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How to Get Rid of Cats in the Yard

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Here is how to get rid of cats in your yard and house. I do not like them as they eat from whatever they find and are messy.

As a pet, I will also not adopt them. Yes, I am not a pet lover. But I don’t hurt them, and sometimes I give them food (yes, the leftovers).

Whatever, use these DIY hacks to repel those cats from your yard without hurting them. I am saying again I am against hurting those cute cats. Okay!

1. Lay Some Lemon Peels in the Yard

lemon peels

Cats do not like the scents that come from the lemon peel and they will leave the area if they find any. Not only lemon but all the other Citrus fruits, like Oranges, Grapefruits, Mmandarins, and others.

Just peel the outer portion of the fruit and through it in the yard where those cats hide and you will see they are gone, like magic. 

2. Get an Ultrasonic Device

ultrasonic device

Ultrasonic devices are quite popular among the younger generation, but they cost a bit more. Yes, they do not harm the cats but will successfully repel them.

The device will last very long and you do not have to worry about replacing those fruit peels in a few days. That is the biggest advantage of this device.

But use it only if you have a lot of cats roaming your yard. They say it does not hurt the cats, but the kitchens, I am not sure. So be a human and act accordingly, my friend.

3. Spray Water on Them using Sprinklers

AntonCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Uh! The safest option is here. Repel those cats with water spray. Get some motion-activated sprinklers and set them up in your yard. 

When the machine senses any movement that is not human they will sprinkle water.

And you know cats do not like water as it will release a sense from their body and that may get them killed by other predators, as they think.

I do not know exactly, as I have never talked to them!

So sprinkle water on them and they will leave your yard and will never come back. And the best part is that this idea is permanent.

4. Set Up a Physical Barrier like a Wooden Fence

wooden fence
Ben Baligad on Flickr

If you want a better solution than all those above ideas then get a wooden barrier like a fence and then them up in the yard. Yes, it will cost you dearly, but it is the safest option.

It will not will save you from cats but also from moles, rats, raccoons, snakes, and all the other pests that may come to your yard for food. 

Listen to me get off these fences if you have none installed in your yard.

5. Plant Some Cat-Repelling Plants

cat repelling plants
Raffi KojianCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Cat-repelling plants are also helpful in this situation. Plants like Coleus Canina, Pennyroyal, and Lavender can be used to repel cats from your yard.

These plants release a scene that those cats hate, and they will leave your house as soon as possible and will never come back until the plants are there. 

But you must place them strategically to have the best effect.

6. Buy a Noise-Making Device

noice making sensor
© Nevit DilmenCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The ultrasonic device is the best. But if you do not want to spend that much money then buy a small noise-making device and set it up in the yard.

Those machines will make sudden noises when those cats come close to it. But the problem is those cats may not feel threatened after a few days if this is a thing they can guess.

So yes it may or may not help, but you can try if you have just one cat in the yard.

7. Use Cat Repellent Sprays

spray for cats
RaiyaniMCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Repelling plants is good for the short term. That is why mix some garlic with water and spray all over the yard or do it with pepper.

The effect will be the same. Spray it once or twice a week for a better effect.

8. Try Motion-Activated Lights

N9713CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

I have told you about motion-activated sensors and sprinklers. But this time it is light. If you notice those cats primarily come at night then use motion-activated light in the yard.

When they come close to it the light will get turned on and scare them away. This light is also helpful in repelling Bats in your yard and attic if you have any. So get a light online and set it up. It is easy

9. Use Sandpaper or Aluminum Foil

aluminum foil

As you know cats like comfort and they will hate the pace that gives them any kind of discomfort. Lay some sandpaper or aluminum foil in the area where they come and go.

They will not like to and probably will leave the area. But make sure those sandpapers are secured and those cats can not take them away. 

I personally never tested this one, but people say it works. If you have any sandpaper then give it a try.

10. Take Professional Help

pest control professional
Behox72CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Lastly, if those cats don’t leave your yard after all those DIY hacks then it is time to call professionals to catch them and transfer them to a place where they can not disturb you.

Call them now. Yes, I don’t have their number!

My Recommendations

Get one of these cat repellents and safely remove them from your yard and home.

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Last Words

Remember to be a human and do not hurt those cats. Just repel them using the DIY hack that I have shared with you. Cats are sure but they are not when they make a big mess. Be safe!

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