how to get rid of beetles

How to Get Rid of Beetles

So here is how to get rid of beetles in the house and garden without feeling creepy. Yes, I also feel creepy when they fly into my home at night and circle on the floor. That seems like they are stuck and can not find their way home.

I sweep them away and close the windows so they do not come back. I am not afraid of them as they never bite, or at least, I have never heard that they bite unless you do something very wrong, like breaking their nest.

Although they bite hard and their bite is far more painful than the bees, hornets, and wasps. So be careful and try not to kill them as you can not.

How to Get Rid of Beetles in the House

Beetles removal DIY and Spray ideas

Okay, beetles do not harm people in normal circumstances unless you break their nest or they are in groups. Their nest looks like a wasp nest but is made of soil. 

These beetles come to your house to find either food, a white light source, or a place to settle and have a nest, or maybe they are just lost.

These bugs normally eat plants, wood, furniture, carpets, clothes, and other things that they find in your house or garden.

There are different types of beetles out there. For example:

  • Carpet beetles
  • Hive beetles
  • Asian beetles
  • Japanese beetles
  • Click beetles
  • And many more

Some beetles eat wood, some plants in the garden, some eat fabrics and some just road around the house searching for white light. 

No matter what kind of beetle you have, these ideas will repel and remove their habitat permanently. So let’s start with my personal homemade beetle repellent idea. Here is my story on how to get rid of beetles in the house.

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Japanese beetle
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1. My Personal Beetle Repellent Idea

Throw Beetles out of your house

As I said earlier, you can not kill them. They are built differently, and I tried many things on them. I hit them with a big stick and used them as a golf ball and football. But they did not die.

Even though I trapped them for two days in a glass that we used to drink water, where there was no air or food for them. But still, they survived. That strong they are. So do not try to kill them by force because you can not.

The best thing you can do is put on a glove and pick them up one by one, get them in a box, and throw them away. If you are afraid, just use your home sweeper or vacuum cleaner to throw them away from your house.

2. Close Your Windows Tightly

Close Your Windows Tightly to repel beetles

I have seen, they primarily enter through the windows, especially at night. So close them up tightly and also close your doors in the same way. Check for any holes in the roof, in the foundation, and in the wall, and also seal them.

3. Turn Off Your Night Lights

Turn Off Your Night Lights to repel them

White lights attract these beetles into the house. So try not to use the white lights for a few days, and you will see the differences. And if you use them, make sure to close the windows properly in the evening.

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The best thing is to use an old age lamp or a lamp that illuminates yellow light. Try it. I am sure this will work as it did for me. I am certain that it is the best idea for how to get rid of beetles in the house.

Now, you have tried many things, and they are not gone completely. If that is the case, then the below point will help you to kill or repel them almost instantly.

4. Spray Neem Oil to Kill Them

Spray Neem Oil to Kill beetles

As you know, neem oil is an insect killer. No insects, bugs, or flies can tolerate the smell it produces. They will leave the place as soon as possible if you spray neem oil in the house.

You can spray this oil on your plants, in the windows, or in the area where you have seen many beetles circles around. It works marvelously. You can also use other essential oils for the same purpose.

5. Use Diatomaceous Earth Powder

Use Diatomaceous Earth Powder

Diatomaceous earth powder is the insect killer that people use to kill ants, bees, wasps, bugs, roaches, flies, and other creepy things that they find in their houses.

Just spread the power in the house where they roam around and in the garden corner, and you will they will die soon either they eat or come close to it.

But remember, this power can harm your pets too. So be careful and keep them at a safe distance. 

6. Buy Insect Traps

Buy Insect Traps

There are many insect traps out there in the market. Buy a few of them and place them near their habitat, and you will see some of the beetles stuck on the glue tap, and then you can throw them away.

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You can buy any normal glue mouse traps and set them up as a beetle traps.

7. Plant Lavender in the House

Plant Lavender in the House

Lavender is a naturally pest-repellent plant. Plant it in your house in a pot and place it near your window. Those beetles will not dare to cross the window or even circle on your floor.

You can also plant other plants like marigolds, basil, catnip, and other pest-control plants. It is up to you. The lavender looks good and does the job. That is why I suggested it. 

Last Words

So this is how to get rid of beetles in the house and garden with some common sense and DIY ideas. Just turn off the white light in the evening, and you will see fewer beetles in your house. Choose the windows, and they will be gone. I hope you got my point. Good luck.

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