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How to Fix a Well Pump Pressure Switch Problem in 2023

Are you having trouble with your well pump pressure switch? Is it not working as it should? Then you are in luck. Here, I will share ten common pressure switch fixes you can try at home and make things work again as before.

To troubleshoot the main issues of your pump pressure switch, you need to understand how a pressure switch works. Only then you will able to fix it as explained below.

How does a Pressure Switch Work

The pressure switch is the controller of your shallow well pump. It tells the pump when to turn on and when to turn it off. The pressure switch does it by monitoring the water pressure in the tank.

If there is a low water pressure, normally below 30 psi, it tells the pump to turn on and fill the tank until the pressure is reached 50 psi. It is an average estimation that most pressure switch manufacturers set. You can also get a switch that can work on higher psi. 

This pressure switch contains an internal metal spring mechanism connected directly to the electrical contacts of the pump. When the pressure switch gets old these metal springs, the sensors, and other components become weak and start to malfunction. 

Then you will see many problems with your well pump pressure switch that you must fix as soon as possible.

How to Identify a Pressure Switch Problem

How to Identify a Pressure Switch Problem

Now how do you identify pressure switch problems from outside? There will be some visible signs with indications telling you the switch is getting weak. The most common indications are as follows.

  • The pump is not turning on as it always does.
  • The pump runs continuously, despite reaching the cut-off pressure.
  • The well pump is not turning ON or OFF.
  • It is turning on and off even when you are not using it.
  • The water pressure is getting lower and lower day by day.

These are common well pump problems, and you can fix them. But if the problem is big, your best bet is to replace the switch, which will cost you about $50-$100, depending on the pump you have.

How to Fix a Well Pump Pressure Switch at Home

Did you know over 30 million households in America rely on well water? They understand the importance of identifying and resolving small issues themselves when possible. If you are one of them, here are those common well pump pressure switch problems and how to fix them.

1. The Switch is Not Turning ON or OFF

The Pressure Switch is not Turning ON or OFF

This on-and-off problem may arise when your water pump is not creating the appropriate pressure it needs to function. So it is not signal your pressure switch to turn off and on.

To fix the issue, check the pump and know it is working fine. Also, check the water pressure gauge to verify that it is working. If both are working, then diagnose the pressure switch issue. That switch may be damaged, and it needs a replacement.

2. The Switch is Not Turning ON

If your switch is not turning in, it is a sign that your water tank pressure is way above the cut-in pressure of your switch (above 50 psi). To solve this issue, open a tap, reduce some water from the tank, and then try running it. 

You can also tap on the pressure gauge, the switch, and the tank gently and then try turning the switch on. It should work and solve the issue of your well pump.

3. The Switch is Not Turning OFF

The well pump pressure switch is not turning issue can be fixed by cutting the power off directly. Just cut the power. After all, it is a machine. By doing so, you can save your pressure switch from burning.

Now, check your water supply from the well and look for any leaks affecting your pressure switch and turning off functionality. Then check your tank and see the pressure yourself. If the problem is not solved, do not reconnect the power. You may need to replace the switch. 

4. The Switch Turning ON and OFF Repeatedly 

The pressure Switch Turning ON and OFF Repeatedly

The pressure switch repeatedly turning on and off is a big problem that needs to be fixed soon. The issue is with the bladder in the water tank. It is damaged somehow or blown completely. Then you have to replace the switch as soon as possible. 

Also, check the switch contacts to see if it has suffered any damage from the cycling and the well system and if any leak has occurred there. They both can cause this on-and-off problem. Fix them, and the issue will be solved. 

5. The Diaphragm of the Pump is Damaged 

The Pump Diaphragm is Damaged

The diaphragm or the pressure meter gives a pressure reading on how much pressure is available in the tank. When it gets old, wear and tear can prevent those pressure reports from causing mismanagement of the switch. Buy a new one and replace the diaphragm if you can find one, or replace the whole switch.

6. Lost Water Connection Issue

The pump pressure Connection is Lost

Your well pump pressure switch work on water pressure. If any of the water pipelines are in bad shape or you have used the wrong size pipe, then it can cause a water leak. It will stop the switch to measure the pressure properly.

Check all your piping and be sure you are using the right diameter for the job and there are no leaks or any damages in your pipe that may prevent the pressure switch from functioning accurately.

7. The Electrical Contact is Old an Rusty

If the electrical contacts in your pressure switch are old, it is most likely it is damaged. The frequent cycling or on and off of power to the switch and metal rust can cause it to malfunction.

You can fix it by re-filling the damaged area or cleaning the rust in that metal contact. But that will be a temporary solution. Change the contacts or the switch for a permanent solution. 

8. The Pressure Sensor is Jammed

Clogged pump Pressure Sensor

This sensor problem can occur in an area where the water has high mineral content. In that case, your pressure sensor can become clogged. To fix this issue, clean the tube that connects your switch to the water supply. But if it is too dirty, replace the switch.

9. There is a Water Leak

Leaking Water Issue in the well pump

If you notice any water leak from the switch, tighten the switch’s plumbing connection. If the problems persist, then know it is coming from the internal part of that well pump pressure switch. There is no other solution than to replace the switch.

10. Call a Professional for Help

You have tried everything to solve the pressure switch issue, and nothing seems to work. Get a visit from a professional who can check the pump and the switch and fix every issue that has occurred or may occur soon.

Last Words

So these are how you identify and fix these common pressure switch problems in your pump. Good maintenance will help you keep your switch from ever getting damaged. Now try these fixes and see what happens. I wish you the best of luck. 

Pump Pressure Switch FAQs

Water Pump Pressure Switch FAQs

How to reset the pressure switch on a well pump?

Locate the reset button of your pressure switch and press it to reset it.

How does a well pump pressure switch work?

If there is a low water pressure in the water tank, normally below 30 psi, the switch tells the pump to turn on and fill the tank until the pressure is reached 50 psi. It is automatic and works like that.

How to clean pressure switch contacts?

You should not clean it as it damages the switch. But with a soft brush, you can clean it off. Be careful while doing it.

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