my toilet keeps clogging

My Toilet Keeps Clogging Issue (Solved!)

Here are some quick steps you take follow to solve this toilet keeps clogging issue without calling a plumber and giving him his fees. Whatever you are seeing happening in your toilet drain line whether the water is flushing slowly or not flushing at all, do not worry these ideas will surely help.

I know how frustrating it is when your toilet clogs. It is a common phenomenon and an easily fixable issue. The following list is responsible for toilet clogging.

  • Clogged drain line
  • Toilet S-trap issue
  • Low water pressure due to aging
  • Septic system failure
  • Toilet tank flapper issue
  • Hard water damage

Check them one by one and flush your toilet after you have cleaned them to see the difference. 

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Why My Toilet Keeps Clogging

The clogged drain is the common culprit here. If not, then the S-trap or toilet aging factor. I mean, test all of them until you have identified the issue and then fix them. Here is your step-by-step process.

1. Your Drain Line is Jammed

Clogged Toilet Drain Line

The most common issue of the toilet keeps clogging is the clogged drain. Something got stuck in the drain line. It is blocking the path of toilet waste. You may have flushed something like pads, tampons, facial tissues, toilet paper, or anything you use in your toilet.

In that case, you need to clean that toilet drain. It is nasty work, but it will solve your problem. Although, you can change the drain if possible. It will solve the issue for life.

2. The Hard Water is Causing it

Hard Water Issues in your toilet drain

Hard water can also cause this issue. Hard water has a lot of calcium and magnesium compared to soft water. That calcium and magnesium can get stuck in the surface of your toilet drain.

To fix this issue, you need a toilet cleaner chemical. Use it on your toilet and flush it after a few minutes. But remember, not all cleaners may suit your toilet surface. Some chemicals can damage plastic or ceramic toilets. So check it before buying.

3. Replace the Toilet Setup

Your Toilet System is Old

If your toilet is old and has a low-flush model, then your problem is understandable. Your toilet does not have the capacity for a bigger flush like those modern toilets. 

Plus, if your toilet is aging, then the toilet parts are getting weak. It is better you replace it and get a new one. There is no solution for this type of toilet clogging issue.

4. The S-Trap System is Full of Debris

The toilet S-Trap System is Full of Debris

Your toilet has an S-Trap installed on the back of your seat. It sends water to the drain and prevents sewer gases from coming from your septic system.

If there is debris it may cause the toilet keeps clogging issue. Here you can use the plunger or toilet auger to clean it off. A lot of water can create this debris over time. That is why regular maintenance is required for smooth flushing. 

5. Clean the Septic Tank

Toilet Septic System is Full

If your septic system is full, it can start moving slowly, and that can cause the clog issue. It depends on how frequently the toilet is used and by how many people. More people means more chance of clogging. 

That is why you should clean your septic tank every five years. But for most people, ten years is a good gap. Inspect it and call a professional to clean them off if needed. 

6. The Flapper is Probably Broken

The Toilet tank Flapper is Broken

Check the toilet tank flapper system or the flush valve. When you press the flush button, the flush valve opens up, and the water flows to your toilet clearing the waste.

If it is worn in any way, the flush valve will not open properly, causing a clogging issue. Just replace it, and the problem will solve. Open the tank and remove the arm and change the flush valve.

Last Words

So these are how to fix the toilet keeps clogging issue at home. One septic issue will require a professional. But if you know how to clean it, you can do it yourself. Yes, it is dirty work but possible.

Toilet Clogging Issue FAQs

my toilet clogging FAQs

What is the best liquid to unclog a toilet?

Any popular liquid is good for cleaning like Drano Max Gel, Harpic, and others.

How to fix the toilet that keeps clogging?

The clogged drain is the common culprit, if not, then the S-trap or toilet aging factor. Test all of them until you have identified the issue, and then fix them.

What is the natural remedy to unclog a toilet?

Use lemon juice or a little vinegar to clean your toilet clog.

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