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15 Creative Sump Pump Cover Ideas That Last Long

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So you are looking for some amazing and durable sump pump cover ideas that will give total safety, and protection from debris, reduce noises, prevent insects from making a nest there, prevent moisture, and have an odor-free living. 

Then you have come to the right place as I will help you to choose the best cover for your sump pump. 

Here I will give you seven creative and cost-effective ideas to cover that sump pump in your basement, yard, or anywhere that pump is situated. So here we go.

Why do you need a Sump Pump Cover?

But first, know why it is so important to cover your sump pump properly. Because it looks messy, releases odor, and an open pump does not give safety. Here is the list of why you need a pump cover. 

  • The cover will give you complete safety, especially if you have children or pets in the house.
  • It will give protection from debris build-up in the pump.
  • You will have no odor in the house, keeping the area fresh.
  • Insects and other pests will not be able to enter and nest there.
  • It will reduce moisture around the pump.
  • You will not have the heavy sound that a pump produces.
  • And it will improve your aesthetic view.

The benefits are huge for a sump pit cover. You do not want to miss it. Follow the below ideas, and pick the cover idea that suits you, your basement or yard, and your budget. 

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Sump Pump Cover Ideas

sump pump installation
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Before I give you those cover ideas, know that it is recommended that you hire a pump professional to install that cover for long life and better fittings. 

Yes, you can do it yourself, but hiring a professional is always a better idea for your own safety and the long life of the pump.

1. DIY Enclosures Cover

DIY Enclosures Cover for sump pump

It is one of the most popular ways to cover a sump pump in the basement. It gives you various options to choose from and helps improve the aesthetics of your basement and home.

These DIY enclosures are made from strong plastic or natural-looking wood that will go with your basement floor, keeping the long-lasting factor in mind.

These covers will help protect the sump pump from accidental damage and help minimize noise and vibrations in the ground. So go beyond and explore other ideas only if you do not like this cover idea.

2. Get a Ventilated Pump Cover

Get a Ventilated Pump Cover

Pick this one only if your sump pump is located in an area where ventilation is a must. These covers have small airflow space that allows air to circulate around the pump freely, preventing the heat from destroying the pump.

The cover is primarily made of plastic or metal and can protect your pump very well in an area where air circulation is limited and can cause damage if you cover the pump completely.  

3. Buy a Built-in Shelf Cover

Buy a Built-in self sump Cover

Again this cover idea is also popular, like the DIY enclosure. The self-cover gives you more options to customize and have a better appearance in the basement area.

They are made according to your sump pump and the area around it. They made it using plywood material. You can paint it if you like to do so to make it unique and visually appealing.

4. Get a Hinged Cover

Get a Hinged Cover for sump pump

If your sump pump is located in the yard or in a place that does not suit the other cover ideas, you need a hinged cover. This cover will give you easy access to your sump pump for maintenance purposes.

These covers are made of tough materials like polycarbonate. It will ensure the durability and longevity of your pump and the cover.

5. Buy a Decorative Screen Cover

decorative screen for pump
Daderot, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you want a quick but reliable solution and can not have any of the above wooden, plastic, or metal pump covers, go for this cover as it costs less money and will hide the sump pump well enough. 

I am not saying you get this big screen, but a bit smaller than that. It is just to explain the idea, okay?

These screens are normally made from vinyl. But they can be made of metal also. Choose a color that suits your basement or the yard, and hide your sump pump in a beautiful way. 

6. Get a Upholstered Cover

Upholstered cover for pump
Gryffindor, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

You may not know this cover as it is not that common around the country. But it is one of the best sump pump cover ideas that works like a hinged cover and gives protection like DIY enclosures. 

It is like a second-floor design so that people do not notice it.

This cover is normally made from wood and fabric to match your basement’s color scheme and style, and it is completely safe.

7. Cover Your Pump with Plants

Cover your Pump with Plants

I do not recommend his option unless it is a temporary solution. You can use some plants in the pots to hide the pump in the basement. But make sure your basement has good natural lighting, or the plants will die. 

8. Get a Metal Cover

sump pump lines
State Farm on Flickr

9. Buy a Low Budget Plastic Cover

simple pump cover
Chad and Steph on Flickr

10. Cover it Up Completely with Wooden Box

Why do you need a Sump Cover

11. Use Tiles to Make a Cover Shade

paper made cover
jeffcovey on Flickr

12. Install It Under the Floor

old sump pump
Stradablog on Flickr

13. Install the Metal Cover with Concreate

pump with eletrical switch
homejobs on Flickr

14. Build Your Own DIY Cover for Noice Reduction

wooden box cover for pump
chrisofdavies on Flickr

15. Just Cover it Up With Anything You have Right Now

sump pump hole
State Farm on Flickr

My Recommendations

I recommend you get a pre-built cover that goes with your basement style, gives you complete protection, and reduces noise. Do not look at your budget and give safety the utmost priority. Have a look at these:

Last Words

So these are the most creative sump pump cover ideas you can buy or build at home. Choose the cover that suits you, your budget, and your basement.

Give safety and durability the highest priority, and then buy the sump cover. Good luck.

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