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How to Choose the Best PVC Pipe Cutter Tool to Cut Straight

So you want to cut your PVC pipe at home, and you are confident that you can do it without any issues, then here are your steps as I share with you how to choose the best PVC pipe cutter for your home plumbing, keeping a few things in mind when you place the order online or buy it offline.

How to Choose the Best PVC Pipe Cutter Tool to Cut Straight

Before choosing a new PVC pipe cutter, you should learn more about the various types of PVC cutting tools, the cutting capacity, cutter types, ease of use, and blade strength in order to choose the best cutter for your needs. Here is the list.

1. The Cutting Capacity of that Pipe Cutter

handsaw is a PVC Cutter Type

First, know your PVC pipe and how deep cutter you need to cut it down. Always make sure that the pipe cutter you are considering is perfectly suitable for cutting that pipe without pressuring it. If you forcefully try to cut it, then the joint front will get broken, and you will not be able to connect it with another PVC.

For example, if your pipe has a diameter of 1 inch, you need a PVC pipe cutter with a cutting capacity of over 1 inch. Here is the list of PVC pipe types that you see in average homes. 

PVC Pipe SizePVC Pipe Diameter

The average household uses 1.5-inch PVC pipe for plumbing systems like bathrooms, kitchens, and toilets. For that reason, a small handsaw will do the work. But if your PVC is a bit different, then you may need the types of cutters as explained below. 

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2. The Type of PVC Pipe Cutter

manual PVC pipe cutting tools

Now it’s time to choose the cutter. Here you have a few different options according to your needs and the diameter of your PVC pipe. 

  • Handsaw: The handsaw is the most commonly used PVC pipe cutter in most households. You can use it for cutting through PVC, copper, lead, and galvanized iron pipe. If you are cutting a normal PVC, get a handsaw. It will do the work.
  • Electric Pipe Cutter: It is easy to use and very convenient. Just position the pipe in the cutting jaws and push the trigger. The cutter will slice through the PVC pipe automatically without any issues smoothly. But it depends on a charged battery for a power source. If the battery does not have enough power, this PVC cutter is useless.
  • Manual PVC Cutters: It is a hook-shaped appearance with an opening that has a cutting wheel to cut through PVC pipe. Slide the pipe between the cutting wheel and use the adjustment knob to tighten the grip. Then cut it down, and the cutter will slice through the PVC pipe.

There are two more pipe cutters Ratcheting and Spring-loaded pipe cutters, but you do not need them unless you are a professional plumber. You choose either a handsaw, an electric, or a manual pipe cutter for small pipes. They will do the work.

3. How Powerful the Blade are In the Cutter

check the Blade Strength for pipe cutting

You should also take a look at the strength of the blade. For a handsaw, there are many different types of metal blades but choose the one that fits your pipes perfectly. Choose the average size, not too small nor too big.

The electric cutter and hand cutter come with default blades, and you should be okay with them. If you are choosing one of these pipe cutters, you should not worry about the blade strength as they are pretty powerful.

4. Can You Replace the Blade With Ease

Another thing is to look at the easy replacement option of the blade. Replacing a handsaw blade is easy and will cost almost nothing. Anyone can change those blades at home.

But replacing an electric cutter blade or manual cutter can be tricky. But some companies design their PVC pipe cutter in a way so that people can replace them easily. But know this it will cost a good amount of money. Although, you do need to change them unless you use them heavily like a professional. So worry not. 

5. How Easy it Is to Use to Cut Down PVC

Ease of Use of your PVC cutter machine

The last thing you want to look at is the ease of use. How easy is it to use for an average man? The grip must be good, and the steadiness of the cutter should be firm, or else it will wobble and damage the pipe.

Choose a cutter with a soft handle with a good grip that does not fluctuate while cutting the pipe. The electric and manual cutter fits in this category best. But some handsaws are also built in keeping in mind this option. So look at all options and choose how comfortable you want the cutter to be.

Last Words

So this is how you can choose the best PVC pipe cutter for your daily plumbing needs and cut the pipe smoothly without any issues at home. Now visit an online store and math the point I have shared with you or buy it offline. I wish you the best of luck in your plumbing endeavor.

PVC Pipe Cutting Tool FAQs

PVC Cutter Tool FAQs

How to cut PVC pipe without a cutter?

Use fire to melt down the PVC pipe a bit and then slowly rotate it to cut it down. But for a smooth cut, you should use a metal pipe cutter.

What is the easiest way to cut PVC pipe?

The easiest way to cut a PVC is to use a handsaw. Rub it on the surface of the pipe, and it will cut in seconds.

Which pipe is best for home plumbing?

PVC pipe is best for normal home plumbing, but CPVC is best for the hot water pipe that you use in your water heater.

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