why is my ac leaking water

How to Fix AC Leaking Water Problem at Home in 2023

So why is my AC leaking water? It can be caused by simple problems like dirty air filters, damaged drain pans, or more serious threats like frozen evaporator coils. But do not worry. Here I will share every possible solution you can use to fix this issue at home.

But first, you must know how an AC or Air Conditioner creates that water in the first place. Only then you can identify the root problem and solve it too.

Why is My AC Leaking Water

Air conditioner leaking water

The primary work of an AC is to pump cold air into your house by using some mechanism. A modern AC system has an evaporator coil that chills the warm outside air to a comfortable inside temperature using some R22 gas or CHCLF2.

R22 is the most common uses gas in the AC, but some people also use R-410A. You may have seen this box as it looks like an oval shape metal box fitted outside your house in the AC pipeline.

This cooling process can go wrong. If any part of the process is not working, you may see a water leak in the AC. That is the primary reason why your AC is leaking water.

Ten Possible Solutions for AC Leaking Water

So here are those ten fixes that you can use to fix this AC leaking water issue at home. But if you can not, please call a professional. Do not mess with anything. It may cost you more if you break something. So here are those ten fixes.

1. Check the Level of AC Refrigerant

Low Refrigerant Level in the air conditioner

It is one of the most common issues in AC repair. If your AC does not have enough refrigerant or is in low quantity, you will find the AC leaking water continuously. 

There may be a hissing sound with it. Just replace the refrigerant gas, and the problem is solved. It will cost you a few bucks, about $20-$40. Then check the AC, if it works.

2. The Drain Pan is Probably Damaged 

Damaged Drain Pan in AC

A drain pan is also known as a condensate drain pan or AC drip pan. It is a component of the central air system that collects the water droplets when the system cools the air.

A damaged drain pan is also a common problem of AC leaking water, as seen in most homes. It may happen because of the age of the AC unit. If this drain pan is damaged somehow, it may cause a water leak

You can replace the drain pan to see if that solves the problems. You can also call an AC technician to diagnose and solve the issue.

3. The Drain Line is Disconnected 

The next problem can be the disconnected drain line. You may notice that the water is leaking inside the system. The drain pipe should funnel the water into the drain line. But somehow, the connection is no more. It is causing the water leaks out. 

This problem is tough to handle and requires good knowledge of the inner management of the AC. That is why it is best to call an expert to repair this Drain line. 

4. The Drain Line is Jammed Somehow

Clogged Drain Line in the air conditioner

The drain line is clogged, which prevents the AC unit from emptying any drain pans properly. The dirt and debris have made their place there. It is making it difficult for water to flow properly outside the home.

You can use a wet vac or cloth to clear the blockage at home. But the chances are you may damage some AC parts. You can do it but be very careful when cleaning.

5. The Air Filter is Jammed Completely

Jammed Air Filter of the AC

The air filter is jammed somehow. It is forcing the AC to work harder. This extra work is making it difficult for the oxygen in the air to reach the evaporator coils. It can cause the coil to freeze, resulting in a water leak.

Always make sure that the air vents are clear and not blocked by any dirt. Do a scheduled cleaning once in a few months for the best results. It will improve the air quality and prevent water damage from harming the AC unit.

6. The Evaporator Coil is Frozen

Evaporator Coil of the AC is Frozen

It is also a common phenomenon. If your AC unit is old, then it’s possible that the evaporator coil is reached its limits and can not cool the hot air. When it happens, the become gets dirty and slows down.

Then it gets colder and colder until it freezes as there is no availability of heat to absorb it, resulting in an AC leaking water. To fix this issue, all you need is to replace it.

7. The Temperature Outside is Freezing

Outdoor Temperatures is too Cold

If your outdoor temperature is too cold and you operate the AC, it can cause to coil to freeze and harm the unit. Do not do it but wait for the weather to warm up before turning on the AC unit. If it freezes, you need help from an expert.

8. You Need to Reinstall the AC Properly

AC Installation is Not Good

Sometimes the installation is not enough. If the AC unit is not installed as expected, it may cause water leakage. In this case, you can not do much besides cleaning the dirt. If it works, okay. If not, call the guy who installed it and make them fix it for free.

9. The Condensate Pump is Damaged

Broken Condensate Pump of the air conditioner

The water leak may also occur because of the pump failure. The most common problem is the drainage issue causing water to spill over. Carefully open it and manually empty the drain pan, as the pump can not drain water automatically, and see the result. If the pump does not work, replace it as soon as possible.

10. Call a Professional for Help

Now if nothing works and the issue is still on, then your best choice is to call the professional. But before that, try all the tips I have shared with you and then call them as they will charge some good money.

Last Words

So now you know how to fix AC leaking water. You can solve most of the problems with a little cleaning at home. But if the problem is big, do not mess with the AC, as it can cost you good money. 

Call an expert and fix it. But you are open to trying. Search on YouTube for tutorial videos. It will help you fix it faster. Good luck.

Air Conditioner Leaking FAQs

Air conditioner Leaking FAQs

Can fix the AC leaking myself?

Yes, of course, you can fix this leaking problem by cleaning the drain line, cleaning the air filter, and checking the Evaporator Coil.

How do I stop my AC from leaking?

First, turn off the AC and check the air filter, the drain line, the refrigerant leak, and the evaporator coil. Clean and fix them off and your AC should run as normal.

How serious is an air conditioner leak?

It can be serious if there is an intense problem but most of the time, it is not. You do not need to fix it the right way. A few days of wait will do no harm.

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