low water pressure in kitchen sink

How to Fix Low Water Pressure in Kitchen Sink

In this article, I will share how to fix low water pressure in kitchen sink in just a few minutes at home. It is easy, and anyone can do it, even if you are not experienced enough in this kind of work.

Just follow the steps, identify the cause of your low water pressure, and then use those ideas to fix them instantly. The important part here is to find the root problem of it. What is causing it?

How to Fix Low Water Pressure in Kitchen Sink at Home

low water pressure in sink
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There are two common problems that most people face, either it is a Jammed Aerator or a Broken Cartridge. These two are responsible for about 95 percent of water pressure drop issues

So, first, identify the cause of your low water pressure in the kitchen sink and then move forward. Here is how you can fix them.

water tap

1. Check the Aerator of the Sink

Clogged Aerator kitchen sink

It is a small part of your kitchen sink or faucet at the very top. It acts like a door that allows water to pour into your sink. If the Aerator net is blocked and you have not washed it for a very long time, then it may be the reason for the issue. It is causing the low water pressure in the kitchen sink. 

Just remove the Aerator, clean it thoroughly, and put it back and see the result. You can follow these steps to get better results.

  • Close the sinkhole totally before removing it for safety purposes.
  • Now try to remove the Aerator with your hand. If not, then use a wrench.
  • Take it out and test the water pressure. If the water is coming normally then know the Aerator is causing it. For that, follow the below steps.
  • Wash it with a brush and detergent. 
  • Use white vinegar or lemon juice to make it look new. 
  • Now reassemble it all back together, and the water pressure in your kitchen is restored.
  • If not, then change that Aerator.
  • If the Aerator is not available in the market, use the sink without the net or change that whole tap.

It is one of the easiest ways to fix this low water pressure problem in any sink.

2. Check the Broken Cartridge

Broken Cartridge kitchen sink repair

The next step to fix low water pressure in kitchen sink is the look at the Cartridge. If the pressure is still low after repairing the aerator, then the Cartridge is causing it (most probably). It is not simple to fix like the previous one, but not difficult either. Here are the steps to repair the cartridge.

  • Close the sinkhole again.
  • Turn off all the water valves.
  • Remove any remaining water in there.
  • Remove the protective cap of the handle.
  • Get a screwdriver and remove the cartridge.
  • Look for damages in it. 
  • If not, just clean it thoroughly and put it back in place. If it looks too bad, change it to a new one.
  • Turn the valve on and see the changes.

After doing these two, your low water pressure in the kitchen sink should solve. If not, then be ready to dig deeper by following the next steps.

3. There is a Small Leak in the Water Pipelines

Small Leak in the Water Pipelines

Finding a water leak is not easy, as in most homes, these are mounted inside the wall, and a small leak can go unnoticed by the human eyes. But you can use these steps to find that out.

  • Turn off all the water appliances in the kitchen and in the house.
  • Read the numbers on the water meter and see if it’s changing.
  • Wait an hour and see the difference in the meter.
  • If the reading is changing, then you have leakage somewhere. 
  • Find and patch it up if you can, or hire a professional.

I would say if the water line is too complicated, it is better you hire a plumber. That would be the fastest.

If you do not have the Water Meter, then check each line for a possible crack and patch it with some patching material. You can buy them near your hardware store.

4. The Pipes are Clogged

Clogged pipes are the most common problem of low water pressure in kitchen sinks. It happens because of the dirt. You will notice some color change in the water if there is then know you have to clean it.

5. The Pressure Drop is not Localized

Other Cases of Low Water Pressure

If you have low water pressure in the kitchen sink but not in the bathroom, then do not worry. Check your neighbor’s sink and see if it’s only your sink. It is a common issue with municipal supply. Just inform them, and they will make it right soon.

What to Do if the Sink Still Do Not Work

If it’s not working after applying all those ideas, then do not mess with faulty pipes, pressure regulators, and water supply lines. They may cost you even more as you are not experienced enough. Call your plumber and get help or try again.

Last Words

So this is how you can fix low water pressure in kitchen sink at home in just a few minutes. Both Jammed Aerator and Broken Cartridge can be solved easily. But others things may require a professional. I hope you understand the task and are ready to fix the sink. Good luck. See you soon.

Low Water Pressure FAQs

low water pressure FAQ

What would cause low water pressure in the kitchen sink?

The most common reason can be your sink Aerator is jammed, or the sink cartridge is broken. But sometimes, there could be a clog in the water line.

How do you increase the water pressure in the kitchen sink?

Start with cleaning the sink aerator and the filter and flushing the water supply lines together to increase the water pressure in your sink.

How do you clean a clogged sink drain pipe?

Use vinegar with boiling water and pour it into the drain pipe, and it will get cleaned.

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