how to turn off water to toilet

How to Turn off Water to Toilet at Home (3 Quick Ways)

So how to turn off water to toilet? It is easy. You can do it in just a few minutes yourself at home. I will explain here three ways to turn off the water to the toilet using the valve, no valve, and the toilet tank float system. The easiest one is the turn on and off valve.

Whatever your issue is, either the water is leaking, the toilet is not working, or you want to turn off the water for any other reason. These methods will work for sure. Just follow along.

How to Turn off Water to Toilet with the Valve

Turn off Water to Toilet with the Valve

Most toilet has a water supply valve located beside the toilet tank. It is an on-and-off switch. If your toilet has a water supply problem, turning off the valve will solve the issue. Here is how you would fix the issue.

  • Locate The Shut-Off Valve: It looks like a tap but with water output. It is a round steel thing like a lever handle or football-shaped connected by a pipe to your tank. You can find it either on the wall or on the floor. It is responsible for filling your tank with water. If it has a problem, the water will either overflow or not flow.
  • Rotate The Shut-Off Valve: After locating the valve, rotate it in the anti-clockwise direction. You can also use a wrench for it but do not force it too much as you may break it. If it is not rotating, it has clogged, and you have to change it to fix the issue.  

Now it is an easy peasy option, but if your toilet does not have a valve near the tank, then what? How will you turn it off? The next step will clear that out. 

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How to Turn off Water to Toilet with the Main Valve

Turn off Water to Toilet with No Valve

If you do not have a small valve near your toilet tank, you have to turn off the main valve of your house. Which indeed will turn off all other water supplies in your bathroom, kitchen, and everywhere. So be prepared for it and then turn it off. Here is what you should do.

  • Find The Main Valve: This main valve can be found next to your water tank. If not, then in your basement. Look for any big valve attached to the pipe. That is your main water supply valve.
  • Rotate The Main Valve: Rotating the main valve is not easy. First, try with your hand with full force. If that does not work, use a wrench and forcefully rotate it in the opposite direction. 
  • Release the Water PressureFinally, release the water pressure in your pipeline. Open a few taps or faucets to release all the water remaining in the pipe. If you use a water heater, open the hot water tap also.  

Congratulation, you have successfully turned off the water. But before you shut off your main water valve, prepare yourself as you do not want to disturb your daily work. So this is how to turn off the water to the toilet easily at home. But wait, it is not the end of your toilet fixing.

Turn off Water to Toilet Using the Float Valve

Turn off Water to Toilet Using the Float Lever

Now if you want to turn off the water and have no valve near it, then your best bet is to turn it off inside the toilet tank. Do not let the float valve go down and fill the tank up. You have to block the float in some way.

The float valve or bobber is a system connected to the fill valve. When you press the flush button, the water flows through the toilet, and the float valve comes down. Then it signals the fill valve that I am down and needs water. The fill valve sends it water and starts to float with the water until the tank is full.

So here, you can prevent the float valve go down in the first place forcefully. Use a wood or any stick and prevent it from going down. That way, it will not able to signal the fill valve to fill the tank with water. Just open the tank, and you will see it. 

Last Words

So this is how to turn off water to toilet at home whether you have the valve near your toilet tank or not, you can do it. The last idea is a bit tricky but possible. Try these ideas and then see what happens. If nothing happens, change the valve or call a professional for help. I wish you the best of luck. 

Toilet Water Shut Off FAQs

Toilet Water Shut OFF FAQs

How do I shut off the water to my toilet?

Just rotate the value near the toilet seat and you will have no water in your toilet tank.

Can I turn off the water to my toilet without the valve?

Yes, you can. Find the main water valve near your water tank and rotate it to turn off the water in your house altogether.

Do all the toilets have a shut-off valve?

Most of the toilets have it just beside the seat. It looks like a round ball or a handle. Rotate to turn on or off the water to your toilet tank.

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