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10 Natural Plants that Keep Bugs Away

If you are looking for some beautiful and natural plants that keep bugs away, then you are in the right place, my friend. Here I will give you seven primary and a few regular colorful plants to plant in your garden. 

Set them in a pot near your front door, windows, and any other place you want. But make sure that your pets do not come close to it. 

Some of these plants may harm their stomach, and they will vomit. But if you do not have any pets, you are free to place them as you like. Okay, now let’s begin.

pest control plants

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Natural Plants That Keep Bugs Away

Now let’s pick up any of these below plants and repel all those creepy spiders, cockroaches, bugs, mosquitos, wasps, ants, and ground crawlers from your garden and home as a natural pest control. Let’s start with Rosemary.

1. Plant Rosemary in the Garden

Plant Rosemary in the Garden for Bug repellent

Rosemary plants are very common and can grow automatically. It is a grass-like plant that has a violet color of flowers. I used to pick it up as a child, not knowing what it was. But now, I know what it is called. They do not harm you, but the bugs can not tolerate the smell. 

People also use it as a vegetable in Europe and America with lamb meat to make the cooking tasteful. Have some Rosemary for your house, and you will have fewer bugs in your sight.

2. Plant Mint in a Pot

Plant Mint in a Pot for Insect repellent

Let me tell you, Mint is the killer of all insects, flies, ants, and every other pest you can imagine. They all hate Mint leaves and oil. If you buy a pest control liquid, most probably it is made from Peppermint oil.

I have seen my grandma use this mint oil on her skin to never get stung by mosquitoes. It was made carefully, and the smell lasts for days once you apply it to your skin.

So plant them in your garden or use a pot to use them in your house, and you will see that mosquitoes will not come, and they will tell other family members not to go there as they may get hurt!

3. Plant Lavender in the Yard

Plant Lavender in the Yard for Insect repellent

Similar to the Rosemary plant, the Lavender plant is also violet in color and is super capable to repel all kinds of bugs strongly and quickly. 

But it can not repel bees as they extract sweet juice from those flowers for the honey that we eat. 

So do not plant this Lavender plant in your garden or yard if you have a bee hive nearby.

4. Grow Catnip

Grow Catnip for Mosquito Repellent Oil

Catnip is also a powerful fly-repellent plant to have. If you rub the leaves that produce oil. It will throw those bugs and mosquitos away from your house or at least reduce their numbers.

But still, it helps if you just plant them and leave them as it is, and you will see fewer bugs in your house and garden. 

I would say, you use the oil from it and spread it all over your house where they are making an infestation for a better result. 

5. Plant Lemongrass

Plant Lemongrass for Bug repellent

You may have seen Lemongrass as it is very common on the roadside or in a field. But if you live in an apartment, then the chances are you have never seen them.

Plant lemongrass in your yard, and you will see that bugs are not coming and biting you. You can plant them in a pot or directly in your garden. Choose whatever you like.

6. Plant Marigolds

Plant Marigolds for Bug removal

You can also plant Marigolds in the garden. It will repel bugs and mosquitoes and help you design your landscape in a beautiful way, as it has a yellow and red color that shines in the sunlight. For me, it is one of the best plants that keep bugs away and also improve the landscape.

People normally use these flowers on their rooftops or balconies. But you can plan them in your garden. Then, my friend, you will see that bugs and other insects are not coming to your house. It is really super effective. 

7. Plant Basil

Plant Basil as mosquito repellent plant

Basil should be my first point as it is popular worldwide for bug repellent. But I’m considering the landscape and design first, then the plant choice. 

So basil is also a good option to go with. Plant them in a pot and plane them in your window, door, or balcony, and you will see that bugs are gone.

8. Petunia

pest killer plant
Indrajit Das CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

9. Allium

pest repelling plant
No No from No, NoCC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

10. Nepeta

garden plant for pest control
PlenuskaCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

What Plant is the Best?

I recommend you plant either Marigold, Rosemary, or Lavender in your garden for its fly repellent capability and beautiful view. Choose the one that suits your garden and house for the best view.

Last Words

So these are the plants that keep bugs away from your garden or house. They will also add a good landscape design if you use them. Clean your yard, garden, and house. So that bugs do not find any food there. Okay, now go to the market and buy a plant. 

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