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How to Get Rid of Raccoons from Your Yard

Here is how to get rid of raccoons without killing them or getting bitten. Just follow my homemade DIY ideas.

And hopefully, you will never have any raccoon problems in your house, attic, or yard. 

But first, let me tell you why those raccoons are coming to your house. They are looking for food.

They eat everything they find, like fruits, vegetables, bread, insects, mice, berries, nuts, fish, insects, bird eggs, and many other things that we humans throw in the trash can.

So your first work is to remove their food source and repel them from your house and yard. Follow these steps.

How to Get Rid of Raccoons Safely

Okay, one more thing. Do not get too close to them while using these DIY ideas on how to get rid of raccoons as they might bite, and you will feel ill as the virus Rabies will get injected into your body.

So make yourself safe and make your pets safe from them so they do not get harmed. So let’s go.

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1. Scare those Raccoons Out of Your House

Scare those Raccoons Out of Your House

First, try to scare them out. They are similar to cats and will get scared if you scare them with a stick or anything that may harm them.

But do not become too aggressive and never get too close to them as they might bite you.

You can also use lights, loud noises, or any electrical machine that produces a sound when they step in the yard. All of these ideas work marvelously.

If not, then use the other ideas to repel those raccoons.

2. Lock and Cover All the Trash Cans 

Lock and Cover All the Trash Cans

You may have seen that they always hang around the trash can looking for food to eat.

They eat everything like fruits, berries, insects, bugs, and other food that humans eat.

Just lock the trash can, cover it for a few days, and carefully use the bin. They will not get the food they were looking for and will leave the place looking for food elsewhere.

3. Feed Your Pets Inside

Feed Your Pets Inside

If you have pets and you feed them outside, then it is a sign that those raccoons will come soon to eat the foods that were left in the bowl. As I have said, they eat everything.

So feed your cats, dogs, birds, and other pets inside the house or cover the food at night. So that those raccoons can not get to it.

It is the simplest formula on how to get rid of raccoons in the house and yard.

4. Build a Tall Wooden or Metal Fence

Build a Tall Wooden Fence to repel raccoons

Yes, raccoons can jump very high. But a tall wooden or metal fence always helps as it will become hard for them to cross it.

They will not bother taking the risk unless you have a huge source of food waiting for them.

You can also use an electrical fence to block them. But that will be costly for you.

I would say, build a metal, wood, or brick wall fence with some broken glass on the top of it to discourage raccoons from crossing it.

5. Seal the Roof, Attic, and the Chimney

Seal the Roof, Attic, and the Chimney

Use metal fences that you can buy online to cover every hole in the house and maintain airflow.

Cover up your chimney, the attic, and the roof if there is a hole that those raccoons are using to get in.

Seal them off to stop them from coming to your house in the first place.

Otherwise, no matter which process you apply, they will come back in a few days until they understand that you have built a blockage. So they need to find food somewhere else.

6. Eliminate Their Habitat

Eliminate raccoon Habitat

Just blocking them may not be enough to repel them. You have also eliminated their habitat completely to repel them for life.

If they live in your yard as they have a nest there, they will surely disturb you and may even come back to your house.

That is why, finding their nest and breaking them up or using something may scare them out of the area.

Do this for a few days until not a single raccoon is left in your house area.

7. Use a Raccoon Repellent

Use a Raccoon Repellent

I am not a big fan of these repellents as it is one of the inhuman ways to get rid of raccoons that may kill them sometimes.

But it works if you see that no other ideas are working and their number is increasing day by day.

These chemical sprays will create a bad smell in the area that those raccoons can not tolerate. It will also create an irritation in their mind. In effect, they will try to leave the area.

Yes, it will not kill them, but affects their mind heavily.

So I do not think it is a good idea. These chemicals may also harm your pets. So use it with caution away from your beloved pets.

8. Plant Some Pest Plants

Plants like mint, marigold, and hot peppers are hated by those raccoons as the smell is too bad for them to inhale. So they will leave.

9. Spray Vinegar

Vinegar is a master pest repellent. Just spray it all over the fence line and over the yard and the raccoons will not dare to come across.

Plus this vinegar will also help control other pests in your yard. Try it.

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10. Use Motion Detector Lights

The light will blow up when it senses the raccoons. With it, they will get scared and jump out of your yard.

You can also use a motion detection sensor that produces sound. Both work fine.

Last Words

So this is how to get rid of raccoons from your house, attic, and yard safely without killing them and without getting bitten.

Just maintain a safe distance, try to scare them first, and then use those raccoon-repellent ideas. I wish you the best of luck.

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How to get rid of raccoons in the yard
How to Get Rid of Raccoons in the Yard
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