Homemade DIY Termite Spray Ideas

10 DIY Termite Killer Spray Ideas that Works

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Here are my homemade DIY termite spray ideas that I used to save my window from getting destroyed.

Let me tell you my personal story, and then we will talk about those extra spray ideas that you can make and use at home.

There is a big infestation on one of my basement windows that has not opened for nearly 2 years. And the area around it was moist as the plants never let the sunlight reach the window.

My Story with These Termites

So after 2 years when we open the window for a cleanup of the room. We encountered them. The window was already in bad shape and they ate about 10 percent of it.

We did not wait a second. First using a glove, cleaned the area using my own hand and then washed the infested window area with soap and water spray. And then after a day, we painted it.

If we do not take action and let the termites eat more of it, then we may have to replace the whole window and that would cost us huge money.

Not just soap, you can use any of the following DIY spray ideas to repel them and save your furniture, tree, or any wooden art that you hold dear. So here we go.

termites eating wood
Marco VinciCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

1. Mix Vinegar with Water

Vinegar is acidic and can be used to repel pests from your house. Just mix vinegar with water as required and then spray it on the infested area. The acetic feature of the vinegar will kill those little termites in a few hours.

But first, clean the area with something and then use the spray and paint it after it’s done. So that the wood never attracts any termites ever again.

2. Neem Oil Spray

white termites
CSIROCC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Neem oil spray is another amazing pest control oil that people use as a cleaner. You just get a few neem leaves or fruits and then make a pest. Mix it with water and spray.

You can also buy neem oil online if you do not have a neem tree nearby. Neem oil has a strong scent that termites can not tolerate. They will not die but will leave the area soon.

3. Use the Orange Peel

You know how acidic the orange peel is. Do not throw them away, but create a mixture by smashing those peels in your mixture grinder and then mix it with water and spray.

Like the vinegar, the acidic feature in the orange peel will kill those termites. You can also use lemon peel for the same effect. Even, you can use any sour fruit peels to make this DIY spray. Okay!

4. Garlic Pest Spray

dead termites
TeechippyCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons / pixabay.com

How can I forget about the power of garlic in pest management? Garlic has a strong odor that no insects, bugs, or reptiles will able to tolerate and leave the area.

Make a pest with a few fresh garlic and mix it with water and the spray. But make sure not to add too much water to it as the solution may get too light and not work.

It is the best homemade DIY spray idea that I can give you to repel termites.

5. Mix Raw Salt with Water

Raw salt is powerful and can burn the skin of those termites. Mix the salt in a little bit of water and spray on them. They will leave the area in a day or die with it.

Like garlic spray, salt spray is also super powerful against termites. Try it.

6. Mix Borax with Water and Spray

Borox is normally used in laundry detergent, but it can also be used in repelling pests, especially termites. That means if you do not have borax, then you use those normal detergent powders for this purpose.

Mix the powder with water and spray. It will work like the soap and suffocate those termites and eventually kill them.

7. Spray Essential Oils

single termite
USDAgov on flickr

Essential oils, like tea tree oil, clove oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, and others have pest management properties. Just spray the raw oil without any water mixture on those infested areas and those termites will leave soon.

Plus these oils will produce a good scent around the house that will make you feel good. You can buy one of these oils online. 

8. Cayenne Pepper Spray

How fiery those cayenne peppers are, you know that. Even those normal red peppers. They are also damn good.

Just mix the pepper with water and spray on them. The capsaicin in cayenne pepper will disrupt their digestive system and make them dead.

9. Spread Diatomaceous Earth Powder


Diatomaceous earth powder is another natural but chemical solution that kills all kinds of insects, bugs, and reptiles in the house. All you have to do is buy the powder and mix it with the water and the spray.

The powder will dehydrate the termites and kill them in a day. Use it only if you have a big infestation as it may be harmful for your pets.

10. Spray Rubbing Alcohol 

wood damage by termites
Editor abcdef, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

First of all, don’t mix this with regular alcohol. This rubbing alcohol is used in medicine with many different things and you should ingest them directly. Okay!

But this alcohol can be used to repel termites from the house. Buy this online and spray it without any mixture on those termites. They will die soon.

My Recommendations

Get one of these termite killers and save your furniture or your beloved tree.

Last Words

So these are my DIY termite spray ideas that you can use to repel and kill those termites and save your furniture or any precious art. You saw how I repel them, and now it is your turn. Let’s get back to work. Good luck. 

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