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10 Best Mouse Repellent DIY Ideas

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Here are the best mouse repellent DIY ideas that worked for me. Mouse, rats, and rodents are the same to me as they freak me out and damage everything they find near them, from cutting clothes, boxes, wires, wooden walls, and almost everything in my house. 

But not anymore as I will tell you how I repelled them and how to prevent them from coming back in the future.

And most importantly, if they land on any of the food and leave a mark, this can cause people to have diseases.

So, no matter what, you and I have to kill or repel them without even thinking about their lives. Be tough!

Mouse Repellent DIY Ideas that Works

rat in cage

As you know, in my pest control guide, I normally do not like chemical repellents as they are expensive and kill them all, making a mess in my house. 

So first we will use some natural repellent, and then we will go quantum and kill them with traps and chemicals. So here we go.

  • Get a few plants that mice do not like. For example, plant Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Citronella, and others in your garden or in the house to repel those mice, rats, and rodents.
  • Onion and Garlic plants can also be effective in repelling them, but you have to continuously grow them to get relief from these mice infestations.
  • Spray essential oils like lavender or citronella that have a strong scent that those mice can not tolerate. 
  • You can also use any other scents like vinegar to repel them. They all work marvelously.

These are some common mouse repellent DIY ideas that other experienced people and I use to repel mice out of the house and yard.

My Homemade DIY Mouse Traps

dead mouse
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But if they do not work and you have a huge infestation in the yard, under the wall, in the basement, or in the garage then you have to kill them all as you do not have any other option.

Here are those ideas.

  • Mice traps are the most common ones.
  • But nowadays modern mice know that they will get caught and die if they become too greedy and try to get the cheese or food in the trap. But still, it works as not all of them are that wise.
  • You can use bathing soap as it has a good scent, meat, or anything those mice love to chew as bait in the bait station and they will get trapped in there.
  • Buy a few more of that if you have a larger infestation.
  • Glue traps are also popular in killing or repelling mice in the house.
  • Just place a few glue traps at their entrance and they will get stuck in there and you can catch them and throw them away.
  • Plus use a bait in front of the glue so they get attracted sooner.
  • Bottle tarps are widely popular on social media, especially on TikTok and you may have seen how to trap those mice using bottles or a big bucket.
  • Cut a plastic bottle, close the front with cardboard, and place some bait on it. When those mice try to eat them they will fall and not be able to get out.
  • If you have a big infestation then use a bucket instead of a bottle to trap them all. And then throw them away far from your home.

There are many new and modern bait stations that people use to kill those mice. But as per my experience, these are the best for small and larger infestations.

How to Kill Them with a Chemical or An Electronic Device

mouse repellent
Alan Levine on Pxhere

Okay, now the inhuman part. Go buy some Roach Killer product or Diatomaceous Earth Power and spread across their entrance with bait, like meat.

They will come for the meat and eat it. They will also eat the powder and that will destroy their digestive system and in the morning you will see they are all dead. 

But only use it if you are frustrated about those mice and none of the natural remedies are removing them completely, and one or two mice continuously roaming around the house.

Then use it to kill each of those creepy mice, rats, and rodents.

Use Spices to Repel them

Yes, any kind of spice like red pepper can repel mice from your yard. Just create a spray and apply. You will see that no bugs or mice will ever roam in your yard.

How to Prevent Mouse Infestations in the Future

mouse trap
J. M. Pearson, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Now let’s understand how to stop them from coming to your house in the future so that you do not have to use those DIY hacks ever again. 

Come on! it is not a forever solution but will work for a few years until you make a mistake and welcome them. Okay! So here we go.

  • First, clean your house and throw trash daily, and also clean the trash can so that they do not release scent and attract them.
  • Seal off all the potential entrances that they are using right now to come to your house and yard and inspect them for any breaches.
  • Clean the clutters in the house, basement, and garage to remove their hiding place.
  • Get an ultrasonic device that has a high frequency which is unpleasant to mice. When they enter the sensor will automatically release those frequencies and make those mice freak out.
  • Trim grasses, weeds, and all the big plants that are blocking the sunlight in the yard. So they can not make a tunnel there.

Remember if you have mice in the yard, snakes will come to eat them. So repel mice right now, or else you will attract snakes.

My Recommendations

mouse cage

Get one of these mouse traps and throw them all away in a few days from your house.

Last Words

So these are my homemade mouse repellent DIY ideas that I personally use and recommend everyone to use to repel or kill mice, rats, and rodents to save your yard and house items from getting destroyed. I wish you the best of luck.

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