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10 Creative Air Conditioner Cover Ideas (Outdoor and Indoor)

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So you are looking for some amazing and strong air conditioner covers for outdoor and indoor use to protect the AC unit from any accidental hazards or dust and expand the life expectancy of the machine. 

Then you have come to the right place as I will help you to choose the best AC unit cover.

Here I will give you seven creative and cost-effective ideas to cover that air conditioner from inside and outside, matching your interior design and outside landscape design. So here we go.

Why do you need an Air Conditioner Cover?

Air Conditioner

But first, know why it is so important to cover your AC unit. Because a strong and beautiful cover will improve its view and protect it from many things. Here is the list of why you need an AC cover. 

  • It will protect your AC from extreme weather conditions like rain, snow, and pollution.
  • The cover will help prevent debris garbage in the AC unit, like leaves, twigs, dust, and other debris.
  • A good cover will help you prevent wear and tear and minimize exposure to UV rays from the sun.
  • It will increase the lifespan of your air conditioner unit.
  • It will improve the energy efficiency of your AC unit.
  • You will have less maintenance work if you use a cover for it.
  • A cover will also help in pest control preventing bugs and insects from making a nest there.
  • And lastly, a good cover will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room and outside.

The benefits are huge for an ac cover for outdoor and indoor. You do not want to miss it. Follow the below ideas, and pick up the cover idea that suits you, your budget, and your wall.

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air conditioner screen
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Air Conditioner Cover Outdoor 

air conditioner 1
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Before I give you those ideas, know that it is recommended that you hire a professional to install that cover for a better fitting, especially on the outside. 

Yes, you can do it yourself, but hiring a professional is always a better idea for the maximum lifespan.

Air Conditioner outside

1. Get a Polyester Weatherproof AC Cover

Get a polyester Weatherproof AC Cover

The most popular way to hide and protect an AC unit is to use a weatherproof cover made of polyester or vinyl. It will protect your outdoor air conditioner from rain, snow, and other damaging elements.

The cover will also help you maintain the AC and function smoothly over the years. So get this budget-friendly AC unit cover for outside.

air conditioner on the roof
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2. Build a Decorative Fence 

Build a Decorative Fence for the air conditioner

You have seen it in many places as people use the fence to hide the AC in their yards. Build a wooden fence, or buy it online and hide your AC. This fence will also work, and privacy screen for you. One shot, two hits.

One more thing, this cover is only applicable at the ground level. If your outdoor AC unit is on a wall, it may not help you much. For that, you get a weatherproof cover.

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Air Conditioner wooden cover

3. Get a Privacy Screen 

Get a Privacy Screen to cover the AC unit

Privacy screens are also popular in the modern era. These screens can be made from wood, vinyl, or bamboo. 

Just buy them and install them in your yard. It will give you complete protection from any outdoor damage. And it will cost you less than the fence for its limited space.

But make sure that the cover is made in a way that does not disturb the airflow in the AC, and you can do a little maintenance when needed without removing all the fences.

4. Use Big Plants to Hide the Air Conditioner

Use Big Plants to Hide the Air Conditioner

Now if you do not like the ideas above, you can use big plants to hide your AC unit. Plant some abbreviate or a plant simmer like that, or build a small flower garden around the AC to cover it up. 

It is one of the cheapest and most time-consuming cover ideas you can use. But it will not give you any protection, so keep that in mind when choosing this cover idea.

Air Conditioner Cover Indoor

air conditioner in the room
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Now let’s talk about a few indoor air conditioner covers and what you should keep in mind when choosing one, obviously keeping in mind the interior.

5. Buy a Decorative Screen 

Buy a Decorative Screen as an AC cover

I love it. Most households that are curious about their interior designs all use a screen to hide the AC unit. So that it looks good and also protects it from dust. 

Here you will have many designs and styles to choose from. Just buy it and put it on the air conditioner, and once in a few months, wash it with detergent. That is all.

6. Buy a Wall Curtain and Hide your AC

Buy a Wall Curtain and Hide your AC

If that is not possible, buy a curtain and hang it near the AC to make it hide completely. But know that the curtain will only hide it. It will not give you any dust protection.

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7. Buy Some Wall Art to Design the AC

Buy Some Wall Art to Design the AC

If you like wall art or have some photo frames in your house, use them in a way that makes the AC unnoticed. Make the AC the center point and place the wall art beside it. It is easy but takes a lot of creativity.

8. Build a Customized Cabinet 

air conditioner in the house
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Build a Customized Cabinet for your air conditioner

First, it will cost you a lot of money, and building it can be a difficult job. Hire a carpenter and tell him to build a cabinet-like cover for your air conditioner with a stylish design. 

Also, tell him to have space inside the AC and have space for a little maintenance like washing the air filters, cleaning the dust, and other works.

What Idea is the Best?

air conditioner in the yard
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I recommend an AC unit for their different cases.

  • For an outdoor unit on the ground, get a wooden screen cover.
  • For outdoor wall units, get a waterproof polyester cover.
  • And for indoor units, get a simple screen cover make or fabrics.

You can choose whatever you want according to your budget and taste. I am leaving that to you.

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air conditioner privacy fence
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Buy one of these outdoor Air conditioner covers and hide it smoothly.

Last Words

So these are the most creative air conditioner covers for outdoor and indoor that you can buy or build at home. Choose the cover that suits you, your budget, your interior, and your landscape. 

Give safety, protection, and durability the highest priority. Then buy the cover. Good luck.

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