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How to Choose a Submersible Well Pump that Lasts Long

So how to choose the best submersible well pump for your home? I will answer it using six important pump buying guides that can exactly tell you what type of pump you need to buy to get a good water flow all above your house.

But finding a prominent pump is not an easy task as there are different types of construction, durability, performance, and features in those pumps. This is why this simple guide will help you choose the best pump for your house. But first, learn what is this submersible pump and how does it work? 

What is a Submersible Pump

Submersible pumps are long, thin, and cylindrical-type-looking designs. These pumps are installed as deep as five feet above the bottom of a water well. Normally most households use a 0.5 – 1 HP submersible well pump to push water up and into a pressure tank via a PVC pipe. 

The best part is that with a good submersible pump, you can access water from as deep as 400 feet. They are energy-efficient, work underground automatically, and eliminate the need for manual priming, which is required in shallow well pumps.

How to Choose the Best Submersible Well Pump for Your Home

Now I think a little bit about what makes a submersible pump top class and you are confident to buy one. But there are some other facts that you also need to check so that you do not lack any features in the future. Here is the list. 

1. Check the Water Gallons Per Minute

Water Gallons Per Minute

First, check the gallons it can pump from the underground per minute. Normally, a 1 HP submersible well pump motor can deliver up to 25 gallons of water per minute to your tank, but that can vary in every area.

As a thumb rule, choose a pump motor that can deliver at least 7 gallons per minute for an eminent water supply in your house. Most people select the 1 HP submersible well pump motor for its overall features and performance. It will cost you more but is a recommended motor for any household.

2. The Depth of Your Well in the Area

Depth of the Submersible well

Your plumber knows how deep the well is in your area and how much power in a motor you need to pump that out. But for your information, if your well depth is under 25 feet, then a simple shallow well pump will do the work.

But if it’s over 25 feet, you may need a pump that has the power to pull the water from that deep. Here the deep well pumps can help. It can pump water from up to 120 feet. But the submersible pump can do it up to 400 feet. If your well depth is above 100 feet, choose a submersible pump. 

3. How Efficient the Pump Motor is

The Efficiency Factor of the well pump

Motor efficiency is a bit of a technical term. But you should also check it. 

An efficient well pump will give you water using the least amount of energy possible. Look for any energy-saving mark on the box. It will be written there. The higher the efficiency, the lower the electricity bill.

4. How Durable the Motor is

A good submersible pump can serve you for up to 20 – 30 years without touching it. So buy one that is proven, has stainless steel design, is built with high-quality materials, and is from a reputed manufacturer. Yes, it will cost you extra, but pay the premium so there will be no disturbances for decades to come. 

5. Check All the Functions of the Pressure Switch

Well pump Pressure Switch

A pressure switch helps the pump turn on and off automatically when it reaches a certain psi level. For example, the switch will detect the available pressure in the water tank. 

If the pressure in the tank falls below 30 psi, the motor will start running and gets turned off when the water pressure reaches 50 psi. Check the ratings of that switch if you do not want to handle the pump manually.

6. Warranty Period of the Pump

The most submersible pump comes with a warranty of 5 to 10 years. If it is less than 2 years, you should not buy it. The most reputed company gives a warranty of more than five years.

Check that out and then purchase it as they cost good bucks, and you do not want to get it damaged. Our pump warranty was five years, and running close to 10 years now without any problem.

Tips for Buying a Good Submersible Water Pump 

Tips for Buying a Submersible Well Pump

Here are your final tips on how to choose the best submersible pump for your house.

  • Know how much you use water on a daily basis, and then select the motor that can match up the gallon per minute.
  • If you buy a low-capacity motor, make sure to get an additional tank for more water storage and supply the demand in peak times.
  • Choose a good pressure switch. On average, you need a switch, that can start the pump at 30 psi and turn it off at 50 psi.

And clean the water inlet so the filtered sand, garbage, or debris can not cause it to malfunction.

Submersible Water Pump FAQs

Submersible Water Pump FAQs

Which submersible pump is best for home use?

1 Hp submersible pumps are the best for normal home uses with an average well depth.

Which pump are best for 200 feet well depth?

Submersible well pumps are the best that can pull water from up to 400 feet. Choose a 1 HP pump for normal household uses.

What is the price of a 1 HP submersible pump?

A normal 1 HP submersible we pump will cost around $300 to $500, depending on the well depth you have in your area.

submersible well pump

Last Words

So, this is how you choose the best submersible well pump for your house by checking the horsepower, depth of the well, pressure switch, and gallon per minute. Now, look into your cash, decide what function you need for your water supply, and then purchase the pump.

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