why is my toilet bubbling

Why is My Toilet Bubbling (4 Main Causes of Gurgling Water)

So why is my toilet bubbling? The possible reason could be a negative air pressure behind the water that is blocking the air from escaping. All you need to do here is to clear the blockage, and your toilet system will function as before.

I will share with you three solutions to this toilet bubbling issue that you can use, and those are as follows.

  1. Plunging the toilet
  2. Snake the drain
  3. Check the air vent stack
  4. And Clean it off

But first, let’s understand why this toilet bubbling or gurgling issue occurs in the first place and why you are having a blockage. 

Why is My Toilet Bubbling or Gurgling Water

Toilet flushing button

As I was explaining, this toilet gurgling issue occurs due to blockage. So that means there is clog or debris in the plumbing system of your toilet that is blocking the air resulting in a bubble or gurgle. 

Just think what you have flushed on your toilet mistakenly. It can be as follows.

  • You have flushed down the wrong items like paper towels, baby wipes, and other hygienic products.
  • Do you have kids in your house? If yes, they might have flushed the small toys down there or any other things which are restricting the toilet from flushing.
  • Do you feel a lot of smell recently when you do your work there which was a recent phenomenon? It is because of your toilet air vent. The plumbing system required air to move water through the drain pipes.

Just for a general understanding, try to remember any of these so that your cleaning process can be smooth as you can jump on the solution before trying the other one. 

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How to Fix Toilet Gurgling at Home

So now you understand the root cause of why is my toilet bubbling. It’s time to fix the bubbling issue. Get a toilet plunger and start your work. A plunger is one of the easiest toilet bubbling solutions for removing anything from the toilet system. 

1. Plunge the Toilet to Clean the Clog

Plunge the Toilet

Plunging the toilet should be easy for anyone. Just place the plunger inside the toilet bowl, and give it a tilt backward to allow water to enter the plunger. Then push up and down until you feel the vacuum is created there.

The vacuum is very effective here. If you push with good strength, the blockage on the other end will get a huge force which will clear the drain. Then test it by flushing on more times.

  • Get a toilet plunger for better effectiveness. But a sink plunger may also work if you have one.

If it is not successful, you may need to put more effort into it. Repeat the process with more force, and the blockage will end, and your issue of toilet bubbling is solved.

2. Snake the Toilet Drain to Stop the Gurgling

Snake the Toilet Drain

Go to your nearest hardware store and ask for a drain snake. It is a long rod with a wire coil and rubber around the coil to protect the porcelain from damage. Using this snake is very easy.

Just put the drain snake into your drain and slowly push it until you can not go anymore. Then tighten the snake and rotate it. If you feel resistance, then do it forcefully. Push the snake up and down several times until you feel it is becoming easier and the blockage is opening. 

Continue the process until the toilet blockage opens up. Then test it by flushing the toilet. Clean your toilet regularly. Make sure not to put anything mistakenly down the toilet.

3. Check the Air Vent Stack for Any Blockage

Check the Toilet Air Vent

After you have completed these two steps, the problem is not solved yet, and you are asking why is my toilet bubbling after all that. Then check one more thing before you call your plumber. 

The vent stack is a pipe located on the roof of your house. It is responsible for providing enough airflow to the plumbing system to that the water can drain properly in the right direction.

If somehow it is clogged, the air will not able to pass. It will come back to your toilet, creating bubbling or gurgling sounds. To fix this issue, all you have to do is to clean that vent up.

4. Climb The Roof and Fix It

Climb the roof where it is located. Use a flush light and remove the clog. If you do not see any clogs, then use your drain snake and use it there. After you feel, you have successfully removed the clog, put your hand over it and let someone flushes the toilet.

You will feel a pressure there sucking your hand, saying it’s working. If not, then you have to re-clean it one more time. Try this idea out as it may solve your bubbling issue. 

Last Words

So now you know why is my toilet bubbling and how to fix it at home. Just do not over-pressure the plunger or the snake. It may damage the toilet as it is made of porcelain. I wish you the best of luck.

Toilet Bubbling FAQs

Toilet Bubbling FAQs

What does it mean if the toilet is gurgling?

It means that a negative air pressure behind the water is blocking the air from escaping. Clear the blockage in the drain, and your toilet system will function as before.

What makes a toilet bubble?

A clog in the drain line, something is fallen in there like a cloth, toy, or any hard thing that is blocking the path, or it could be the air vent blockage. Check all and fix them to overcome this toilet bubbling problem.

How to fix a bubbling toilet?

The best way to fix the toilet bubbling is to use a plunger and then use a toilet cleaner to clean the drain line off. The toilet snake can also work. Get one of these tools and fix your toilet.

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