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How to Turn Off Water Heater in 2023 (Electric and Gas)

Are you having a water or gas leak issue with your heater, and you want to turn it off? Then you are in luck. Here I will share how to turn off water heater easily at home by following a few steps. 

When the alarm rings, do not panic and do something silly. Be calm, like a mature man. If you see anything like overheating, strange noises, or any bad indications, know that you must shut it down right now.

How to Turn Off Water Heater (Electric and Gas)

Yes, you will call our plumber. But it will take too long. You have to do something to protect the heater from any further damage. Here are the steps and the list of how to turn off the water heater at home.

1. Cut the Power Supply of Your Heater

Cut the Power Supply of your heater

The first thing you should do is to cut off the power supply to the heater. If you use a gas heater, go to the dial and rotate it in the other direction (it is located near the thermostat). For an electric one, turn off the circuit breaker.

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2. Cut the Water Supply of the Water Heater

Cut the Water Supply of your heater

Cut also the water supply after you have cut the power. Look for a handle or a lever and turn that off. After that, the water heater will not have any hot water left.

If you did not find the handle, turn off the water supply for your house altogether. Search for the valve close to the motor, open the box, and rotate the valve in the other direction.

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3. Drain the Water Tank Completely

Drain the Water Tank from your heater

When draining the heater tank, be very careful to avoid splashes of hot water on your skin which will hurt you badly. Look for a connector to connect a hose and flow the water outside into your garden. Take all the safety measures before you drain the water. 

Once all these are done, know that you have minimized the potential risk your water heater can cause. If you want more specifics on how to turn off a gas or electric heater, follow the steps as explained below. The above steps apply to both of them.

How to Turn Off a Gas Water Heater?

Turn Off gas Water Heater

Turning off a gas water heater is similar as explained above. But it has some differences sans uniqueness, and those are as follows.

  • First, locate the heater in hidden places, like closets, garages, or basements.
  • Locate the temperature dial and close it. You can find it in front of the heater. Turn it tightly to close it properly. 
  • Find the plumbing line of your heater and rotate the valve to shut it off and stop the water supply.
  • Now drain your heater for your own safety. Find the boiler drain of your water heater, attach a hose, and bring it into your garden.
  • Locate the gas shut-off valve, and rotate it to close it gently. You can use a wrench but be careful with it. 
  • Finally, look for the relief valve near the water heater and open it to let the airflow into the tank. It will make it safer when you do maintenance.
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It is how to turn off water heater at home. Now let’s learn how to turn off the electric water heater.

How to Turn Off Electric Water Heater? 

How to Turn Off a electric Water Heater

To turn off an electric heater, you should follow the below steps.

  • Again, locate the water heater in the basement.
  • Turn off the circuit breaker for safety purposes located in the main breaker panel or near your heater.
  • Find the heater plumbing line and shut the valve off.
  • Now drain the water heater completely.
  • And find the relief valve and set it free to let the airflow.

The steps are quite similar, and understanding any heaters can help you manage both at home.

Last Words

So this is how to turn off water heater easily at home in a few steps. Be very careful when dealing with these electrical things. If you are not confident, call for professional help as soon as possible. Do not mess anything up that may cost you more. Do it carefully. I wish you the best of luck.

Electric and Gas Heater FAQs

Water Heater Turn Off FAQs

How to shut off an electric water heater?

First, locate the water heater, turn off the circuit breaker, find the plumbing line and shut the valve off, drain the water, and set the relief valve free. That is how you would turn off an electric heater.

How to turn off the gas water heater?

How to turn off the water heater water supply?

Look for a handle or a lever near your water heater and turn that off. If you did not find the handle, turn off the water supply for your whole house.

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