How to Get Rid of Silverfish from Your Home

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Here is how to get rid of silverfish in your house completely and save your precious books, wallpapers, and important documents from getting destroyed. I will help you repel them all.

I still remember when I opened my closet after a whole 2 years and saw that the old books that I read in high school had been destroyed completely.

They have eaten every single page and I can’t even touch them as they were so dirty.

No just my books, but my father’s books. They eat an important book that my father holds dearly (placed in a different closet).

So what we did do and how did we get rid of them? That is what exactly I will share with you.

How to Get Rid of Silverfish

Lepisma saccharina silverfish
 INaturalistReviewBot CC 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In my case, it is books and documents, but for you, it can be a costly wallpaper or a painting.

If you do not check them often and your house does not get enough sunlight, then it is possible they are eating them especially if you have a garden near the wall.

They just love moist areas and will hide there securely. You will never know as they do not come out in the daylight but in the night when everything sleeps (like a thief!).

If they found your documents or books and you have not opened them for a year then it is their food and you can not do anything about it.

House centipede
Roscoe xCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

That is why make sure each of your documents gets airflow or heat (not directly but indirectly) or check them once a year so that they remain safe.

Plus you can also use some covers for your important documents so they cannot breach it. 

I will talk about it later, but first, we need to start from the beginning and learn how to stop them from coming to your house in the first place.

How to Stop Silverfish Infestation

Chris on Flickr

Do the following things to stop their infestations.

  • First, remove their food source using a sealed cover. They are attracted to the carbohydrates that those food has.
  • So by containing it, you are stopping the scent that those foods release. 
  • Plus, store your pet food, cereals, and grains in tight containers as they also feed on them.
  • Reduce moist areas in your house, bathroom, and basement. Fix any leaks, standing water, or anything that is creating moisture in the floor.
  • Cut a few branches if you have a big tree near your walls.
  • Seal cracks and clean your house with a liquid that spreads a good smell.
  • Open all the windows and let the air flow each and every portion of your house.
  • Help the sunlight enter your house by any means.
  • Heat up the place using a heater or an oven.
  • Get some lavender plants, cinnamon, and cloves to repel them.
  • And lastly, get a silverfish repellent that you can buy online.
  • Vinegar spray may help. But I have never tested this one in my house.
Silverfish from blathtub
VijayakumarblathurCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If your garden is the primary source of moisture then trim the grasses and cut some trees to let the sunlight heat up the place.

There are some of the best things you can do to prevent silverfish from coming to your house.

But if they are already there, then what? I will give you some natural and chemical DIY ideas. Here are those. 

Natural Ways to Repel Silverfish

silverfish in the room
Magne FlåtenCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
  • Get some glue traps and place them where they are found.
  • Use an essential oil spray to repel them.
  • Boric acid also can be useful. Mix it with water and spray.
  • Mix vinegar with water and spray on the silverfish.
  • Get dry lavender and clove leaves and place them near their nest.

There are some of the best natural remedies to repel silverfish from your house. Now let’s talk about the chemical ideas if these are not working for you.

Chemical Ways to Repel Silverfish

Ctenolepisma sillverfish
Afonsoadrian78CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
  • Spread diatomaceous earth powder in them and they will die soon when they eat it or take it home with them.
  • Buy a pesticide spray made for silverfish and spray all over the infested area.

Chemical solutions are quick in killing all the silverfish but I prefer the natural remedies as they do not harm the pets. So keep your pets away when using any chemical formulas.

My Recommendations

Long tailed Silverfish
Ryan HodnettCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Get one of these silverfish repellents from your house.

Last Words

So this is how to get of silverfish in your house using natural and chemical solutions. But prevention is the key and if you do that well you will never have a silverfish problem in your house. Okay! Good luck.

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How to get rid of Silverfish in the house naturally
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How to Get Rid of Silverfish in the House
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