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10 Creative Pool Pump Cover Ideas That Will Last Long

So you are looking for some amazing and durable pool pump cover ideas that will give total safety from dirty water getting into the pool pump. It also protects the pump from debris, stops internal corrosion build-up, reduces noises, and prevents bugs, insects, and reptiles from making a nest there.

Then you have come to the right place as I will help you to choose the best cover for your pool pump.

Here I will give you seven creative and cost-effective ideas to cover that pool pump in your yard, or anywhere that pump is situated. So here we go.

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DIY Pool Pump Cover Ideas

Before I give you those DIY cover ideas, know that it is recommended that you hire a pool pump professional to install that cover for long life and better fittings. 

Yes, you can do it yourself, but hiring a professional is always a better idea for your personal safety and the long life of the pool pump.

1. Build a Wooden Cover

Build a Wooden Cover for your pool pump

A wooden enclosure or a wood cover is the most common pump cover people use. You can build a wooden cover, either a fence-like cover with gaps in between or a close cover to hide it properly. Both work in this case.

But keep in mind that you need to leave space in the box so that the heat the pump motor produces does not damage it internally. It is better if you create airflow by making a few holes in the cover to make the pump last long.

Hire a professional to build your DIY pump cover or just a pre-built one that fits the pump and your landscape design. 

2. Buy a Metal Pump Cover 

Buy a Metal Pump Cover

Only buy this cover if your pump area is not exposed to heavy sunlight. If it is, it will get heated heavily and may damage the internal parts of the pool pump.

Get it if your pump is located in the shade or under a tree. It is a good and the most beautiful choice. You can paint it and make it look like a part of your wall or the fence if it is located nearby. Cool. Isn’t it?

One more thing to know, in the modern world, some metal cover comes with holes in them. They are pretty good at maintaining airflow. You can get them as a few professionals recommend them. 

But for me, it does not matter how good it is if my pool gets sunlight all day, I wound not use it. I know I am a bit overprotective. 

3. Try PVC Pump Cover

Try PVC Pump Cover

This PVC pipe cover is a DIY work. You have to build the cover yourself. If you have a lot of PVC pipes that are in no use, cut them in a way that fits the pool pump and also maintains the airflow in it.

I know it will take time and effort, but for those who like DIY pool pump cover ideas, it is the best idea that will cost you almost nothing to build. 

After you have built it, you can cover it with a colorful cloth or paint the PVC to match the area or your pool landscape design. Try it. 

4. Buy a Fake Rock Pump Cover

Buy a Fake Rock for Pump Cover

Rock covers are also a popular pool pump cover for people who loves their landscape designs and do not want anything odd in their yard. These fake rock covers will cover your pump and make it look like a part of your pool landscape design.

But again, keep in mind the airflow, especially if you turn on the pump daily. It does not cost much and can improve your pool landscape design. 

5. Buy a Vinyl Pump Cover 

Buy a Vinyl Pump Cover

Vinyl is a bit costly, but it looks marvelous on the outside. Plus, people also use it to cover up the whole pool and build a fence. So you can understand how good-looking it is if you do not mind the budget.

You can build your own vinyl pump cover or buy one from your nearby hardware store. But it is better if you build one as it is rare to buy one. It does not need any maintenance and can last very long.

6. Build a Pump Cover with Concrete 

Build a Pump Cover with Concrete

Concrete is one of the best DIY pool pump cover ideas if you are looking for a permanent solution. It is not that popular and it cost good money to build. 

But a few people who are more conservative about the protection of the pump build it, especially if they have pets or a farm in their yard.

The biggest benefit is that it can withstand all the cases like harsh weather, heavy rain, and sunlight heat if you make a small window on both sides and specks of dirt.

But sometimes people have found that roaches and other insects live there with their kids. So you have to check it occasionally and maybe use some insect-repellent plants to repel them.

7. Get a Glass Pump Cover 

Get a Glass Pump Cover

First of all, a glass pump cover is rare, and it is considered a luxury item. You have to build it at home by measuring the pump area and hiring professionals.

You can frost the glass or use it as it is. It is your choice. Do not cover it up completely. Make a hinged on the up. So that you can maintain it when needed. 

8. Leave it as It is

pool pump
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9. Just Install It

pool pump design
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10. Let Your Plumber Decide which one to Cover

pool pump system

What Pool Cover Pump Idea is the Best?

Buy a wooden enclosure with holes for airflow in it. It will match your pool landscape design and style. It gives you complete protection from all kinds of damage that people experience with their pool pumps.

My Recommendations

Buy one of these long-lasting pool pump covers and maintain your landscape design.

Last Words

So these are the most creative diy pool pump cover ideas you can buy or build at home if you are familiar with them. Choose the pump cover that suits your budget, and your pool landscape area.

Give safety and durability your topmost priority, and then buy the pool cover. Good luck.

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