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10 Creative Well Pump Cover Ideas that Lasts Long

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So how to choose the best well pump cover to protect your pump from excessive heat, freezing cold weather, rain, and flying debris? You can not cover the whole pump like a closed box, especially in hot weather.

You need to make sure that the air can pass freely and you can operate it without any trouble. But first, tell me, do you really need a pump cover? If so, what kind of?

Do You Really Need a Pump Cover

Look, a good well pump cover protects your pump in every way possible. Pumps and their inbuilt electronic components need protection from rain, flying debris in the area, vandalism, sun heat, and freezing cold temperatures.

You should not leave your shallow well pump exposed in any way and let the weather hit as it wants. If you want to expand the life expectancy of your pump, then you should use a cover.

How to Choose a Well Pump Cover That Lasts Long

Outdoor Well Head Cover Ideas FAQs

Now let’s talk about choosing the best well pump cover if you want to buy it from the open market, as building it at home will take a huge effort which is not recommended for someone who has never designed a pump cover earlier.

1. Heat Removal Must be Your Top Priority

Heat Removal Must be Your Top Priority in water pump selection

Heat removal is a top priority when buying a pump cover. Pumps that run constantly generate a lot of heat that needs to be removed as soon as possible. High temperatures for a long time can damage the electronic control panels and cause equipment to overheat.

That is why you must have some airflow options inside it, like a small window protected with a net to block flying debris. So that heat can flow outside. You can also use a small fan to forcefully remove that heat if your pump is big and overheats frequently.

If you want to solve the overheating problem without checking it every day, you can get a temperature monitor with an alarm system. If the temperature goes up or down to a certain temperature set by you, the monitor will let you know.

So when buying a pump cover, keep this overheating problem in mind, and then order it and let the manufacturers know your situation and how that alarm should work.

well head cover with wood
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2. Cold Weather Protection for Your Pump

Cold Weather Protection for your well pump

If you live in a place where the temperature is too cold, keep this in mind when ordering a pump cover. Here you need a cover that can protect the inside of the motor from freezing and contain the heat that the motor generates to make the pump runs smoothly.

Get a temperature monitor and track it. Use a small heater to help the motor not to freeze and work as it should. Both cold and hot weather can harm your pump. So buy a cover that serves the purpose.

well pump hide with rock
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3. The Water Pump Should be Accessible

The Water Pump Should be Accessible

You need to maintain the water pump occasionally. And for that, get a water well cover that does not block access to the pump. If something is broken, and you need to fix it soon, you can do so.

Never think that once you have installed it, your work is done. That water pump costs good money, and you must know how to protect it from damage.

well head cover

How to Build a Well Pump Cover at Home

How to Build a Well Pump Cover at Home

Now, if you follow the above rules and want to build it yourself at home, then know these things. The average pump cover comes in many different shapes and sizes and has many to protect your pump in different ways.

First, decide what material you want to cover your pump. Aluminum and fiberglass covers are the most common choices. Although, you can also use wood if you want.

Plus, when buying the pump cover, keep the hot and cold weather in mind. Use a heater in cold weather and prepare a good ventilation system in hot weather to extend the life span of your pump.

Get a Ready Made Well Pump Cover

well pump enclosure
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If you do not want to build your own cover, as it will take time and effort, you can buy any ready-made pump cover. It will protect your well pump and increase the life span.

But make sure that the cover is well-ventilated and built with good material so it can stay there for years to come.

My Recommendation

Get one of these covers to hide your well pump beautifully.

Last Words

So I have shared everything you need to know to buy a well pump cover or build it at home. You can choose any pump cover you want. But to expand the life span, you must choose according to your weather conditions. I wish you the best of luck.

Outdoor Well Head Cover Ideas FAQs

Do You Really Need a Outdoor Cover for Your Well Head

Can I cover my well pump head?

Yes, you can but make sure the air can flow inside it smoothly, or the heat from the pump will damage it.

How to hide a well pump?

Get a well pump cover to hide it. It will protect your pump from heat and cold, expanding its life span.

Can you build a well pump cover at home?

Yes, you can build a pump cover using wood, but make sure the air can flow peacefully there. So the well pump does not get damaged.

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