CPVC vs PVC pipe

CPVC vs PVC Pipes: What to Buy for Home Plumbing in 2023?

So CPVC vs PVC? Who will win? Both are plastic pipes used for similar purposes and are interchangeable. CPVC and PVC can be used for interior and exterior water supply plumbing, drain piping, and other pipeworks. But there are certain things that will change your mind as one has some tremendous advantage over another.

You can measure that advantage in pipe types, temperature, pressure handling capability, overall strength in all seasons, and the over cost. So here we begin. But first, let us understand the basic concept of these two pipes, and then we will explore PVC vs CPVC.

What is a PVC Pipe

What is a PVC Pipe

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a special type of plastic formed into pipes that can last more than 50 years without any issues. Most household uses this type of pipe in their homes as PVC can be used for various purposes like plumbing, drain lines, gas lines, and exterior drainage.

What is a CPVC Pipe

cpvc and pvc pipes differences

On the other hand, a CPVC or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride is similar to PVC. But it has additional chlorine in the plastic to improve its fire-neutralizing and structural integrity. So CPVC is the upgraded version of PVC that will last much longer but also coat more. It is also available in copper tubes.

CPVC vs PVC Pipes: What is the Difference

So now let’s explore the CPVC vs PVC with these five differentiators. Then you can choose what type of pipe you need for your household.

1. Pipe Size and Color

PVC Pipe Size and Color

Both CPVC and PVC look similar on the outside in terms of size. They are strong, rigid, and available in similar sizes and fittings. But the color is different. The basic color of PVC is white or dark gray, while the color of CPVC is creamy, yellow, or light grey.

None of the pipes are dangerous in terms of the chemical composition that is used in them, even when you heat it a bit to bend. So, now you can tell by looking at the pipe what it is made of unless it is color painted.

2. Chemical Material Used

Chemical Material Used in those plastic pipes

Let me tell you that in 1960 the first CPVC pipe was used. They are still in use today without any problems. Because these pipes are made from polyvinyl chloride resin. You can call it a product made from thermoplastic. That is why it is much superior against the decay of the pipe over time.

On the other hand, PVC pipe is made from plastics but with better quality. It also has the ability to prevent degradation and oxidation but is not similar to the CPVC pipes. PVC is amazing. But CPVC is more powerful.

3. Pipe Strength Differences

PVC vs CPVC Pipe Strength

Okay, let’s talk about the strength of CPVC vs PVC pipes. As I have said earlier, the CPVC has an extra layer of resin and the addition of chlorine that increases its heat tolerance and strength.

So that means it gets harder over time, and if there is pressure, it may break. But the PVC pipe will not as it has the capacity the bend. Yes, it is more flexible. But it is more prone to warping and cracking over time. So I chose PVC over CPVC in terms of pipe strength.

4. Temperature Handling Capability of Those Pipes

Temperature Handling Capability of pipes

In temperature handling capability, the CPVC wins in the battle of PVC vs CPVC. If you have a water heater, you may have seen it in your home. The hot water is flowing through the CPVC pipe, not using the regular PVC pipe.

PVC pipes can handle temperatures up to 140 Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celcius), but CPVC can do it up to 200 Fahrenheit (93 degrees Celcius). That is the reason why people do not use CPVC for regular plumbing unless absolutely required, like hot water flow.

5. CPVC Pipe vs PVC Cost

PVC and CPVC Pipe Cost

You can tell that CPVC is much more expensive than PVC due to the extra layer of resin, chlorine, and heat handling temperature. It may cost double or more compared to PVC pipes, but it will depend on the size you choose for your plumbing.

Last Words

So the debate is simple with CPVC vs PVC. If you want a pipe that handles hot water, then get CPVC. If you want a plumbing pipe for cold water, get PVC for your house. PVC will cost less than CPVC.

PVC and CPVC Pipe FAQs

pvc and cpvc pipe FAQs

What is the best pipe CPVC or PVC?

It depends. PVC is the best for normal uses, and for something special like a water heater pipe, CPVC is the best for its strength and heat handling capacity.

Is CPVC stronger than PVC pipe?

Yes, CPVC is stronger as it can handle heat up to200 Fahrenheit or 93 degrees Celsius, whereas PVC pipe can handle up to 140 Fahrenheit or 60 degrees Celsius.

Where to use a CPVC pipe?

Use CPVC pipes in your water heater where hot water flows, as it can damage normal PVC pipes.

What is the main difference between PVC and CPVC?

CPVC is stronger and can tolerate heat up to 200 Fahrenheit but cost more, whereas PVC costs less, is not that strong, and can handle heat up to 140 Fahrenheit only.

Which pipe costs less, PVC or CPVC?

PVC pipes cost less than CPVC pipes as they use an extra layer of resin and chlorine to handle heavy heat and water pressure.

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