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How to Get Rid of Frogs from the House, Pond, and Yard

So how to get rid of frogs in the house, yard, porch, and outside? I will share with you seven ideas that are easy to use, homemade, and very effective in removing those frogs.

We have a small pond near our house where many frogs live, and at sunset, they come to our yard if the outside light is on.

We had to rebuild our main house door so they would not get in the house. We clean that pond occasionally, but still, they come.

But Do Not Kill Them!

One of the easiest ways to get rid of frogs is to remove their food and shelter. Although I have seen some people build a small pond in their garden to attract frogs. For them, those frogs are helpful.

These frogs can eat up to 100 insects in a single night. They also eat plant-eating bugs like cutworms, grasshoppers, slugs, snails, beetles, and caterpillars.

That saves the plants in the garden, and for that special reason, you do not want to move forward and learn how to keep frogs away from your house.

People use frogs for diversity in the garden and yard, but that is not your case, and the below ten ideas will teach you how to get rid of frogs with just a little effort. 

How to Get Rid of Frogs Permanently

Frogs are just super disgusting and harmful creatures after the snakes.

If you or your pet come into contact with a poisonous toad it may cause the pet high fever, diarrhea, vomiting, unsteadiness, weakness or collapse, irritation to the eyes and nose, and breathing difficulty.

They also make disturbing noise at night especially if there is rain. These frogs attract snakes as those snakes eat them.

So overall, you do not want them near your house, and these ten ideas will help you do that.

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1. Clean All the Standing Water

Clean All the Standing Water in Your Yard

You know frogs live on both land and water. But they only lay eggs in water.

If you have any standing water in your yard or garden, like a small pond, water storage for birds, or water for other animals, remove it right now and force those frogs to find a new place to lay their eggs. 

By removing the standing water, you will also remove insects like mosquitos and other bugs that are born from it and become food for those frogs.

Do it, and you will see that you have fewer frogs in the yard, and then with time, they will be all gone. 

2. Remove Weeds and Debris

Remove Weeds and Debris from Your Garden

If you have a lot of dirt, weeds, and debris in your yard or garden, the frogs will hide and create a damp place for them to live.

You should remove that debris as soon as possible so they leave the place and find a new area to live in.

3. Turn off the Night Light Outside Your House

Turn off the Night Light

Every time I turn on the outside light, those frogs roam around my yard, especially on a rainy day, as they catch insects that circle around the light.

So do not turn your outside light on after the dark. But you can use a light that does not attract any insects, like a yellow light or a red light.

They do not attract insects as much as regular white lights.

That way, those frogs will have no insects to eat there. Buy them if you can, as those lights are expensive.

4. Attract Birds of Prey to Kill those Frogs

Attract Birds of Prey for frogs

Bids like hawks, owls, ravens, crows, ducks, and geese hunt frogs.

Attract those birds by planting tall trees and not cutting any tall branches in your garden. These birds will keep the frogs in your garden in control.

You can also install a bird bath that will attract those birds. But you have to change the water frequently to keep it fresh and not dirty for insects to grow and live.

5. Destroy The Frog Colony

Destroy The Frog Colony

You will see that small tadpoles are roaming around in standing water in your garden. Kill them all by spreading salt in their home.

The salt creates an unpleasant feeling in their feet and skin, and they will die instantly.

But do not spread salt near a plant as it may kill the plants and damage the soil. If you use salt, know that the area will be unusable for any plants to grow for a few months.

So carefully use the salt in the frog house as needed. 

6. Use Vinegar or Lemon Juice

use lemon juice for frogs

Mix vinegar or lemon juice with water and spray where those frogs gather around or live. The vinegar mixture will create a burning sensation on their feet and skin.

It will force them to leave the place. But do not spray on any plants, as they will die instantly. 

7. Build a Solid Fence to Keep the Frogs Away

Build a Solid Fence to keep the Frogs Away

This is your last resort on how to get rid of frogs. The last idea on how to get rid of frogs is to build a solid fence around your yard.

The fence will block them from ever coming to the yard, as crossing those fences is impossible for those frogs unless there is a gap or hole in the ground. 

I know it is expensive, but it will help you in many ways, like keeping privacy alive, blocking any dogs in the yard, or stopping any unauthorized access to your yard.

Build a fence if you live in peace without those frogs. 

8. Buy a Frog Repellent Spray

man spraying

If you want an easy solution then buy a frog repellent from the market and spray it all over the entrance and fence line.

These sprays are made from essential oils and will successfully repel frogs in a few days (My recommendation).

9. Spray Bug Killer in Your Yard

bug spray

As I have said earlier, if you have bugs and insects in the yard frogs will come. So get a bug spray and spray all over the yard grass.

So that no grasshopper, fly, or any small insect lives there. I mean kill them all like a farmer so frogs do not come for food in your house.

10. Hire a Pest Control PRO

pest control spray

If nothing happens then hire a pest control professional especially if you have larger infestations. They will repel them from the bottom.

But I have a few more ideas in a short matter. Give them a try.

How to Get Rid of Frogs in Pond

How to Get Rid of Frogs in Pond

It is the easiest thing to repel frogs from the pond. Do this.

  • Clean the pond’s surroundings well.
  • Change the water altogether.
  • Use bleach powder to clean the water.
  • Spray lots of salt in the pond to kill those tadpoles.
  • Turn off any water features you have in the pond.

These will surely repel all those frogs from your pond in a few days. But know that salt may also kill fish. So first transfer them and then use the salt.

How to Get Rid of Frogs in Pool

How to Get Rid of Frogs in Pool

Removing frogs from the pool is a bit different than the pond idea. You can not use any sort of chemicals in there. So your best bet is to stop them from jumping into the pool in the first place. 

Here is what you should do.

  • Spray lemon juice around the pool, not into the pool.
  • Turn off the pool lights if you have any that are attracting insects.
  • Use concrete around the pool so that it always remains dry.
  • Plant a few pest control plants in the corner of your pool.
  • Find their habitat and destroy that.

You can also change the water after you have repealed them all. But you must remove their habitat in your house. So that they can not come back.

How to Get Rid of Frogs in Yard

How to Get Rid of Frogs in Yard

This one is the most common one. Pick any of these above ideas to repel them from your yard. But here is a short summary for you. Do the following.

  • Spray vinegar solution all around your yard.
  • Remove all the standing water from your yard.
  • Clean the pond if you have any.
  • Trim your grass and help the sunlight remove the moisture in the soil.
  • Use a frog-repellent plant like Lavender in the yard.
  • Get a strong fence to block their entry.

Follow these ideas, and I guarantee they will never disturb you again.

How to Get Rid of Frogs on Porch

how to get rid of frogs

Frogs normally come around the porch to look for insects that live in the wet place. So to repel the do this.

  • Remove all the hiding places on the porch.
  • Remove any wet areas in there.
  • Transfer your plants to a different place for a few days.
  • Turn off the light at night.
  • Spray a bit of vinegar on the porch floor.
  • Regularly clean the area.

Again, all they are looking for is food and shelter. Do not give them that.

How to Get Rid of Frogs Around Your House

How to Get Rid of Frogs Around Your House

Removing the frogs around your house is not too different than the yard idea. But still, there is some extra advice that I want to share.

  • Cut the grass around your house often.
  • Make sure the rain does not get stored there in the soil.
  • Use a door draft stopper to close the space under the door.
  • Use a yellow color light at night that does not attract flies.
  • Cut big trees that are blocking the sunlight in the yard and the house.

Do these, and I am sure you will have fewer frogs around your house.

How to Keep Frogs Away for Life?

Frog Repellent FAQs

So what is the best way how to keep frogs away for life? I recommend you get a private fence. Because no matter which method you use, they will always come back in a few months. 

Yes, you will kill their colony with salt, use a yellow light that does not attract many insects, and clean your house and yard to get rid of them. 

But that is a temporary solution. For a lifetime solution, you should get a fence. Have a look at this wooden privacy fence that is easy to install and can last long.

Frog Repellent FAQs

How to Keep Frogs Away FAQs

What will keep frogs away from my yard?

Use vinegar spray on the frog colony, lay salt where they pass by, remove all the food sources from your yard by cleaning it, and clean all the standing water to remove the frogs.

How do I remove frogs from your house?

By killing all the food sources those frogs have, like turning off the yard light at night, cleaning standing water in the basement or yard, and killing their frog colony using salt or vinegar.

Does salt remove frogs?

Yes, salt can help remove those frogs from your house or yard. But you have to continue it for a few days to make them leave permanently.

Does vinegar remove frogs?

Yes, it does. Mix vinegar with water and spray where those frogs gather around or live, and they will be forced to leave as it will hurt their skin.

Why do frogs scream so loud at night?

They are signaling other frogs to mate using the croak or that loud noise. They do most of this in the rainy season.

What attracts frogs in the yard?

Insects that roam around the night light attract a lot of frogs in the yard. So turn that off, and frogs will not come.

What kind of sounds scare frogs away?

Stomping your feet hard and clapping your hands loudly will scare frogs from your house.

Do frogs attract snakes in the yard?

Yes, snakes hunt frogs. So if they have them, then snakes will also come.

What smells keep frogs and toads away?

Spray vinegar or lemon juice, and frogs will not dare to come to your house.

Last Words

So this is how to get rid of frogs in the yard, garden, and house. Most of these ideas are homemade with little or no expense at all except the fence idea.

Be careful when using any harmful chemicals on those frogs, as they harm your plants. Now let’s get to work. Good luck.

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How to Get Rid of Frogs in the House
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