How to get rid of rabbits

How to Get Rid of Rabbits from Your Garden

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Here is how to get rid of rabbits in your garden, farm, and house without killing them.

Yes, I know how damaging they can be to your crops and garden if they ever find out that you have some wonderful vegetables in there.

If you ask me do I like rabbits? Yes, I do especially if they are in white, and some of my friends have them, not just one but two white rabbits as pets and they are doing well.

But for me, I can not handle them and they need extensive care like a kid. 

Yes, I like them as they are cute but as a pet, they are not a cup of tea for me. Whatever!

How to Get Rid of Rabbits

They will eat all your vegetables and plants in a few days if you do nothing as this is their habit and food source. You can not catch them or trap them so easily as they are fast, flexible, and excellent jumpers.

So do not even think of trapping them or even killing them. Just repel them away to save your garden. I will give you some natural ideas that you can use to repel them. Here is how. 

Natural Ways to Repellents for Rabbits

rabbit in yard
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The best and most natural way to repel rabbits in your garden or yard is to plant some rabbit-resistant flowers.

  • Plant marigold, lavender, or thyme in the garden that rabbits hate if they ever come across to it. The scent from the plant is very unpleasant for those rabbits and they will leave your garden soon.
  • You can also plant some plants that have sharp thorns that will hurt them if they ever try to enter the garden or at least scare them away. 
  • Plant them like a fence line around your garden and you will see those rabbits are not trying to cross over.
  • Plant garlic in your garden as garlic has a strong scent that rabbits do not like. Onion can also be useful here. You can check if the option works or not.
  • If you like some faster solution that does not take too much time like those plants then you can spray vinegar or hot pepper throughout the garden area to repel them. Spray it twice a week for the best effect.
  • Lastly, get a motion-activated sprinkler and install it in your garden area. When the rabbit comes to the area the sprinkler will turn on and scare them away. 
  • Place them strategically so that they work as they should. This sprinkler can also repel moles, squirrels, and other pests that destroy gardens.

There is another solution that is much more effective than the above list. But I want to talk about it separately. The fence!

Set up a Wooden Barrier

Buy a wooden fence or build it yourself at home as it is one of the most secure and long-lasting options to repel rabbits from your garden. 

Yes, it costs much more than all the previous ideas, but not a single rabbit will be able to cross it.

Plus, with a fence, you can save your house from snakes, moles, squirrels, rats, and other pests if you go deep in the soil when setting up the fence.

So for rabbits, set up the fence at least 2 feet high, the higher the better, and 6 inches below the ground. Choose a fence that has small gaps or no gaps at all.

If you want to decorate it then plant some climb plants near it so that they cover the fence and make a good landscaping design for your garden.

One Last Tip

scared rabbit
Ri13CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If your garden has fruits like apples then wrap them up with something that those rabbits can not bite. In that way, your fruits will remain safe and grow bigger.

You can do the same with pumpkins and other big vegetables to save them from being eaten by rabbits.

My Recommendations

Get one of these simple rabbit repellents for your garden.

Last Words

So here is how to get rid of rabbits without killing them. Plus do not use any chemicals or position on your garden as they are just looking for food like everyone else.

They are cute and you should just repel them. But if you want you can give them food to eat to maintain your humanity and show some love to the pool animal. I leave that to you. 

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How to get rid of rabbits
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How to Get rabbits in the garden
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