How to Fix a Slow Flushing Toilet

How to Fix a Slow Flushing Toilet Problem at Home in 2023

If you are experiencing slow flushing and want to fix it at home as quickly as possible, then you are in luck, as here I will share how to fix a slow flushing toilet at home. It is easy if you follow the solutions I will share with you. 

But first, you need to check what is causing it. Then you can use the right tool to fix this issue. Some of the tools are a Plunger, any drain cleaner, or the toilet tank issue.

Common Reasons for a Toilet Slow Flushing

Common reasons your toilet is flushing slow

So here are the common reasons why you are experiencing a slow flushing toilet. There are four main reasons behind it, and those are as follows.

1. Your Drain Line is Clogged

The most common culprit is the clogged drain. Toilet clogging can happen for many reasons. Maybe you have flushed something you should not, like a diaper, toilet paper (a lot of them), or anything that can block the drain line. It is common, and you can fix it using a plunger.

2. There is Not Enough Water

It is also a common problem in the toilet tank. The tank is not filled with water completely. Open the toilet tank and see it yourself. You will see that the tank is not filling with water. If that is, then the tank system is causing it. Check the water supply and the fill valve to solve this issue.

3. The Toilet Drain Vent is Jammed

People do not realize that the toilet air vent can cause this issue. If your drain vent is clogged or has debris, the air will not flow properly resulting in a disturbance in the toilet system. To fix it, climb your roof and clean it up.

4. The Tank Valves are Damaged

Every toilet tank has two primary valves, the fill, and flush valves. The fill valve fills up the tank, and the flush valve flushes out the water to the toilet for water to go to the drain.

If one of them is broken or caught up with debris, you may have the slow flushing toilet issue. You can clean and reassemble them, but changing them together is a better solution. Do as you like. 

How to Fix a Slow Flushing Toilet at Home

Okay, now let’s directly talk about the fixes and how to do it step by step using the toilet tank cleaning liquid and plunging tools. Here are the three ideas you should follow.

1. Plunge The Toilet to Clean It

Plunge The Toilet to clean it

Let’s start with the clogging issue and learn how to fix it. Get a toilet plunger and use it on the toilet drain. Pull and push the plunger in the drain until you feel the vacuum and the pressure. Then continue it until the drain is clean.

This plunger will create a force that will push anything that is stuck in the drain down the septic tank. You may have to try to for many more times until you feel a little easy to do it.

You can also use the toilet snake tool for a more clogged drain. Push it in the drain, and rotate it fully until you feel the pressure is reducing. Then push the waste down. Go to our hardware store and ask for it. 

2. Use A Toilet Drain Cleaner to Clean It Off

Use Toilet Drain Cleaner

You can also use a toilet cleaner to remove any small debris from the toilet. There are many toilet cleaners available. But buy the cleaner that suits your toilet surface. Some toilet cleaners may damage your toilet surface. So check it before you order.

Once you have the toilet cleaner, pour it on the toilet as per the manufacturer’s guide and then wait a few minutes to make it effective. You can also use a brush for cleaning before you flush the toilet. It should work if you have a small clog. But for a big clog, the plunger is required. 

3. Check the Toilet Tank for Any Problems

Check the Toilet Tank for any problems

The main issue of your slow flushing toilet also can be found in the toilet tank. Fixing the toilet tank is a bit tricky, but you can do it if you follow along. First, check both the fill and the flush valves.

Press the flush button and see if the flush valve is opening properly. The flush valve is connected to the button using a plastic arm that you are pressing. If it is not opening, then it has debris. Remove it carefully and clean it off and then reassemble it. For a better result, change it completely.

Similarly, check the fill valve that is filling the water in your tank. It is responsible for the water supply to your tank. Get it out, clean it, and reassemble it. And again, change it if you can. It will solve your issue.

Last Words

So this is how to fix a slow flushing toilet at home using three solutions. First, know what is causing it, then use your tool. Yes, it is nasty work, but you can do it if you do not want to wait a few hours. I wish you the best of luck.

Toilet Slow Flushing FAQs

Toilet Slow Flushing FAQs

What causes a slow flushing toilet?

A clogged drain, low water level, blocked drain vent, and damaged valves can cause a slow flushing toilet. Fix them all, and have faster water flow in your toilet.

How do you increase toilet flush speed?

First, plunge the toilet to check if something is blocking the water flow to the drain, then use a toilet cleaner and flush and lastly, look for problems in the toilet tank.

How to fix a weak flushing toilet?

Remove the clog in the drain line and use a toilet clear to speed up the flush in your toilet.

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