toilet leaks when flushed from tank and base

How to Fix Toilet Leaks when Flushed (Tank and Base)

If your toilet leaks when flushed, it is due to loose bolts or a worn wax ring. It is located under the toilet connected to your drain. You can fix this issue at home by following this simple guide. 

This problem may occur when you repair your commode, installs a new one, or the system is getting old. In all these cases, a loose end may be causing it. All you have to do is to find the problem and fix it. So here is how to fix the toilet leak when flushed problem.

How to Fix Toilet Leaks when Flushed from Tank and Base

First, arrange these tools before you start the work so that you do not get frustrated and break the toilet in any way. Go to your nearest hardware store and buy all of these. 

  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Sponge for cleaning
  • Rubber gloves
  • A bucket
  • Adjustable wrench
  • A screwdriver
  • Putty knife

After you have bought all those, follow the step-by-step process to fix this issue at home.

1. Shut off the Toilet Water Supply and Remove It

Shut off the toilet Water Supply and Remove it

To solve the toilet leaks when flushed problem, locate the water supply and shut off the valve. You can find it behind or on the side of the commode on the wall. After that, disconnect the hose running from the valve from the toilet tank. 

Just rotate the nut to loosen it. You can also use a wrench if it is too tight but do it carefully. You do not want to break it, as you have to reassemble it again after fixing it.

2. Empty the Toilet and the Tank

Now flush out the tank and the toilet, as when you open the toilet system the water may spill on your floor. That is why put a rug on the floor, use a hand glove, and flush the water out.

Then open the toilet tank lid and manually remove the remaining water from the tank and the toilet. It will be nasty, but do it if you want to fix it right now.

3. Remove the Toilet Base Bolts

Remove the Toilet Bolts

Now you will see that there are nuts close to the floor holding the toilet without wobbling it. You have to remove those nuts. Try to remove the cap by hand, or use a putty knife to remove the cap cover. Then unscrew the nut with a wrench and be ready to displace the whole toilet. 

4. Remove the Toilet Bowl Slowly

Remove the Toilet Bowl Slowly

Here be extra careful when sliding the toilet. One single mistake can break it as those are made of ceramic. Slowly take it out and put it in a safe place. 

When you try to remove it, the wax attached to it will not let you. Use a knife and slowly cut it through. Then it will be easy for you to remove the toilet pan. 

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5. Check the Toilet Flange at the Base

Check the Toilet Flange at the base

This toilet flange is the most common culprit of your toilet leaks when flushed. After you have removed the toilet, the flange will be visible to you. It is like a cap situated on the drain. 

Here look for any cracks or damage. If there is none there, you can move to the next step. But if there is, then it is best you replace the flange. Although, you can clean it off with detergent and then reassemble it.

6. Replace the Toilet Wax Ring

When you remove the flange, you will notice the ring. Most probably you have to replace it with a new ring. Cleaning is not good as it may not solve the issue. 

It is a 4-inch ring depending on the size of your drain pipe, and thickness. Your hardware store will help you in here what to buy. Then it is time to reassemble everything.

7. Reassemble the Toilet and the Tank

Reassemble the Toilet and the Tank

Now you must have remembered the way you have disassembled the toilet, the bowl, the tank, the water supply, nuts, and other things. Reassemble them all together and tighten them up.

Then test your toilet for any leaks. It should solve the problem. If not, then you may have something wrong with the toilet fix. You can repeat the process or call your plumber. It is up to you. 

Last Words

So this is how you fix toilet leaks when flushed problem at home. Just follow a few steps and deal with nasty things a bit. You should change the ring and the cap along with it and check for any loose nuts. It should solve your problem. I wish you the best of luck.

Toilet Leaks When Flushing FAQs

Toilet Leak when flushing FAQs

How do you fix a leaking toilet base?

First, remove the toilet as a whole and check for any crack on the flange (a cap situated on the drain). Clean it and use the sealant or replace it for a better service.

How serious are toilet leaks?

Not that serious, but it can quickly become a serious issue if not treated soon. Never use the toilet when it leaks. Fix it as soon as possible.

How do I stop my toilet from leaking?

Check for any damages in the toilet tank and replace the component there. Check for any leaks in the toilet flange at the base and also replace it to fix this issue.

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