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How to Get Rid of Mice from the House and Garden

So this is how to get rid of mice from your house and yard permanently without killing them.

Because I do not like killing and in some areas, it is forbidden by local law to kill or harm a mouse.

It is also difficult to kill them if you ever try it especially if you have a lot of mice, and some people are afraid of it as it feels very creepy.

So for me, it is better to repel those rats using these homemade ideas that I will give you with my real-life experience with them and how we repelled them from our house.

And I do not have a Tom cat that will catch Jerry. So I had to apply some other remedies. If you have a cat, then it may help.

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How to Get Rid of Mice (Inside and Outside)

How to Repel the Mice from Your House

Before you try to repel them, you need to know why those mice come to your house and what they are searching for.

They are searching for food and a place to hide that probably your house is giving them. 

They eat all kinds of foods, whether it is plant, vegetable, or meat. If you have a vegetable garden, those mice will come for it and eat them up unless you stop them.

So do not give them the food they are searching for and they will leave your house. So Let’s start with my personal homemade mouse-repellent idea.

1. My Homemade Mouse Repellent Idea 

My Homemade Mouse Repellent Idea

I will tell my real-life story. Back in the day, we have lots of mice in our house. They always roam around and produce children.

We never identified their sources. But using some mouse traps, we removed most of them from our house.

First, we noticed where they are hanging out at night. It is a prediction, as you will never know for sure unless you find the spot.

Then we bought a mouse tap made of iron net and placed some cookies in there that had a good smell.

Keep in mind that whatever food you are using must have a good smell, or else they will not find it. So that idea did not work as we expected.

We tried bathing soap instead of cookies, and it worked.

On the next day, a mouse was trapped in the net. We throw it far away from our house. So the mouse can not come back.

If you throw it close to your house, they will come back. So make sure to leave them as far as possible from your house.

But that did not completely remove them as they have a family living in my house. So we tried the below step to repel them for life.

So here are the step-by-step process of how to get rid of mice.

2. Identify Their Entry Points

Identify The Entry Points of those mice

Before you apply any of the mouse-repellent ideas below, you need to find the exact road they are following while coming to your house and going outside.

They do not live in your house all the time. They came and went in search of food everywhere.

Yes, guessing a few mice habitats will help you remove a few. But to remove them all, you must find their road.

Look for holes in the wall, drain line, cracks, or any other special places that you think they are using as a road.

3. Set a Mouse Trap There

Set Mouse Trap There

After identifying the road, set mouse traps with some smelly food that they like. From my experience, you can use the below foods:

  • Any food made from wheat.
  • Biscuits and cookies.
  • Sweet potatoes.
  • Smelly bathing soap.
  • Any market-bought mouse trap food?

Leave the trap at night and then check it in the morning. You will see a few mice trapped there. Continue the process until they are repelled. Again do not kill them. Throw them far away.

4. Buy Glue Traps

Buy Glue Traps for rats

You can also use glue traps for those mice and remove them from your house, as it is one of my favorite ideas for how to get rid of mice. 

These glue traps will trap a few mice in one attempt, whereas the old age trap will take a few more days to trap them all.

But the problem is you have to buy a lot of traps if you have a large number of mice living in your house. It is more costly than the simple trap but more effective.

5. Clear the Garbage, Yard, and Garage

Clear the Garbage, Yard, and Garage

They search for food and a place to hide. The garage is one of the best places to hide, garbage is a good source of food, and the yard is to make a house. 

So clean your garbage daily. Clean your basement and yard and remove all the dirt and moisture from there.

These mice love moisture and dark places. Do not give them that in any part of your house. Remove all the moisture from your garden so they do not harm your vegetables. 

Plus, clean your garage as it is a good place for mice to live as you do not disturb them there often. Clean the areas and disturb them so they leave the garage.

6. Spray Essential Oils

Spray Essential Oils on those mice

Now, essential oils are not that effective in repelling mice. But they can help. These oils have a strong odor that most insects and reptiles do not like. 

If you have some essential oil, spray it on their road and see the result. It may work.

7. Look for Mice Tunnels and Block Them

Find their tunnels in the yard and in the basement and seal them off. Or you can flood the yard, so those mice leave the hideout and go away.

mice in yard
RossCC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

8. Get a Cat and Catch them

If you have rats in the house, then you should get a cat.

Train her to catch the rat on a daily basis and reward her. Slowly but surely, you will see the rat problem is getting solved.

9. Clean, Clean, and Clean

Cleaning is your primary weapon in combating mice in the garden or inside the house.

Do not throw garbage anywhere, keep your kitchen neat and clean always, and weekly cut grass and weeds that are resulting in moisture in the garden.

10. Hire a Pest Control Professional

Hire a Pest Control Professional

If you have a lot of mice and none of the above ideas are not that helpful, then it is time you hire a professional who will repel them from your house in a few days with this professional pest control liquid and traps.

I do not recommend killing them. If you are afraid and feel creepy, hire a pest control professional, and they will remove those mice from your house in a few days. 

Last Words

So follow these ideas and learn by yourself how to get rid of mice from your house and yard without harming them. Clean your house, garage, garage, and yard so they never settle near your house.

If you see too many mice, call a professional right away to catch them. Good luck.

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