how to get rid of ants

How to Get Rid of Ants from Your Home and Garden

Here is how to get rid of ants from your house and yard in a few quick steps that are easy to implement and can be arranged at home using some DIY mixture. 

But first, you must find out where these ants are coming from.

So you can remove them from your house in a few quick steps, no matter whether they are red or black ants.

They all will be gone or will die on the spot.

How to Get Rid of Ants

Most ants come from outside your house, yard, garden, basement, garage, or place where insects live as they feed on them, especially on the dead ones. 

They can smell food from a long distance thanks to the four times more odor receptors that are built into them. They only need one ant to find the food source, and the rest will follow on a line.

But not anymore, as I will help you break their line and also kill those ants on the spot. So here is how to get rid of ants permanently.

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1. Set Up a Big Ant Trap

Set Up a Big Ant Trap

Build a homemade trap using boric powder with honey or with sugar. The honey or the sugar will attract those ants, and boric powder will kill them.

This power will affect their digestion system and destroy it completely.

2. Use Diatomaceous Earth Powder to Kill Them

Use Diatomaceous Earth Powder to Kill ants

If you do not have the boric power or want to kill them faster, then use Diatomaceous earth powder. It is a white powder that you can buy online or from your local pest control store.

It will kill their whole nest if they ever come across it. It may go into their body with the trap you are using or by air.

In both ways, they can not escape. Spread the power around the house and yard, and they will die happily.  

3. Buy a Roach Killer to Kill Them All

Buy a Roach Killer to Kill Them All

Most people have roach-killer products in their houses. If you have it, then just spread it about the corner of your house and the garden border, and they will die.

It works like Diatomaceous earth powder and will not have a single ant alive in the area.

4. Use Lemon Juice to Remove their Line

Use Lemon Juice to Remove their Line

You know the ant trails. They follow it to find and gather food. Yes, that line. If you remove the line, those ants will scatter.

To do that just using your hand may not be enough as they use a liquid to build those tracks.

Use lemon juice there, and those ant trails will be gone, and they will get confused about the road, sense danger, and go back to their ant colony.

Fill a spray bottle with the fresh lemon juice with water and spray it directly on them and the entry points where they are coming from.

Then wipe the whole area clean with a cloth. Those ants will not come back ever again.

5. Use Vinegar Solution 

Use Vinegar Solution

The vinegar is very similar to lemon juice but stronger. Mix two tablespoons of vinegar with water and spray on their tracks and all over your house and garden. 

The vinegar contains acid, which will remove the scent of the trail from the road that they can not follow anymore.

Vinegar is a strong liquid that will burn the skin of those ants. Keep these mixtures in your house for a few days if you need to use them again. 

6. Burn Their Nest Down

Burn Their ant Nest Down

Search for their nest and burn it down with fire. Show no mercy. Use petrol or Kerosene oil to do this.

Plus these oils have a strong odor that will force them out of their nest even if you do not fire it up. Try it.

7. Flood them Out of Your Garden

Flood them Out of Your Garden

My last idea on how to get rid of ants is flooding their homes. Just pick up a garden hose and fill the whole area with water. They will all drown and die. 

It is the safest idea that I personally used once to repel all the ants from my garden.

8. Remove the Sugary Things

If your kids throw candy, jam, and sweets items on the floor, instantly clean them so the ants never find them in the first place and invite their family.

know it into possible always but try. So that you have less ant problem in the house.

9. Lay Glue Traps

Buy some glue traps and use candy to attract the ants and they will get stuck there and die out of hunger. Then throw it away.

10. Clean, Clean, and Clean

You will never be able to repel ants from your home or garden if it remain dirty and has a lot of food for them.

You must clean them on a daily basis or at least once a week. So they never settle and live happily ever after.

Last Words

So these are the best ideas on how to get rid of ants in your house permanently.

Creating those ant traps is a bit difficult, but the lemon juice and vinegar spray are quick and easy. I wish you the best of luck. 

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