that their number will be less if you use this idea and who knows they may leave the area if one of them gets injured by it.

Note here, this should be your last resort as I don’t recommend hurting them. I love them as they are beautiful creatures and give me peace when I feed them.

10. Use DIY Natural Repellents

Brewed Vinegar
Biswarup GangulyCC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Use red pepper, vinegar, and water solution and spray it all over the garden. It will not let those birds feast on those vegetables and create holes. 

Plus, all the other pests will also be gone as the vinegar has a strong odor that pets can not handle.

My Recommendations

Get one of these professional bird repellents.

Fake Predator Owl to Scare Birds Away (Best Overall)

Ultrasonic Solar Powder Bird Repellent (Most affordable)

Reflective Spinning Bird Repellent (Premium quality)

Last Words

So this is how to get rid of birds in the garden and save your vegetables from them. Use a net or cover, scare them away, or make a loud noise like me using a steel bowl. 

But do not harm them as they are just looking for food. Be a human!

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