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How to Choose the Best Soft Close Toilet Seat in 2023

Are you looking for the best soft close toilet seat? Then you are in luck as I will share with you how to choose the best seat in a few steps. Plus, what to keep in mind and what to recheck when you buy a toilet seat. So that you can get a better comfort and noise-free experience while doing your thing.

How to Choose the Best Soft Close Toilet Seat for Your Bathroom

There are two main types of toilet seats available in the market. 

  • Elongated toilet seats with a size of 18.5 inches
  • Round toilet seats with a size of 16.5 inches

On average, Elongated toilet seats are more comfortable than round ones. But there are also a few more differences and features that you need to know before you order one. Those buying guides are as follows. 

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1. Check How Comfortable Your Toilet Seat is

The Level of Comfort in Toilet seat

Comfortability is the first thing you should check when choosing a toilet seat. You do not want your toilet to feel uncomfortable every time you sit on it. Yes, it is soft close toilet seats, but you should check them thoroughly and read all the reviews online before ordering.

2. What Kind of Material Are Used to Build It

Material Used in the Toilet

The two most common toilet seats are made of plastic or wood. The plastic seats are affordable, easy to clean, and available in various colors and features.

On the other hand, the wooden seats are more comfortable, especially if you live in a cold place. In winter, wooden seats will not feel that much cold like stainless steel and ceramic.

Wooden toilet seats are the best for softness and comfort. But if you do not have the budget, you can go with plastic once. It will not let you regret your purchase. 

3. How Much Will It Cost

The Average Cost of the Toilet

If the cost is your biggest concern despite the comfort factor, you can buy a standard seat that costs about $20. It is okay for most people. But for more comfort, it will cost you more.

I would say expect to pay for a toilet seat that is simple, functional, durable, and offers good comfort. Some toilet seats have a nightlight function, which will cost you more. So choose according to your budget and bathroom needs. 

4. How Strong the Seat Is

The Durability Factor of the toilet

Nobody wants a seat that may break soon. Nobody wants to buy a new one in a few months. That s why the durability factor is important. Here the wooden toilers are more durable. But do not think that plastic seats are not that good. They are also durable if you can spend a bit more.

When buying a seat in terms of durability factor, check the reviews. People are really quick to complain about a toilet seat if it is not that durable. Read those reviews, and then you will know how strong the seat you are about to buy is. Keep this durability factor in mind when ordering. 

5. Can You Clean the Seat Easily

The Ease of Cleaning of the toilet seat

Clean your toilet regularly. Choose a seat that is easier to clean and maintain. For example, plastic toilet seats are usually easier to clean than wooden seats. And also you will not be able to use most of the cleaning chemicals on the wooden seats. It may damage the wood.

Plus, you should also check the quick-release feature. It helps you to pop the toilet seat off when you need to clean under it. Consider these features and then choose a seat.

6. What About the Overall Appearance

The Overall Appearance of the Toilet

Appearance is also important. A good seat may increase the look and feel of your bathroom. You do not need a toilet seat that is too fancy and with a nightlight feature, but a standard one will do the work. 

The appearance is not that important, but you should keep it in mind when buying a soft closed toilet seat. It may help you in your work, down there, and get you peace of mind.

Last Words

So this is how you choose the best soft close toilet seat easily. Check all the factors, check the reviews, and according to your budget, get a seat that looks standard. I wish you the best of luck. 

Soft Close Seat FAQs

soft Toilet Seat FAQs

Can I convert a normal toilet seat to a soft close?

Yes, you can. Rotate the dampers of your toilet to make it close more slowly. It will reduce the catchy sound and the harness on the hinge while closing the seat.

What is the difference between Elongated toilet seats and Round seats?

The elongated toilet seats are more comfortable than round ones and come with a bigger size of about 18 inches, while the round ones come with 16 inches.

What are the benefits of soft close toilet seats?

The biggest benefit is the comfortability factor. The time you will spend there will not be irritating but a peaceful place to be.

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