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10 Best Pest Control Spray Ideas

I will give you my homemade natural pest control spray ideas that I personally use and are available in every kitchen in the world.

You do not need to buy anything to repel those pests from your house.

Pests like:

  • Red and black ants
  • Fruit flies 
  • Bees 
  • Wasps
  • Bugs
  • Frogs
  • Lizards
  • Crickets
  • Rats
  • Spiders
  • Centipedes
  • Mosquitoes
  • Cockroaches
  • Termites
  • Caterpillar
  • Chiggers
  • Aphids
  • And others

No home pests will ever remain in your house if you use these mixtures twice a month and spray them all over your house.

Pest Control Spray Homemade (Home and Garden)

Pest repellent ideas

Come on! No one can guarantee that those pests will never come back in your house. If someone is claiming that, then they are lying.

As per my experience, they do come back if they find a loophole, and your pest-repellent ideas will have no effect.

So do not leave a loophole in your house, and spray the mixture at least twice a month to repel them through the year. So here are my homemade pest control spray ideas.

garden pest infestation

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1. My Homemade Salt Spray

My Homemade Salt Spray

Okay, take a few tablespoons of raw salt from your kitchen and mix water with it in an appropriate quantity that does not dissolve the salt completely.

Then spray the mixture in every corner of your house.

A few days ago, I saw a centipede roaming around my bathroom.

I was freaked out and poured the whole salt bag without any water mixture into the bathroom, and fortunately, the centipede was dead.

That bag had 1kg of salt.

The same formula I used with frogs, and they are also gone. Salt will burn their skin no matter what kind of pest they are.

They will leave the area or die there in a few hours. It works marvelously. Try it.

aphid on plant

2. Create a Pest with Cucumber and Spray

Create a Pest with Cucumber and Spray

First, I did not know that cucumber can work as a natural pesticide.

But one day, I saw that when there were a few slices of cucumbers in the fruit bowl, no flies were roaming around.

So I tested this a bit further and placed a few slices of cucumbers in my room for a few days and saw that no lizards were coming to my room, and those crickets and other flies were also gone.

But they came back after the cucumber was dried out. So I sliced a few again and placed them in the same area.

I do this once a week. That is why I told you that you have to use the pest control spray at least twice a month.

3. Mix Soap With Detergent

Mix Soap With Detergent as pest control

You can mix soap with detergent and spray on the bugs or in their nest. They will leave the area soon. Detergent will also burn their skin as you may have seen.

If you use detergent for a long time, it starts to hurt your skin.

The same formula applies to the pests but at a faster rate. So create a mixture of detergent with soap and spray on them.


4. Use Garlic Mixture as a Spray

Use Garlic Mixture as a Spray to repel pests

You, I, and everyone else have garlic in their kitchen. So create a pest with it, mix it with water, and spray on those pests.

If you have a wasp problem, first, break their nest and then spray the mixture.

Similarly, use this mixture in every portion of your house, and they will be gone. Garlic has a strong smell and can harm the skin. 

You can also plant garlic in your house in a pot to have a good effect on those pests. But the spray works better, as per my experience.

garlic pest
Vegan Feast Catering on Flickr

5. Use Onion as Pest Control Spray

Use Onion as Pest Control Spray

Similar to garlic, you can also use onion as a pesticide. Create a pest with a few slices of onions and mix water with it.

Then spray it as needed. You can mix garlic with onion to have a double effect. Try it.

6. Use Turmeric as Pest Spray

Use Turmeric as Pest Spray

The turmeric powder you use in your kitchen, use that as pest control spray. 

We had a few turmeric plants in our backyard when I was a kid.

My grandma used the turmeric pest on her skin to have fewer mosquito bites and no scratches on the sink. My sisters use it as a natural sink glow remedy.

So mix a few tablespoons of turmeric with water and then spray on them. It does not harm any pests or humans. It is super safe.


7. Use Dry Chili as a Spray

Use Dry Chili as a Spray

If you have some dry chili in the house, then smash them and create a spray. Fresh chili will not work as dry red chili.

But if you do not have it, your best bet is those green chilies that you use for cooking.

You can use chili powder as a pesticide to have the same effect. I would say mix turmeric with chili and spray.

8. Spray Vinegar All Over

Vinegar is a master pest controller as it burns the skin of the pest or lets them drown there. Spray it all over the house and garden and your pest problem will get solved.


9. Hang Egg Sheels in the House

The egg shells have a bad smell that tests hate, especially lizards. They will not come near it. So hang a few shells and you will see the result.

Yes, you have to replace it every week.

pest killer for garden
Gilles San Martin from Namur, BelgiumCC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

10. Burn Essential Oil Candles

Essential oil candles in the house are very effective in repelling mosquitoes, flies, and other home pests, but not suitable for the garden.

Get a few and burn them daily to repel pests from your home.

Last Words

So these are my homemade pest control spray ideas that I use to repel all kinds of bugs, flies, insects, reptiles, and other pests from my house.

Just do not be afraid of them and spray the mixture in your house, and you will see the difference. I wish you the best of luck.

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pest control spray ideas
Pest Control spray Ideas
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