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Why is My AC Fan Not Spinning Outside? (A Complete Guide)

So your AC fan not spinning, and you want to fix it at home, here is your chance. The most common issue that can cause an AC unit fan to stop spinning is the power supply issues, any electrical issues, a dead capacitor, a burnt-out motor, a clogged air filter, or a broken fan belt.

The best part, you can fix them if you know a bit about your home AC. So let’s dive into how to fix this issue. But first I want you to know how this AC system work. So that it helps you understand the root cause of the problem and give you an idea of what to do next.

Why is My AC Fan Not Spinning?

To understand the root cause of your AC fan not spinning, you need to have a basic knowledge of how the AC fan works. Your AC has two motors. One is inside that cools the house, and the outdoor fan removes the hot air from your house.

To know if there is a motor problem, go outside near your AC fan and listen for a humming sound. If there is none, then know that the motor is working and it’s spinning. If you notice that sound or any odd sound, then know one of the following AC components has a problem that is causing this issue.

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1. Air Conditioner Power Supply Issues

Power Supply Issues of the Air Conditioner

There could be a power supply problem. If your AC system is overheating with a power surge, the circuit breaker will trip frequently, and the motor fan will stop working. 

If the circuit breaker is not functioning as expected and tripping more frequently, call your electrician to fix it, as it is dangerous for you to handle as you do not have any experience. 

All you can do here is turn on the AC power supply or the circuit breaker to see if the AC motor spin. The best solution is to cut the power off from the AC to save it from damage until it gets fixed. 

2. Fan Capacitor Issue

AC Fan Capacitor Problems

Capacitor is the starter of the AC motor where the power is stored and pushed with an initial force when the motor starts. If it got damaged, the AC motor will not get that initial push and will not spin.

Just change the capacitor with all the small ones with the same rating and see how it performs. Hopefully, the motor will start without any issues. It is common, and you can do it at home.

3. Air Conditioner Motor Belt is Broken

They do not give a rotating belt in the new AC motor but a coupling mechanism. But if your AC is old, then that AC probably has a belt. If that belt is broken or slips off from the desired place, the motor will not get its initial momentum and will not start.

Just change the belt, and the motor should work fine. You can also do this, but a professional is always the best for your own safety purposes.

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4. Motor Burnt Out Issue

The AC Fan Motor Burnt Out

The last thing you want is motor burnout. Every motor has copper wiring inside of it that creates a magnetic field and inertia that helps the motor rotate. 

If those copper wires got burned by excessive heat, the AC motor will not start as the magnetic field will be damaged. It will not produce any inertia for the AC motor to rotate. 

You need to change the motor with professional HVAC help. There are no other options. Rewiring those copper wires will take a long time, and a few people can do it properly. 

5. Air Conditioner Compressor Issues

AC Compressor Issues

The compressor could also be the cause of the AC fan not spinning. The compressor switch sends electricity voltage to the fan, which gives it the power to run. 

If anything happens to that compressor switch the fan will not get the desired electricity and command. It is located in the compressor unit. Replace it as soon as possible to fix this issue. 

6. Clogged Air Filter Issue

Air Filter is Clogged Air

A clogged air filter may not cause this particular issue but others like frozen AC, a water leak in the AC unit, and many more, but not this one. But do not neglect it.

If the air filter is full of dirt, the motor will gain a lot of strain as it has to blow the air and the road jammed. So it needs more workforce to do the job. In that process, it may get damaged. 

So change the air filter, or clean it with water and detergent, and restart the system. It should work fine. If not, the motor is already damaged. Repair or replace the motor.

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Last Words

So this is how you fix your AC fan not spinning issue. I know it is very tempting to fix all these issues at home without spending any penny. But, sometimes it is better if you hire someone. Yes, you can fix a few AC issues, but not all. Get some HVAC experts’ help.

Air Conditioner Motor Not Spinning FAQs

Air conditioner Fan Issue FAQs

Why is my AC can not spinning?

The most common reason is a damaged AC motor. Go outside and listen for a humming sound. If there is none, know that the motor is damaged or clogged. Fix it.

How much does it cost to replace the AC motor?

An average AC motor costs around $300, depending on the AC you have.

Can I replace the AC motor at home?

Yes, you can if you know a bit of electrical work. But hire a professional if you have never done anything like it.

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