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How to Fix AC Not Turning On Problem in 2023

So AC not turning on? I will give you a practical answer and ten possible solutions you can apply to fix your AC unit at home. The summer is approaching, and the temperature is rising. Your AC must be in good condition.

Why is My AC Not Turning On

The problem is when I turn the AC on it does not work. Do not worry as it’s common, especially after a long winter break. The most common reason might be a low refrigerant issue, a power supply cut, or a clogged air filter. 

Just check it, clean it, and the problem is solved. But how to do that? Just follow along. The process is explained in great detail below.

1. Check the AC Disconnector

AC Disconnector Shut Off

If your AC is not turning on, first check the AC disconnector. It is the main switch especially set up for the AC, outside your home and close to your system. It will look like a metal box similar to a circuit breaker.

If you pull the handle down, the electricity will be cut off, and vice versa. Just check it and place it in the correct position to ensure the circuit is complete and power is flowing to your AC system. If it is damaged, you should call a professional to replace it or repair it if possible.

2. Look for a Tripped Circuit Breaker

AC Circuit Breaker Tripped

Circuit breaker tripping is also a common problem, on why is my ac not turning on. Normally, a circuit breaker or nowadays used a big MCB (miniature circuit breaker) trips when there is too much high voltage at once. The MCB notices a high power supply and trips or breaks the circuit to save your AC unit.

Just locate the circuit breaker and turn it on. If it is tripping too frequently, the circuit breaker is damaged, and you need to replace it. Call your electrician and replace it with the same power rating as before.

3. Check If The Fuse is Blown

They do not use a fuse in modern AC units. But MCB is used. If your AC is old, then the chances are it has a fuse. It is designed to protect the AC unit from excess power using a simple copper wire. When there is a huge electrical surge, the copper wire will heat up and melt, cutting the power supply to your AC.

If the fuse is blown or melts, replace that copper wire, and the supply should work fine. Sometimes the fuse may get burned, then replace with a new one with the same rating. 

4. Your AC Capacitor Has Failed

The primary work of a capacitor is to hold the current and then supply it to the motor. Every AC unit has a start capacitor that starts the motor, and a run capacitor helps it to run continuously until the desired conditions are met (set by you).

These capacitors are highly sensitive to heat. If there is a surge in power, they might get damaged, resulting in the motor not starting. Change those with the same power rating, and the motor will start. But it is not easy. You should hire an HVAC professional. 

5. There is a Problem with the Thermostat

A Possible Thermostat Issue in the AC

If your AC not turning on, there could be a Thermostat issue. The thermostat is the controller of your AC unit. When you asked for a temperature through your remote, it sends a signal to the system to match that temperature and maintain that until you choose a new one. 

If it is damaged, your AC might not start. Although, the main problem the thermostat produces is a water leak in the AC or frozen AC. But you should check for any possible issues. 

One more problem people face with this one is that the thermostat is set to cool, but ac not turning on. That could be because of the dust and debris inside the thermostat. It can be the reason for malfunction. Contact your HVAC man and get it fixed, as removing those will take some expertise.

6. Check for Leaks in the Refrigerant Unit

If there is a leak in the refrigerant then that should not be a problem. It can mainly cause frozen AC and water leak issues. Change it, and it will solve the problem. But you should check this one also for a possible issue. It could be the reason why your AC is not turning on. But the chances are limited.

7. The Air Filter and Drain Line are Clogged

Clogged Air Filter issue of the AC

If your air filter is clogged or dirty, the airflow will get disturbed and cause a malfunction in the AC system. If that is not cleaned for a long time, the AC unit will not run properly, as it is unable to provide the desired output it should. 

The same thing can happen with the drain line. You must clean them both on an occasional basis, about every 90 days, for better performance. You can do it at home. Just take those air filters, clean them with detergent, and reassemble them. And use a cleaner to clean the drain line. 

8. Your Air Condenser is Dirty

Dirty AC Condenser

As you know, condenser coils are the main part of your AC that control the cooling system. If those coils are dirty and not cleaned for a long time, the whole cooling system will get in trouble, and the effectiveness of the entire air conditioning unit decreases gradually. Call an expert to clean them off with a machine, as you can not do it yourself. 

9. The Evaporator Coil is Frozen

Air conditioner Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil also plays an important role in continuous cooling. It holds the chilled refrigerant that the compressor sends when it compresses the gas and converts it into liquid form. 

If there is any issue with the refrigerant, the compressor, and the air filter, the evaporator coil may get frozen. It may result in many AC problems, especially in frozen AC. It can be the reason for the AC not turning on. Check it and make you it’s cleaned.

10. The Motor Has an Issue

air conditioner Motor Issue

The last problem can be the motor issue. There are many small and big motors installed in your AC. If one of them does not work properly then the whole system of cooling and airflow will get disturbed.

If you notice low airflow or any humming noises, the motor has a problem. Call your HVAC man and repair it as soon as possible, as it will take a few days.

Last Words

So these are the ten possible reasons and solution for why your AC not turning on and what to do about it. You can solve most of the AC issues easily at home. But a few need a professional. 

To prevent these problems, always clean your AC on an occasional basis to reduce the impact of the dirt. Now use the tips and see if that works for you. Good luck.

Air Conditioner Problem FAQs

Air conditioner ON FAQs

How do I reset my AC?

Cut the power supply completely from the circuit breaker, unplug it from the socket, and then properly turn everything on and see if it works. This is how to reset a home AC.

What to check if AC is not turning on?

First, check the power supply, the remote battery, and the blower motor, and then check the thermostat.

Why my AC not turning on?

There could be many reasons for it like the disconnector is shut off, the circuit breaker is tripped, the capacitor has failed, there is a clog in the air filter, your condenser is dirty, the evaporator coil is frozen, and many more that can cause trouble in your air conditioner.

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