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10 Creative Heat Pump Cover Ideas That Will Last Long

So here are some of the best heat pump cover ideas that you can build at home. I will give you seven different ideas consisting of wood, vinyl, fence, tin, and other materials that look good and do the job very well.

In a heat pump, the airflow is the most important thing you should take care of. So try to build a cover that does not disrupt the natural flow of it. So here are your heat pump shelter ideas.

Creative Heat Pump Cover Ideas

But before we begin, I recommend you hire a heat pump professional to build your heat pump cover so that the air can flow freely in the box and not cause any future problems.

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1. Build a Wooden Cover for the Heat Pump

Build a Wooden Cover for the Heat Pump

A simple wooden cover is the best for all the heat pumps out there no matter how it looks. It gives the highest protection and can increase the life span of the heat pump by many folds.

Wooden fixtures look good and can go with any landscape design. I highly recommend you use wooden designs that have air gaps. If possible, paint it with a wooden color to make it more fancy.

2. Buy a Vinyl Cover

Buy a Vinyl Cover for you heat ump

If you do not like wood or do not have the time to build it, then go buy a vinyl heat pump shelter. You just buy it and install it. It will protect your pump from many different things.

Yes, it is not that strong like wood. But it can do the job if you care about the cover a bit. I would say try it.

3. Buy a Wooden Fence to Cover It Up

Buy a Wooden Fence to Cover the pump

Again wood, some of you may not like the wooden enclosure. But you can build a fence-like wooden cover that will cover your heat pump and also help you design your yard.

You can also plant some flowers or plants around it to make the machine hide in the bush. There are hundreds of landscaping ideas that you can use for the cover, and I like the combination of flowers and plants.

4. Build an Old Age Wooden Shade

Build an old age wooden shade

If you do not want to cover the whole heat pump, just cover the roof to protect it from dust and snow. Build a small wooden roof cover for the pump, and it will do the job.

If you have some old furniture in the house, then you can use that wood to build this setup. Just join the woods and give it legs. Try it, it is easy.

5. Just Cover the Upper Portion with Tin

Cover the Upper Portion of the heat pump with Tin

Another idea is that you can use tin or plastic as a roof to do the same job. Yes, wood will last long, but the tin and plastic roof idea will also last a few years. 

Buy the size of roof you need and install it according to your heat pump area.

6. Build a Metal Fence Cover for the Heat Pump

build a metal fence like cover for heat pump

If you have an old metal fence that people use in their garage windows, use it as a pump cover. You can also buy that metal fence near your hardware store.

Set it up and plant a few small plants around it. It is the simplest solution I can give you. Yes, it may not last long but will do the job quite well. Try it.

7. Build a Shade with the Excessive Plywood

build a Shade with the Excessive Plywood

Everyone uses plywood in their house, and there will be some excessive wood that is of no use. Gather them up and cut them in a way to create a heat pump cover for you.

Then join with screw or glue to make a strong cover that you can rely upon. If you do not have the plywood, there is no need to buy it. You can buy the wooden box idea that I shared above if you like this idea.

8. Hide It Between Walls if You Have Any

heat pump 1
Studios Architecture on Flickr

9. Use Plants to Cover it Up


10. Let Your Mecahinc Decide

heat pump install
Phyxter Home ServicesCC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Last Words

So these are the best heat pump cover ideas that can protect your pump well and increase the life span of the pump. Choose the wooden fixtures as it is the best. Take care of the airflow and you are good to go.

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